Friday, July 10, 2015

WCP article: "An Ex-Con Is Probably Helping Prepare Your Meal" -- DCity Smokehouse mentioned

Click on the link to read the entire Washington City Paper article.

An Ex-Con Is Probably Helping Prepare Your Meal


  1. This is really great....kudos to Rob and Shawn. This is the way forward for us all....everybody needs to have an opportunity to participate in the development of this area. I hope that Shawn will get increased roles AND revenues as DC City flourishes along with Wicked Bloom.

  2. DC Central Kitchen is a gem in this city. DCCK brings you the Healthy Corners at some of our corner stores;

    Today, DCCK Board members are matching donations to celebrate the graduation of the 100th Culinary Job Training Class. If you would like to help this organization combat hunger and create opportunities, here is a link: