Saturday, November 16, 2019

some pics from today's St. George's Episcopal Church Kwanzaa Kitchen Breakfast Program 27-year anniversary

Thank you to St. George's Outreach Ministry for 27 years of Kwazaa Kitchen Breakfast Program service. 

Open Houses in and around Bloomingdale for Sat 1/16 and Sunday 11/17/2019

25 Rhode Island Ave NW is offered at $689,900.
In case you missed the open for this one a few weeks ago, she is back on the market (after being briefly under contract) and needs someone who appreciates old houses! Boiler less than 5 years old and serviced this week. Great bones and full English basement.

The featured open house is a Victorian rowhome in the Bloomingdale Historic District. It has a full English basement with two exits, as well as two kitchens, and two washer/dryers). The agent representing the seller is Suzanne DesMarais with Compass. See the link below for more details and open house times.

Weekend Open Houses

*Agents, to have your open houses included in this weekly post, please have them tagged in Bright MLS by 10am on Friday. If you don't see your open house in the links, feel free to add in the comments. Also, if you would like your open to be featured with a picture for this post, please e-mail suzanne at compass dot com by 10am on Friday before the open.

on the agenda of this Mondays Bloomingdale Civic Association meeting: potentially supporting a DDOT traffic study for Florida Ave from Georgia Ave NW to New York Ave NE

See the announcement for this Monday's Bloomingdale Civic Association meeting being held at St. George's Episcopal Church, 2nd and U Street NW, 7 pm.

resolution regarding traffic impacts of the DC Water NEBT project -- on the agenda of the next ANC5E meeting -- Tuesday, 11-19-2019

Passed along by ANC5E01 Commissioner Cheolos.

Also posted at NextDoor.   

the opening of Creative Grounds at North Capitol & Seaton Pl NW -- Saturday, 11-23-2019

See this Facebook post:

add to your calendar the St. George's Episcopal Church Marketplace and Cafe -- Saturday, 12-07-2019

From: Janis Evans
Sent: Saturday, October 26, 2019 12:54 AM
Christmas Bazaar! Spread the Word

Greeting to All,

As holiday season draws closer, I wanted to ask you to SAVE-THE-DATE for the ECW Christmas Bazaar on Saturday, December 7th from 10:00a – 4:30p. The attached flyer gives you pertinent information about the bazaar. Please feel free to contact me if you have any inquiries about the menu, vending opportunities, or donating items for the raffle or silent auction. I’ve also attached an example of the quality gifts we’ll have at the raffle table.

Thank you and save the date!
Janis Evans, Bazaar Chair

area C, which includes Bloomingdale north of Rhode Island Avenue NW: leaf collection this week

See this DC DPW tweet:

World Missions Extension Center Thanksgiving Basket Give-Away Rally at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church -- Saturday, 11-23-2019

Note that the World Mission Extension Center was formerly located in Bloomingdale at the northwest corner of 1st and Randolph Place NW. 

From: Bertha Holliday
Sent: Friday, November 15, 2019 5:54 PM
Subject: Fwd: November 23rd Thanksgiving Rally being held at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church See you there!!!!

Scott —‘Please post attached flyer. Thanks!

Bertha Holliday, hD
Independent Consultant 
Diversity assessment, planning, implementation & evaluation 

Commissioner, ANC 5E07
Washington, DC 

2nd Vice President
Co- Director, Bloomingdale Village Square Project
Chair, Bloomingdale Biennial House Tour
Bloomingdale Civic Association
Fellow , American Psychological Association

Begin forwarded message:
From: "ExtensionCenter" <>
Date: November 15, 2019 at 2:49:24 PM EST
November 23rd Thanksgiving Rally being held at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church  See you there!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving fellow Pastors and FRIENDS:

As we prepare for the November 23rd Thanksgiving Rally being held at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church need your help  getting the word out to families needing food for their Thanksgiving meal with their family.                                            

Ask that you duplicate the flier and pass on to families needing for their Thanksgiving Meal.  Thanks  

Peace and Blessings, and we look forward to seeing you guys at the Thanksgiving Rally.

Dr. J. Perkins, World Missions For Christ Ministries& EXTENSION Center Outreach 

Friday, November 15, 2019

WUSA9 news story about properties adjacent to a 13th Street NW gut renovation job receiving significant property damage (this has occurred in Bloomingdale...)

This case is not isolated.

This situation has occurred in Bloomingdale.

I have copied in the first few paragraphs of this WUSA9 print story:

Here is the link to this WUSA9 story.


celebrating 27 years of ministry: St. George's Episcopal Church Kwanzaa Kitchen anniversary -- Saturday, 11-16-2019

From: Janis Evans
Sent: Tuesday, November 12, 2019 9:51 AM
Kwanzaa Kitchen Anniversary 11-16-2019

Hello Volunteers,

This Saturday’s breakfast falls on the actual date of our anniversary, 11/16/92-11/16/2019. We will celebrate 27 years of ministry with a cake, fruit and our regular menu. Hope to see most of you out to mark this special occasion. 

vehicular accident at 2nd and Rhode Island Avenue NW yesterday, Thursday, 11-14-2019

See this tweet from yesterday:

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Mango Street Imaginarium this weekend!

Hello Neighbors,

Three is the Magic Number at MangoStreet This Saturday, Nov 16!                      

We will be holding an early-bird Workshop (9:30-10:45) and Free Self-Directed Art Play (11:00-12:00) for children ages 4 -10, as prologue to the 52 O Street Open Studios day. Join us for a Triple Scoop of Art!

Free Self-Directed Art Play at MangoStreet
52 O Street Open Studios

Sign-up for the workshop.
Join us for free art play & tour the other O St. studios.

MangoStreet will introduce children to the art of Louise Bourgeois. Together we will learn about her childhood and try our hands at her favorite patterns.
Artists will delve into Louise’s playful approach to imagery and the artistic process. We will explore shapes and materials, and manipulate scale both on paper and in three dimensions.

*MangoStreet closes at 12
Other 52 O Street Studios open at 12

Patricia Baca
Art Director
Follow us @MangoStreet

last two weeks of the Bloomingdale Farmers Market -- and maple syrup is back

From: Robin Shuster
Sent: Thursday, November 14, 2019 5:28 PM
Last 2 weeks and Maple Syrup is back

Hello BFM fans, 

    Thanksgiving is just a couple weeks away so you are probably planning
your menu for Friendsgivings and family get togethers. If you are a turkey fan,
order yours from Groff’s Content, the green tent next to King’s Mushroom in the
middle of the market. Mark Bittman’s 34 recipes is a good starting point to
planning what you want to cook for Thanksgiving. He gives sections; Turkey,
Turkey alternative, Vegetable sides, Starchy sides, Salads, and Desserts. You
can find his ideas

Robin is co-hosting
a non Turkey "giving" this year, with a Mexican theme, starring Veracruz
fish with a classic tomato, olive and caper sauce,
an avocado tortilla
soup, chiles rellenos (Garner's poblanos stuffed with King's mushrooms for my
vegetarian co-host) and a Pati Jinich avocado salsa that is not quite a
guacamole. We will be posting good recipes for Vegetarian mains during the next
two weeks. Think about vegetarian chile rellenos, for example.

Last Sunday we had Langdon Wood join us
at market for the first of 3 pop ups. They barrel age maple syrup and hot sauce
in wooden barrels that were used for Catoctin Creek and other distilleries'
spirits. You can taste them all. The cider version is very unexpected and would
be amazing on cider or apple pancakes/waffles. It is well worth a taste! Their
sriracha is complex, hot and fruity and of course, their barrel-aged maple
syrup is a key component.

Need a host(ess) gift? Perfect. (They also make for a great stocking stuffer
for the maple syrup lover or hot sauce collector in your family.)

Maple syrup

New and Notable:

  • *New*
         Root Beer Kombuchas @ Number 1 Sons-- exciting new flavor for root beer
  • Langdon Wood Maple Syrup is Back! Ask Art about his gift and multiple bottle
  • Stone Ground Grits from Garner's own corn-- Bernard wants to know what you think of them.
  • Dumplings & More is Back!
  • Cold weather = Pasta time!
  • Thanksgiving is also cheesegiving. Ask Mark his advice for those cheese platters you
         will be serving the next 6 weeks.
  • Market open until Sunday November 24th
  • Order Turkeys @ Groffs here 
  • Yes, there will be Music this week
  • Bike House will be here from 11 to 1 to help you fix your bike. 
At Market This Week: 

Langdon Wood Maple Syrup:
Barrel-aged: Brandy maple syrup, Malt Whiskey maple syrup, Rye Maple Syrup,
Bourbon Maple Syrup, Cider Maple syrup and Hot Sauce. Sriracha sauce.

Cucina Al Volo: Matteo's freshly
made and dried pasta from his Tuscan Nonne's recipes plus ravioli and lasagne
and sauces such as pesto, lamb ragu, beef bolognese, cherry tomato, wild
mushrooms, eggplant norma. A restaurant quality dinner can be on the table in
10 minutes from the time you set a pot of water to boil.

TIP: Cut the lasagne into portion sizes and freeze in freezer bags so you can have lasagne
whenever you want -- just for yourself! Or to make it easier to serve to your
guests and family. Lasagne is Great comfort food.

Tip 2: the sauces make a very good base for stews. Robin sautees onions and
vegetables and adds them to the lamb ragu or the wild mushroom to make a hearty

Groff's Content Farm:
Grass fed beef: ground, patties, stew cubes, bottom round, roasts, heart/liver,
and steaks. Free range turkey: breast, legs, and ground. Free range chicken:
whole, breast w/ or w/o bone, leg/thigh quarter, wings, legs, necks/backs, and
liver/heart. Bone broths. Sausages. Pasture raised Berkshire pork: ground,
canadian bacon, spare rib, shoulder roasts, smoked hams, pork chop, smoked
bacon, and ham hock.

Tip: Did you know they have dog treats?

Reid's Orchard:
Kiwi berries, Concord grapes, seedless grapes, Bartlett pears, and apple cider.
Apples: Honeycrisp, Crimson Crisp, Swiss Gourmet, Gala, Macoun, Snow Sweet,
Fuji, Jonathan, Jona Gold, Mammoth Black Twig, Suncrisp, Gold Supreme, Baldwin,
Roxberry Russet, Ambrosia, Nittany, Northern Spy, Yataka, Stayman, Winesap,
Granny Smith,  Arkansas Black, Gold Rush, and Pink Lady.

PRO TIP: Ask Kathy about the best apples for every purpose.  She is a font of info.  Ask Kara about cooking and recipes.  She is an expert.

Variety of mushrooms fresh and dried; oyster,
lion’s mane, portabello, cremini, maitake, chestnut, pioppini, enokitake,
chanterelle, Lion’s Mane double extraction,
and Hungarian Mushroom
Stew, exactly what you need for the arctic days.

Robin's Tip: For a change, puree the Hungarian Mushroom Stew and top with
Swirly Girl's yogurt.

Mountain View:
Fresh turmeric, *New* purple & green napa, red kuri squash, delicata
squash, butternut squash, tomatoes, german butterball potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower,
cabbage, mixed sweet peppers, garlic, green luobo, kohlrabi, purple daikon,
Hakukai sweet salad turnips, watermelon radish, cherriette radish, bok choi,
beets, fresh herbs, mixed hot peppers, shishitos(pepper), scarlet frills,
collards, lettuce, *New* Radicchio, and fresh cut herbs.
How in the world do they get German Butterball potatoes to taste creamy....and buttery?

Dumplings & More:
Pork and Pumpkin, Bok Choy, Turkey, Mushroom Dumplings, chinese style peanuts,
five spice edamames, and Grandmother's secret chilli oil sauce. Szechuan women
making Szechuan dumplings with market ingredients. Sample at market and take
frozen packs home -- it only takes 10 minutes to cook them and the result are
so much better than take out.... Robin will be serving them Saturday night to
her whole family coming down from New York.

Acorn squash, kabocha squash, spaghetti squash and pumpkins. Tomatoes,
zucchini, mixed greens, sweet potatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, purple top
turnips, and watermelon radishes. Peppers: hot peppers, bell peppers,
jalapenos, and poblanos. Eggplant, collards,  green kale, broccoli,
cauliflower, cabbage, baby lima beans,october beans, stoneground grits, pasta
sauce, bloody mary mix, jam, basil bunches, cilantro bunches, greens and cut

Keswick/Swirly Girl:Cow milk and mixed milk cheese. Hard to soft, styles from around
the world, Robin’s favorite yogurt and chocolate pudding.
Alpine-style Tommes, Swirly Girl,
Mesquite smoked Smokey Isabelle, funky Cowttin.  Soft-ripened, ash-covered
Winter Morning has a creamy center, ricotta, quark, and feta.
Ask Mark which cheeses you should serve together for the holidays?
What makes the best cheese platter? How many cheeses? How much for how many
people? Which should you leave whole and which should you slice? Or cube?

Number 1 Sons:
Everything Fermented! Kimchi: Kicky and Sons.
Pickles (cucumber kind): Sicilian Spears, Gin-Ginger, Crispy Koshers, Sunny Dills, Super Sours, Half Sours, and Honey Habs. Other pickled
Veg: Hot Hearts, Turmerine Kraut, Stinkin’ Rye Kraut, Clean Kraut, Giardiniera,
Cider Masala Beets, Golden Beets, and Giardiniera.   Kombuchas flavors are
Turmeric Tang, Lavender Fizz, *New* Root Beer, and Original Ginger. Condiments
for every meal. Have you tried a Grilled Kimcheese sandwich yet?

TIP: Have you slathered a hot dog (plant or animal based!)
with kimchi yet? Caitlin also likes the bun smeared with mayo.

Panorama Bakery: French
style bread and breakfast pastries. Demi French baguette, traditional artisanal
baguette, Petit Rustique, challah, sourdough, walnut raisin sourdough,
multigrain loaf, Honey-Wheat w/Oats, Walnut-cherry baguette, walnut-cranberry
baguette, olive baguette, multigrain baguette, and pumpernickel boule.
Croissants: butter, chocolate and raisins.

Cookie 6-Packs: Chocolate Chip, Salty Oatmeal, Molasses Spice, Hazelnut Swirl,
Pretzel Cowboy, Snickerdoodle, Mexican Chocolate (flourless), Oatmeal Chocolate
Chip (vegan), Simply Sugar (vegan), and Chocolate Blackout (vegan). Seasonal Pies:
Pumpkin, Salted Caramel Apple, Bourbon Pecan, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Sea Salt
Chocolate Chess, Quiches: Cheddar Broccoli, Spinach with Sun Dried Tomato, and
Kale, Pesto, Parmesan.

Date: Sunday 
Time: 9am-1pm
Where: 100 block of R St NW in front of the Big Bear Cafe
From Clara, the Teds and Robin

up to 90 days for the ABRA order for Pub and the People's "substantial change - expansion of basement, increase in occupancy on 1st floor"

See this newsy tweet:

Bloomingdale Civic Association meeting -- Monday, 11-18-2019

See the announcement for this Monday's Bloomingdale Civic Association meeting being held at St. George's Episcopal Church, 2nd & U Street NW, 7 pm.

"bring an unwrapped toy and get a beer" > Boundary Stone and Altas Brew Works Annual Toy Drive -- Thursday, 12-19-2019

See this tweet:

vehicle crash at North Capitol and Channing St NW ~

See this morning tweet:

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

"let's get composting at the Bloomingdale Farmers Market is 2020!"

From: Robin Shuster
Sent: Tuesday, November 12, 2019 4:07 PM
Let's get Composting at BFM in 2020!

Hey. BFM Fans,

If we want composting at the market next year, we have to bombard Annie White, Manager of Office of Waste Diversion at DPW,  with hundreds of emails saying so.  Tweet DPW, get signatures on a petition from the market as well as the whole neighborhood (Bloomingdale, Eckington, Truxton Circle, LeDroit, close in Shaw, etc )and send them to her….They will only do it if they believe we will have lots of people coming to their compost stand at BFM.

Who wants to volunteer to lead the effort?

Here is what she said in response to my request for composting at BFM in 2020. 



Thank you for your note Robin. We'll keep Bloomingdale on the list of markets for consideration if and when DPW decides to expand the food waste drop off program. At present, there are no plans to expand the number of markets for the program this in 2020.


Annie White
Manager, Office of Waste Diversion
Department of Public Works
250 E St SW
Washington, DC 20024
(c) 202.438.8277


Robin Shuster
14 and U Farmers' Market 
Bloomingdale Farmers' Market

Boundary Stone and Atlas Brew Works announces their Toy Drive -- Thursday, 12-19-2019

See this tweet:

ANC5E meeting agenda -- Tuesday, 11-19-2019

Passed along by ANC5E01 Commissioner Cheolos.

Also posted at NextDoor.