Thursday, July 09, 2015

call for Bloomingdale Civic Association House Tour volunteers !


Please lend your time and talent to the BCA HOUSE TOUR COMMITTEE'S efforts re promoting Bloomingdale and raising funds for the BCA Scholarship Fund.

Specifically, we are ISO:
- photographer to take photos of House tour homes
- a journalist or freelance writer who can write brief articles on the House Tour and the social and architectural characteristics of Bloomingdale
- a publicist who can help us place House Tour announcements, articles, and interviews in local print and electronic media
- persons familiar with corporate and community foundations who might help us identify local grants and sponsorship opportunities
- a person willing to serve as the Tour's business community liaison who can help us develop a Tour strategy for promoting Bloomingdale businesses
- and of course we need folks willing to place their homes on the Tour. 

If interested in any of these volunteer opportunities, contact

Bertha Holliday, PhD
Independent Consultant 
Diversity assessment, planning, implementation & evaluation 

Commissioner, ANC 5E07
Treasurer ANC 5E
Washington, DC

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