Wednesday, November 28, 2012

GGW: Mary Cheh Transportation Committee marking up bill today on Bloomingdale flooding

The Greater Greater Washington blog reports that Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh's Transportation Committee is marking up 13 bills today, one of which is on Bloomingdale flooding.

See the sentence portion from the GGW blog post below:

Today, Mary Cheh's DC Council committee, which oversees transportation, is marking up 13 bills on topics from Bloomingdale flooding (affected homeowners can get money) 

Here is the full GGW post.
So perhaps there will be news coverage on this CM Cheh bill.....


  1. See this update from Washington Post reporter Tim Craig via Bloomingdale resident Betsy McDaniel: "Tim Craig (@timcraigpost)
    11/28/12 3:36 PM
    Bloomingdale bill passes out committee, but fate of water tax is unclear. Two potential mayoral candidates -- Bowser and Wells abstain."

  2. Scott -

    Discussion was in progress when I tuned in - but CM Bowser seemed concerned about the increase in water bills for all residents - including those not affected by the flooding problem. (I would venture that Bloomingdale residents utilize less of their tax dollars in DC public schools than most neighborhoods, but we all pay - that's the way things work.) CM Wells was concerned about how it would work.

    Chair Cheh said more work needs to be done. Guess no one has been trying to hash out the details since the bill was introduced months ago. Wonder what the legislative committee of the Task Force has been doing?

    I assume the video will be online tomorrow.