Friday, November 23, 2012

assault on Quincy Place NW on Tuesday, 11-20-2012

See this 11/23/2012 message from Steven May Jr:

I was on my way to show the commercial space at 52 Quincy Place NW on Tuesday night at around 5:20 and I was jumped by three black kids who beat the crap out of me in order to steal some cash and an iPhone.  It happened on Quincy Place NW directly across the street from the building.  The kids got away and I stumbled to the Capitol Food Mart where the owner called the police and an ambulance.
My phone was discovered in a yard a few houses away but the kids were never caught.
You might want to tell people to be on the lookout.  These kids were strong and fast and ballsy.  It was 5 on the afternoon with plenty of people out and going home and I'm a big guy and they took me out fast.
I got to my feet only once during the assault when one of the bigger kids knocked me completely back down with one hit.  I spent the evening at Howard University ER with a lip full of stitches and a swollen face.
Just a heads up be should keep an eye out for these kids and call the police immediately if they see any nefarious looking teens just lurking around.
Watch out for these hoodlums.

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