Friday, November 23, 2012

Washington Informer: "Delano Hunter keeping 2014 options open"

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Delano Hunter, a candidate who ran in the May 15 Ward 5 special election, to replace former D.C. Council member Harry Thomas Jr., hasn`t made a final decision on whether to challenge D.C. Council member Kenyan McDuffie (D) in the Democratic Party primary in April 2014.
``I have not made up my [mind] on running at this time,`` said Hunter, 28. ``My decision will be based on a couple of objective and subjective factors. It will be decided on the quality of the representation of the current council member.``
Hunter received 21 percent of the vote, out of a field of 12 in the May 15 contest. McDuffie, 37, won the race with 43 percent of the overall vote.
Hunter said the fact that he lost had more to do with outside forces operating in Ward 5 than voters.
``We had a plan for victory in Ward 5,`` he said. ``We had a superior organization and campaign but we were outspent by special interests.``
Hunter had the support of Ward 5 heavyweights who included Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Robert King. He received 51 percent of the votes by Ward 5 Democrats, while McDuffie got the support of the powerful labor organizations; Hunter had the active support of AFSCME, the union for government employees. However, Hunter`s previous views on same-sex marriage and problems with personal finances seem to hurt him.
He remains active in the ward by continuing as president of the Gateway Civic Association and he`s working on his Masters of Business Administration at Johns Hopkins University.
``I am doing these things for the next opportunity,`` he said. ``These activities will make me more appealing for future representation.``
Hunter said that planning for 2014 at this time is somewhat premature but he`s keeping his finger on the pulse of the ward.
``While it is too early to make an assessment of the level of representation in the ward, I will determine next year whether it is politically expedient for me to move forward,`` he said. ``I will assess next year whether the needs of the ward are being met and then make a decision.``

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