Wednesday, November 28, 2012

1) request for extension for backflow preventer rebate deadline, 2) can the rebate include the cost of the sump pump, too ?

See this 11/28/2012 message from Bloomingdale resident Saranah Holmes:

I am writing to see if there can be an extension of a month or two for the Backflow preventer rebate.  It is my understanding that residents have until January 31st to submit paper work, which means the work has to be done before the 31st.  I have just spent upwards of $5,000 on renovations to my basement unit and it was a complete nightmare because the company I chose did a horrible job despite them having done excellent work on other projects for me.  I have had to pay to put my tenant up in a hotel and my quote for the backflow preventer installation,after badgering the plumber for over a MONTH, was for $5,200 to do the backflow preventer, install the sump pump and re-direct my downspout.  I am at my wit`s end and can`t afford to do anything else to the unit  until I have built up some more cash reserves.  I also emailed about a month ago asking if you could consider a rebate for the sump pump, since you can`t have one without the other.  I have yet to hear back.  I don`t think creating a sump pump rebate program is asking too much since its a necessity.  It would be nice if SOMEONE could respond back to let me know that its at least being reviewed (or not and for what reasons). 
Saranah Holmes.

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  1. Sarannah

    Looks like you got your extension!