Thursday, November 08, 2012

daytime theft from work vehicle reported by Mike Maggio

See this message from Mike Maggio, who does roofing working in the neighborhood:
We had an unfortunate Theft from our work vehicle on Tuesday 11/6/2012 @ 230pm
In Broad daylight, apparently a group of thieves were milling around the area.
We were working at 1843 5th street NW . I was within 20 feet of the red van and the Thief reached in the cab and stole my 4G cell phone and my wallet full of credit cards.
We contacted the police, and a real nice Officer Perry Morgan took the police report.
We later found my empty Wallet in the alley on 5th street next to Florida Avenue .
Kyle a contractor working in the 5th street alley on a home, told us that this is happening on a regular basis.
They use that connecting alley to rifle through what ever they steal and run through to 4th street and just disappear.
We think it involves more than one person and they watch you until your back is turned, and then they strike.
They are Pros at this, and deserve to be arrested and put in jail.
Can you possibly inform other local residents to be aware of this ongoing problem?
We fortunately were able to cancel all the credit cards, I was able to quickly get a new drivers license and a new cell Phone.
I hope you can help someone else from having this unfortunate theft occur.

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  1. Sad story. It might also be worth mentioning that it is unwise to 1) leave cash, wallets and 4G phones on the front seat 2) leave windows rolled down in the street or alley and 3) stand 20 feet away and watch someone standing near a truck with windows rolled down with cash, wallet and 4G phone within reach.