Tuesday, November 20, 2012

World Missions Thanksgiving Day Rally 2012 "thank you!" message From Dr. JoAnn Perkins

See this message World Missions for Christ Extension Center's Dr. JoAnn Perkins:

Happy Thanksgiving Neighbors and FRIENDS,

Thanks so much for your support to the Thanksgiving rally. With your help, we gave Food baskets to over 450 families.  And to our partners and friends, we say thanks for your help and support in helping us in obtaining the baskets,  and we want to give a special thanks to Councilman McDuffie for stopping by  and sharing words with the many families present at the rally.
A special thanks goes out to the Metropolitan Police Department for their support and a special shout out  goes out to Officer Stroman  and the Bloomingdale Farmers Market for their donation of sweet potatoes and apples given to the families at the rally.
With less than 33 days left before the December 22nd Toy Give Away which will be held at McKinley in the gym, we need your help in obtaining toys for lots of kids. Please consider purchasing a new toy for a girl or a boy, thanks.
Be blessed, from my home to yours, Happy Thanksgiving,
Dr. J. Perkins, Rally Coordinator

Some of the faces that you might recognize in the above photos: John Salatti, Marvin Rich, Hugh Youngblood, Mary Lois Farmer Allen - and Dr. Perkins, in the black dress directly above!  Thanks to all who contributed!

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