Sunday, July 05, 2015

Independence Day in Bloomingdale

See a few Independence Day #BloomingdaleDC tweets:

Enjoying the from my porch in a spectacular show!

Pop go the fireworks over the turrets.

Laughing at the moaning about the ghetto fireworks in . Its part of charm of living here.
My neighborhood sounds like the Tet Offensive right now.
Now *this* is a 4th of July party!

Flavors from around the world at the in !


  1. It would be great if people would spend some time cleaning up the debris from fireworks....guess its too much work when you're concentrating on stopping the pop-ups.

    1. Not just fireworks debris. Bottles, boxes, plastic sleeves from Popsicles, candy wrappers, and all kinds of other trash left for those of us who live here and care to clean up. The fireworks were fun, but cleaning up after someone else's party was not. My guests managed to get their trash into trash cans. What a concept.

    2. Would love to see the neighbors that hosted parties until 2 am clean up their debris from the streets as well as all the bottle rockets that made it into neighbor's yards.

      None of that has anything to do with pop-ups.