Thursday, July 09, 2015

"thank you all for joining us on the porch tonight!"

See these tweets leading up to and after last night's Wednesday on the Porch:

Can't wait to see everyone for tonight's WOTPDC! 7-9pm 201 T Street NW Food provided by BYOB All Welcome!
Our website is now live! Sign up on our emailing list for updates at
The party on the porch starts in one hour! Bacio Pizza will be providing their delicious food. BYOB All are welcome! 201 T St NW 
Thank you all for joining us on the porch tonight! Also a BIG thank you to for the delicious food!!  
Next WOTPDC is July 22!
9:45 PM - 8 Jul 2015 

1 comment:

  1. Next @WOTPDC evening - would love to see Bloomingdale rally against flippers like Anax Moraes and A/X Carpenters that are ruining our beautiful row house neighborhood - converting them to massive PopUps and intrusive BumpOuts! Look at what they did to 42 W St NW and are now doing to 67 V St NW - they also have several more Bloomingdale properties. STOP THE POP! Who even wants to live in a PopUp?