Friday, November 09, 2012

for those with short attention spans: "firehouse sold; renovations to be completed in nine months; restaurant to feature American/southern cooking"

I know that half of you who read Amanda Abrams "A Blossoming Bloomingdale" DC MUD blog post missed the news at the end regarding Bloomingdale's firehouse at North Capitol Street NW and Quincy Place NW.
So here is the tail end of Amanda's post:
Engine Company 12 Firehouse was taken over by local developer Brian Brown years ago, who promised to establish a hopping three-story restaurant, each floor with its own theme. The project was supposed to be completed by spring 2011, but construction simply languished.
Finally, last week, amid negotiations with the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, Brown sold the building to Abbas Fathi, who also owns 
Shaw's Tavern.  “We promised the city to have the entire project done in nine months,” said Steve May, who’s handling renovations. The final product will be a full service restaurant featuring American/southern cooking: po boy sandwiches, burgers, and hush puppies. But both Fathi and May were already involved in the project prior to the sale, and neighborhood observers are skeptical.

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