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McMillan comments back and forth

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I've wasted more than enough of my valuable time trying to reason with the unreasonable. Just don't make me pay to fight frivolous lawsuits. It's an insult to intelligence.but that's par for the course.

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Looks like you are a supporter. LOL Yeah I support the project. You can demonize it like your Bloomingdale buddies all you want. 

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So, as a planner, you like the idea of the a brutalist building acting as the ugly-cousin of the FBI building (which some people are so eager to tear down because its ugly) in the northern portion as the plan shows here >> https://www.facebook.com/dc4reality/photos/pb.1422244194704582.-2207520000.1436307268./1423372224591779/?type=1&theater
And, so as a citizen, you like the idea that your taxpayer dollars have been spent on hiring a PR firm to "neutralize" public opposition and to give "cover" to elected officials >> http://www.capitalcommunitynews.com/content/spin-doctors

And, you like the fact that Holland & Knight, the nation's premier zoning law firm is being paid by the City, albeit circuitously to fight the citizens who are opposed to the privatization of this public land, and they are being paid premium money to do so >> http://www.bizjournals.com/washington/breaking_ground/2014/10/mcmillan-by-the-numbers-how-much-2-million-square.html
And, you are satisfied that there was no international design competition, rather an exclusive right agreement with DC's favored developers >>

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I'm aware of the do-called alternatives As a professionL planner the kindest thing I can say is they are a nice pastiche of tired European urban spaces that have nothing to do with the site itself. If you bothered to take the time to read my intelligent critiques from two three four five and six years ago, you would know that the opponents have been singing the ridiculous nonsense they have been since they started wasting our property and my taxes, by the way I am a preservation expert as well and the questionable redeeming values of the site are being protected. Go back and do your homework.

I would add that it is outrageous that a CU faculty member has been allowed to propagandize and promote a juvenile "plan" as well. It's highly unethical given CU's own development interests in the area.


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Perhaps you have brain freeze, or simply don't remember, but there have been alternative McMillan plans being offered and raised for some time now.
Further, when discussions were heating up 2002 the Office of Planning put out a report showing limited redevelopment with a focus on keeping the site public, with a public library and other public amenities >>


Presented in 2012 >>

Reiterated in 2013 >> 

And again >>

Over 500 residents testified at the Zoning Commission hearings in person or submitted testimony about their dissatisfaction with plans to demolish this open green space.

Residents overwhelming told the City and DMPED not to dispose of the land.

Citypaper surveys shows that the vast majority of residents are not sure about the project, or more likely don't know enough details, or outright opposed to the overdevelopment being proposed.

local ANC survey shows that citizens want the majority of the land to stay open green space and not be choked with the K-street zoning being proposed.

And, over 7,000 people have signed the Petition to Save McMillan Park

Please stop wasting people's time with unsupported statements about McMillan.  We are fighting for our public land. 
The facts are all above.

On Tue, Jul 7, 2015 at 5:35 PM, Jeff jeffndc@yahoo.com [WARD5] <WARD5@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

This is the most outrageous waste of my taxpayer funds. These people have had nothing to say but " NO" forever--nimbyism and  distortion of facts at their finest. It is Not a park and it isn't "yours"-- it's the entire citizenry being held up by a few, as DeToqueville said "tyranny of the minority"
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The DC City Council chose, yet again to ignore your voices, letters, and concern about OUR McMillan Park.  We asked them to simply include language in the DC Budget Support Act that would prevent the demolition of McMillan Park until we had our day in Court.  They didn't oblige.  We interrupted their Council session.  

See the video >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAs9cHy6oho


Several residents and organizations have filed appeals of the bogus Zoning Commission decision that will result in the destruction of our park.  The Court is now waiting for the agency record and a legal briefing calendar will be set soon.

Please consider donating to the Legal Fight to help us Battle this terrible deal in Court >> https://www.crowdrise.com/savemcmillanpark
3) The DC Auditor is "Looking Into" McMillan
Thanks to the efforts of stoic McMillan supporters, Kathy Patterson, former DC Councilwoman and now DC's Auditor has met with our peoples and says she's looking into this terrible deal.  Of particular note is the City money spent on a PR firm from Baltimore to "neutralize" public opposition and give elected officials "cover" in supporting the developers atrocious plans to destroy our Park.

4) McMIllan Action Team Gearing Up  
In the past several weeks, the people have amped up the noise on the terrible McMillan deal.  We had a sidewalk sale in Dupont, we marched in the Palisades Parade for the Fourth of July and independence from corporate control, and we protested the City Council.  WHAT'S NEXT?
That's for us to decide together.  Are you interested in coming up with creative action ideas whether they be direct action, internet memes and videos, flyering & postering, park picnics, underground raves, lemonade stands, etc.  Let just do it as the developers are salivating to get their hands on our park.
ACTION CONTACT: Robin Diener, robinsdiener@gmail.com202-431-9254
Once again, the McMillan Letter Writing Machine is up and running and waiting for you to easily send your custom letter to the City Council and Mayor demanding they RESCIND THE MCMILLAN GIVEAWAY!
Please take 5 minutes to use the easy online form and send a letter about how you feel regarding McMillan to City officials today!

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  1. Go Get them Jeff. This group is compeltely out of control, they are terrorists to people who belive in the plan and want to see it move forward. They have harrassed, booed, and spit on supporters. The survey wasn't accurate as the questions were misleading, the misinformation that FOM puts out is outlandish. They have had 30 years to do something with this land and have proposed nothing! They have suggested farm land and hearding goats. Image DC would be the joke of thw world with the most expensive farmland in the world. They think you can builod on top of what is already there adn you can't cause it is falling down now! Let's not forgot the morons in bloomingdale who got storm water relief for $150 million which wasn't needed. They are just new comers to the hood who want what they want. They don't think about all the taxpayers in DC and their needs. They are selfish tree huggers who don't give a shit about anybody else but themselves. Keep up the fight! They will lose anyway! They are real jerks who are clueless about commuity planning and development. They tout the 7000 signatures which are not all DC residents. So down with FOM and CREATE MCMILLAN for all DC residents not just the new white genety that has moved in!

  2. Dear Commiss,
    I think you'll find that a large number of us "morons in bloomingdale," including "the new white genty" are in favor of developing the land. There is a very vocal portion of the community who are against it, but they do not speak for all of us. Your rude comments aren't really enlisting us to fight with you for this cause, however.

  3. Well thanks for the suppor JoAnna...Fighting this group requires one to get on their level which is quite low. I agree with you that they are the minority...but the rude and vocal persons involved do need someone to push back.