Wednesday, November 28, 2012

McMillan on Curbed DC's Preservation Watch list

The DC Preservation League produces an annual Most Endangered Places list.  Bloomingdale's 25-acre landmarked McMillan Sand Filtration site has been on the DCPL list in  the past.

Curbed DC has produced its own version of DCPL's Most Endangered Places list.  Curbed is calling * its * list "Preservation Watch."

Preservation Watch: Mapping Historic DC Buildings That Might Be Razed Or Modernized

Every week, or so it seems, another DC building gets added to the list of places threatened by a potential bulldozer or ambitious developer who wants to cram in as many apartments as possible. The list of old buildings with people fighting to defend them reaches into the dozens but there are always some that rise to the top of the list. Here is our Preservation Heat Map of the ones that are the most contentious right this second. Got any others that everyone is fighting over? Send 'em into the tipline or leave a suggestion in the comments.

Here is the entry for McMillan:

McMillan Reservoir Filtration Site
The former water treatment site is a huge expanse of green space with the District that no one can agree on what to do with. Should it be play fields, a rec center, a museum site?

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