Friday, July 10, 2015

Bloomingdale Farmers Market Sunday

From: Robin Shuster
Subject: BFM Sunday
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2015 17:21:13 -0400

           Dear BFM Fans,

This is my CURRENT favorite way to cook and eat corn --it's a quick play on Mexican street corn.  I learned this neat trick to deal with husking and desilking.  Microwave 1 or 2 ears still tightly wrapped in their  silk and husks for 5 minutes. and Then I cut through the stem end and pull back the husk.  Be careful because it is very hot.

The silk slides away in a second.  Spread a lemon flavored mayo on the corn, roll it in parmesan cheese and dust it with hot smoked paprika  (not the sweet).  Eat. If you do not want to make your own lemon-flavored mayo, use your fave mayo and then sprinkle with lime or lemon and proceed to the cheese and hot smoked paprika.

Of course, you can cook the corn any way you prefer: boiled, roasted, grilled but the microwave makes the silks behave and it is very easy to husk and desilk it.  Perfect for just one or two: the corn is sweet and salt and creamy and cheesy and spicy all at once.  If you want the authentic Mexican recipe, go here: or here:

Squash Blossom season:  Our old friend, Luke Hall, just sent this: "I've been stuffing my squash blossoms with pesto and ricotta then sautéing in butter. Also good dipped in egg yolk and bread crumbs and pan fried."

Keswick has the ricotta and Cucina al Volo the pesto.

Did you know that July is Blueberry Month--?  Or that the blackberries have been very sweet this year?

CHEF DEMO: Sarah Waybright of Why Food Works is back this year. Food lover, party giver, cook and nutritionist, Sarah is all about making good food delicious.  10:30-12

BIKE HOUSE: 11-1. Back after their July 4th hiatus.  Bring those bikes back.

MUSIC is also back -- Blue Grass this week.

What's NEW?
At the Stands:

CUCINA AL VOLO PASTAS, SAUCES AND SOUP: Our new pasta chefs from Italy. Matteo and Daniele are from Florence and their pastas are home made with eggs and flour, colored with paprika, spinach, beets. Matteo makes the burrata himself before he stuffs it in the ravioli he also made himself.  Burrata ravioli, Rainbow Swiss Chard ravioli, red beet and goat cheese ravioli, Beef brisket ravioli. Spinach Fusili.  Beets rigatoni. Mushroom ragu, Eggplant Norma Sauces, Nonna's Bolognese, Cucumber Soup.

The ravioli are like mini sliders-- they are very satisfying mains.

The pastas are very light and cook up in 3-4  minutes in simmering (not boiling), salted water.  Fast food of incredible quality that will not heat up your kitchen.

REID: Berry berry good: blueberries, currants, gooseberries, sour cherries,  peaches, apricots, plums and Lodi summer apples for applesauce. Sugar snap peas.

MOUNTAIN VIEW ORGANICS: Fresh garlic, Padron and Shishito peppers. Shiny, thin, long Japanese eggplants. New potatoes in various colors, baby leeks. Carrots with greens, Hakurei salad turnips and greens, baby beets, Swiss Chard, baby boy choy, summer squash. Cherry Tomatoes

TRUCK PATCH: Swiss chard, kale, summer squash, squash flowers, beets, basil, arugula, spinach, mesclun. Pastured Pork, chicken, sausages, bacon.

NUMBER 1 Sons:  Golden Galangal Beets -- yellow beets pickled in a vinegar brine with yellow curry + kaffir lime leaves
Ginger Giardinera -- a medley of vegetables including cauliflower fermented in our barrels with ginger + other spices!  Come early for Super Sours because most of them are still brining.  Kimchis. Rosetido spicy slaw, salsa verde, krauts. New York stylle Pickles
KESWICK: Congratulate our newledweds, Jessica and Zach, back from their wedding weekend July 4th!  I have some pictures of the gorgeous cheeses Keswick put together for their wedding table at the fb page:  These should inspire your own picnics and parties.  Quark with hot pepper jelly, Frosty Morning with raspberries, Blue Suede Moo with honey and grapes and Dragon's Breath stars in an antipasto platter,

WHISKED: Jenna says: We hope everyone had a great, pie-filled Fourth of July. In pie news, peach season is in full swing, and we are so excited! We have peach pie two ways this week - as classic peach crumble pie and as peach raspberry pie. We're so in love with this fruit, we're bringing the peach raspberry pie to the LaunchPad finale this Sunday. We want to show our best pies possible - and peaches are some of our favorites.  Also: blueberry lemon, salted caramel, sea salt chocolate chess. Quiche: Ratatouille, bacon, cheddar onion.

PANORAMA: Baguettes and croissants, breakfast pastries and lots of breads. Breton specialties like Kouign Amann and the new Crois-Nut.

GARNER: Vision Sweet Corn, Heirloom tomatoes, Early Girl tomatoes, squash blossoms, green beans, yellow beans, Romano besns, Eggplants, Japanese, Italian, Ghostbusters, Sicilian. Green bell and hot peppers. Candy onions, tomatillos, cherry tomatoes. Carrots, peas, zucchini and summer squash, cucumbers, kales, savoy cabbage, black eye pes. Swiss chard. Cut herbs.

Please spread the word about the Produce Plus at market. Just show a Medicaid, Wic, SNAP/EBT card, Senior Check, CSFP Card and a DC government ID and we give you $10 in checks for fruits and vegetables at the market PLUS $5 in bonus dollars to buy fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese and eggs.  And you can do the same thing Saturday at the 14&U market.  That's $30 a week.

See you Sunday, rain or shine.

Robin, Teds, Erin

Robin Shuster
14&U Farmers' Market 
Bloomingdale Farmers' Market

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