Monday, November 26, 2012

* who * is calling the first ANC 5E meeting ?

We are saying farewell to our departing ANC 5C commissioners in a few weeks as the current ANC 5C dissolves into oblivion.
ANC 501: Bradley Thomas
ANC 5C02: Sylvia Pinkney
ANC 5C03: Hugh Youngblood
ANC 5C04: Mark Mueller
ANC 5C05: Tim Clark
ANC 5C06: Mary Lois Farmer-Allen
ANC 5C07: James Fournier
ANC 5C08: Marshall Phillips
ANC 5C09: Silas H. Grant, Jr.
ANC 5C10: Charita Brent
ANC 5C11: Ronnie Edwards, Chair
ANC 5C12: Albrette "Gigi" Ransom
We welcome our newly elected ANC 5E commissioners, listed below:
ANC 5E01: Debbie Smith-Steiner
ANC 5E02: Christy `Love` Davis
ANC 5E03: Tim Clark
ANC 5E04: Sylvia Pinkney
ANC 5E05: Joyce Robinson-Paul
ANC 5E06: Teri Janine Quinn
ANC 5E07: Wanda Foster
ANC 5E08: Mark Mueller
ANC 5E09: Dianne Barnes
ANC 5E10: Angela Banks.
Only three existing ANC 5C commissioners are carrying over to the new ANC 5E: Tim Clark, Sylvia Pinkney, and Mark Mueller.

So who is calling the first ANC 5E meeting ... ?
Here is a map of the new ANC 5E (also provided below).
Ward5 ANC 5E Boundaries


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    1. Hahaha

      I assume that the Commissioners will be instructed on how to proceed.

      My big question is - what will be the meeting date? Will 5E, which is the old 5C, adopt the third Tuesday, or will the new 5C take it? The Ward 5 ANCs will need to have different schedules so our CM can attend all of the meetings.