Saturday, November 10, 2012

seamstress referral needed

A seamstress is needed to hem and add tassels to a dozen or so table clothes.  If anyone knows somebody in the area who could do this please contact Zach at zpnyc09 @  Thank you.


  1. You will have a hard time finding anyplace better than Cheryl Lofton (719 T St. NW, behind the CVS). I brought them a size 10 *lined* Burberry coat and they adjusted it (shoulders, side seams, length, arm length, entire zip-in lining, belting hardware on the wrists, buttons, etc.) to fit me like a dream, and I weigh about 105lbs soaking wet. That's a task even Burberry itself was afraid to take on. As far as I can tell, they can do anything. They get all my sewing business from now on. Men's & women's btw, plus a shoe service next door.

  2. I second BCC's suggestion of Cheryl Lofton Associates. She did a great job with my suit that I needed tailored for a wedding, with only a week's notice. And her shop is within walking distance of Bloomingdale.