Tuesday, July 31, 2012

two cars broken into on the unit block of V Street NW

See this 7/31/2012 message:

Please advise the neighbors on unit block of V Street NW that I discovered that my car had been broken into last night. I am not sure how they got into the locked car since no windows were broken. They only stole the spare change in the covered ash tray and a change purse with about 50 pennies that was located in my glove compartment. Everything from the glove compartment was spread out on the driver and passenger seats and the overhead light was still on. The robbery happened sometime between midnight and 5:00 am this morning. Additionally, the car in front of my car was also targeted, resulting in a couple of credit cards and a digital camera stolen from the glove compartment. Both cars were locked and alarmed, however, the thief was able to gain access to the cars.


Unit Block V Street NW Neighbor

ongoing stealing from autos parked on the back of the 2100 block of 1st St NW

From a 1st Street NW resident:
Please let the community know about this. Twice in the last 2 weeks contractors working at my house had their trucks broken into during broad daylight. The culprit or culprits worked quickly and took cameras, telephones and Nationwide employee`s company issued IPad. Earlier this summer a young, slim, Black male (looked about 17) was seen trying car doors in the alley about 2 a.m. Also a neighbor`s car parked on his carport a few doors down from me had his GPS stolen. None of these things were in plain sight. The thief is bold and determined to take something. We all have to watch out for each other. Be careful.

fundraising for the Rodeo on Randolph Place (scheduled for Saturday, 8-25-2012)

From Hugh Youngblood: 

Dear Neighbors,

The 12th Annual Randolph Place Meet & Greet Block Party needs your help raising funds for the upcoming community extravaganza. Our target amount of $1,000 will help cover the cost of the ponies, moon bounce, and food for the event. Please visit the following website and donate online.

For over a decade, Ms. Wanda Foster and friends have hosted this annual event on the 100 Block of Randolph Place NW to help prevent and resolve community challenges at the most local level by fostering friendship and dialogue amongst neighbors. Please join us for great food and fellowship and enjoy this year`s Rodeo theme. Remember to wear your most festive cowboy boots and cowboy hat.

Thank you,

Hugh Youngblood
240. 925. 1079


Young Love in Bloomingdale

With all the serious news on flooding and break ins, I thought it would be nice to have something a little lighter to read about the neighborhood. Thanks to Paul K. Williams of WashingtonHistory.com for his permission to re-post his recent finding of a nearly hundred year old love story from Bloomingdale.

You can see his original post here. (Note that it's easier to read the original newspaper clipping via the link to Paul's original post).

From Paul:

This headline caught my attention while I was researching a house the other day. It appeared in the March 19, 1915 edition of the Washington Post. Two youngsters from the Bloomingdale neighborhood - 162 Bryant Street, NW and 78 V Street, NW - had jumped a train to New York with the hope of an elopement. The young lovers were just age 16 and 15, respectively, and they had made their way to New York's Grand Central station where they discovered that they only had $2 between them; New York was a bit too expensive for their tastes. Their youth alone eventually caught the attention of a railroad ticket agent, and their plans to marry were foiled. I'll let you read the article at left for yourself! Copyright Paul K. Williams

special Bloomingdale Civic Association meeting with DC Water to address flooding problems -- Saturday, 08-04-2012

See this announcement from Bloomingdale Civic Association President Teri Janine Quinn:
The Bloomingdale Civic Association will host a public meeting with DC Water to address flooding problems in Bloomingdale. The meeting will be held on Saturday, August 4th from 2-5pm at St. George's Episcopal Church, 160 U Street, NW (at the corner of 2nd and U Streets, NW).
Teri Janine Quinn

Teri Janine Quinn: flooding updates and info (#2)

From: terijanine < terijanine@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Jul 30, 2012 at 7:33 AM
Subject: Flooding Updates and Information (#2)

1. Surveys

As of yesterday evening 148 people have completed our internal survey - 132 Bloomingdale residents and 16 LeDroit Park residents. I have attached a spreadsheet [not supplied here] that indicates how many households on each block have submitted surveys. The blocks highlighted in yellow indicate a submission that did not include a complete block address (i.e., the entry may have been "Thomas Street, NW" rather than "100 block of Thomas Street, NW"). Please take a look at the spreadsheet and let me know if you believe more homes were affected on your block than are indicated on the spreadsheet.
2. Preparation for Saturday, August 4th Public Meeting with DC Water
I will be meeting with Councilmember McDuffie and DC Water (separately) early this week to convey the concerns and requests I have heard from neighbors. The goals of the meetings are to ensure that Councilmember McDuffie understands exactly what we want him to pursue from DC Water and what we expect from him outside of advocating our position in his discussions with DC Water and to give DC Water the opportunity to be in a position to provide acceptable responses to our concerns during August 4th meeting.
3. Communications with DC Water 
DC Water has indicated that part of its action plan includes a commitment to respond to communications from residents. Please help us assess whether DC Water is responding to communications from residents by sending your responses to the following questions to  bloomingdame@gmail.com (sending your responses directly to Betsy will help avoid a barrage of emails to the forum):

1. Have you called or emailed using the info on DC Water's website? If so, did you get a reply?
2. Did you receive a packet at your door (and what is your address or block?

Betsy will compile your responses and summarize them. 
Here is the update I circulated last week via email.
Here are a few updates that I hope you find useful:
1. Next Public Meeting with DC Water
The Bloomingdale Civic Association will host a public meeting with DC Water to address flooding problems in Bloomingdale. The meeting will be held on Saturday, August 4th from 2-5pm at St. George's Episcopal Church, 160 U Street, NW (at the corner of 2nd and U Streets, NW). Please help us spread the word.
2. Update on Survey
Our internal survey is still open. To date, 129 neighbors have completed the survey. That total includes 113 submissions from Bloomingdale and 16 from LeDroit Park. We need help sharing the survey with neighbors who are not on Scott's listserv or who do not have Internet access. If you are willing to help please let me know which block(s) you can cover ASAP. Also, let me know if you have already told everyone on your block about the survey. Here's the link to the survey:http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/M8V8G66 . I have also attached a copy of the survey in case you need to leave it with a neighbor and go back to pick it up and enter their answers online for them.
3. Similar Issue in DuPont Circle?
The Prince of Petworth blog ran a story on our flooding problem http://www.princeofpetworth.com/2012/07/dealing-with-flooding-in-bloomingdale/ and I found this in the comments:
"There was a similar problem 10 years ago over in East Dupont (Corcoran, New Hampshire, R, Riggs). WASA eventually redid the whole drainage system in the area and as far as I know it has been alleviated. Have DCWater look into the cause/remedy of that problem and it probably is the same or at least very similar to what is happening in Bloomingdale."
Does anyone in this group know someone who may have more information about how DC Water (WASA at the time) was persuaded to make repairs in that situation? We should look into that and consider whether it makes sense for us to replicate actions taken by those DuPont residents.
4. From DC Water
Most of you have probably seen the website http://www.dcwater.com/bloomingdale , Bloomingdale Action Agenda http://www.dcwater.com/workzones/bloomingdale/BloomingdaleActionAgenda.pdf and the survey https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHFFWXBXR0tFODVFYjJCSG9CeEZuWVE6MQ DC Water created to address flooding in our area.
I would like to offer some unsolicited legal advice regarding DC Water's survey which is titled "Flooding Survey for Bloomingdale and LeDroit Park Customers". This is not the same survey that led to most of you being included in this Google Group. I am very concerned about the last question on DC Water's survey: "Were you aware of historic flooding problems in your neighborhood before you moved in?" After the last Bloomingdale Civic Association meeting, I (and other neighbors) were left with the impression that DC Water may be willing to go to great lengths to avoid liability related to flooding in our area. An affirmative answer to this question could be used to bolster a defense by DC Water that it is not liable for flood damage (or that its liability is reduced) because a customer assumed the risk of moving into a neighborhood where the customer had prior knowledge that the area was prone to flooding issues. There is also a question earlier in the survey about whether the customer has installed a backflow preventer. Generally, I believe the backflow preventer question may provide information to DC Water that may be helpful in identified and correcting the ultimate problem. However, I am concerned that the answers to these two questions could be combined in an effort by DC Water to deny compensation for flood damage. Just as DC Water is within its rights to protect itself from liability we as customers we are entitled to act manner that will not compromise the validity of claims we believe we may have against DC Water. As such, if I were completing DC Water's survey I would not answer the last question. *Disclaimer: My legal experience is focused primarily in energy law. I am not an expert in civil litigation.*
5. Locating Building Plans
I heard from a neighbor who had someone come out to investigate the option of installing a backflow preventer in their condo building. The condo association was told that prior to installation they would need to get a copy of the building plans. If you need to locate the building or floor plans for your residence you should contact DCRA's Plans and Files department. The telephone number is 202-442-4547.
6. Sample Letter
Please find below an example of a letter neighbors can submit to our elected officials to convey the impact that the flooding issue must be addressed urgently. The letter below was sent to the Mayor and Councilmember McDuffie by a concerned neighbor who has not experienced flooding. Keep in mind, phone calls are effective as well.
Mr. Mayor and Councilman McDuffie,
I am a resident of Bloomingdale and writing to urge you to act immediately to address the extremely serious flooding issues plaguing the Bloomingdale neighborhood. These issues have been known for a long time, and there is simply no good excuse for the city to be acting so slowly to resolve them. Not only does the flooding repeatedly damage the property of many individual homeowners and businesses, it threatens a rise in insurance fees, the reduction of the number of businesses willing to locate here and the decline in the neighborhood's overall desirability and revitalization.
I look forward to hearing from you a detailed plan that takes concrete and effective steps to end the flooding within the next several months at most.
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Teri Janine Quinn
Bloomingdale Civic Association

Monday, July 30, 2012

DC Office of Planning wants to hear your views on the District`s present and future

From: ``Crain, Deborah (OP)``
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2012 6:03 PM
Subject: Citizens Planner Focus Groups

The DC Office of Planning Wants to Hear Your Views on the District`s Present and Future

Washington, D.C., has seen significant changes over the past ten years.  After decades of population decline, the District has seen a solid decade of population growth, and that growth is continuing.  New services such as the Circulator bus, bikesharing and carsharing make it easier for residents to get around the city.  At the same time, the historic character of our city makes the District of Columbia a place of great attractions and destinations, unique and vibrant neighborhoods, and interesting streetscapes and public spaces.  Because the greatest assets of our city are its residents and neighborhoods, the D.C. Office of Planning wants to hear from you—as the District moves into its future, what do residents across the city care about most?  What are the best ways to engage you and other residents to discuss the impacts of future growth in the District, its preservation and stewardship, and prosperity for all residents?

In a partnership with The American Institute of Architects (AIA) DC Advocacy Committee, the D.C. Office of Planning is hosting a series of informal forums to explore these questions.  These discussions will bring together groups of 12 to 15 residents to share their experiences and ideas.  Thoughts shared in these discussions groups will help the Office of Planning improve how we reach out to residents during planning processes, give us a better idea of what issues to focus on, and inform how we develop our upcoming Citizen Planner initiative. 

Please provide us with the following information and submit it to the Office of Planning no later than August 8, 2012 to be considered.  If you are selected to participate in a focus group you will be contacted by August 13, 2012.

1.     Name:
2.     Contact Information:  (phone number, or email address)
3.     Ward where you live:
4.     How long have you lived in the District of Columbia?
5.     Have you ever attended a community meeting or participated in a community organization and/ or activity?

Deborah L. Crain Kemp, CPM
Neighborhood Planner, Ward 5
DC Office of Planning
1100 4th Street, SW
Suite E650
Washington, DC  20024
202.442.7615 phone
email: deborahlcrain.kemp@dc.gov
Visit the DC Office of Planning on Facebook and on Twitter @OPinDC

seeking temporary housing in the neighborhood

See this request:

My girlfriend and her fiance are going to be in town for a medical conference (they are residents) from September 14-October 15. They are looking to rent a place for one month and have two very small dogs. If anyone has any neighborhood suggestions for a no-frills one month rental let me know at fayehammersley@gmail.com

man jumps fence in LeDroit Park Sunday afternoon, 7/29/2012

Posted at the LeDroit Park list yesterday, Monday, 7/30/2012:

Hi there,

Yesterday afternoon I had a guy try to jump my fence to get to my patio.  I`m guessing he was either going to try to break in to my house or steal my bike off my patio.  I yelled at him from behind my security gate and told him I was calling the cops.  He took off running and I called the cops.  They came by and said they were going to look for him.  I`m not sure whether they ever found him, but they did advise that I always lock valuables in a shed or in my house. 
This person was brazenly trying to get onto my property in the middle of the afternoon on a Sunday!  He was african american, medium color skin, short braids or dreads covered with a skull cap, and a black t-shirt.  I couldn`t tell exactly how tall he was, but my guess is between 5`10 and 6`1.  I just wanted to give everyone a heads up of the incident and advise you to lock up your valuables.  It seems locked gates aren`t deterring thieves:-(


Elm Street NW

.... followed by this post:

From: Elm Street NW Household
To: LeDroitPark @ yahoogroups.com
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2012 10:17 AM
Subject: [LeDroitPark] Re: Crooks Jumping Fences in Ledroit
We also had someone jump our fence last week sometime. They stole a lot of tools from my shed and made a mess of the place. Didn`t call it in because we didn`t notice it until days after the fact. So, not an isolated incident, lock everything up tight.
Elm St.

... followed by this post by LeDroit Park resident Jana Baldwin:

From: Jana Baldwin
To: ``LeDroitPark@yahoogroups.com``
cc: ``LeDroitPark @ yahoogroups.com`` ; Lt. Alberto Jova MPD ; Marc Morgan
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2012 10:23 AM
Subject: Re: [LeDroitPark] Crooks Jumping Fences in Ledroit

Thank you for posting this. I also live on Elm street and there is a lot of foot traffic in the alley. While this event took place during the day I have noticed that my block lacks lighting at night. I will continue to ask all neighbors to turn your back lights on! You can purchase a ``dusk to dawn`` light for around $4 at home depot which will make lights fade off during the day.

You did the right thing and we must all continue to be vigilant and look out for each other!

I will ask Lt Jova to increase patrols in the alleys in LeDroit!



....followed by this message:

Ok, same thing happened to me. Theives came into the back alley into my garage. They hopped and stole things from my shed during daytime, mid week.

The cop who showed up said that he does not even know that our alley exists (back alley starts on elm street). I live on second but back up to the alley that starts on Elm and ends on 2nd by the Anna Cooper House.

This alley needs to be monitored. I have heard of 3 thefts so far happening there. The Howard University dorms are there and they are planning to shut them down at some point. I hope they do not become abandoned.

Please report everything to the police, they need to know and be available in these overly sketchy areas.

Ledroit Neighbor

....followed by this post by Eric Fidler:
The civic association voted to support Howard University`s campus plan on the condition that its dorms in the neighborhood never remain vacant for more than one year.  When approving the campus plan, the Zoning Commission adopted our concerns into its legally binding decision:

``In the transitioning of existing student residence halls away from use as student housing into faculty and/or workforce housing, the University shall not allow the halls to remain vacant for a period of more than one year.``

Eric Fidler
Vice President
LeDroit Park Civic Association

offstreet Bloomingdale parking space available

Parking space available mid-August or early September in alley behind Quincy. Right off Florida Ave., close to R, S, Q, P, 1st Streets. $150. Please email sgraddy @ gmail.com if interested

briefcase found near 1st & W St NW

Brief case was found Monday morning with ID inside for James Early, a white male.

It was found near the intersection of W and First street NW, in someone`s back yard.

Police at the 5th District were contacted and have the briefcase.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

knock on the door from a Dunbar High School Band fundraising solicitor -- scam or not?

Dear All,

Wanted to let you know that we had a knock on our door this evening from a guy claiming to be part of the Dunbar High School Band... he was looking for donations in an attempt to raise $950 for a trip to a competition (ultimately they were he was trying to get to Jamaica).  He looked much older than high school... so something seemed strange.  About a month ago we also had another kid ask for support because he was part of the Cardozo High School Band (looking to go on the same/similar trip)... he looked high school age.  Anyway... this guy left without much hassle on my end, but I called police right afterwards.  I am almost certain this is a scam and there were other motives for him knocking on my door... so my hope is that:

1) if anyone has a similar experience please call the police right away
2) would love for someone to prove me wrong, and that these requests are legitimate... but my gut says they are not

This happened at 3rd and R NW.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Open Houses in and around Bloomingdale scheduled for 07/29/2012

There are a number of open houses this week in a wide range of prices. Here is the list of open houses and here is the same information in a map format.

**Agents, to have your open houses listed in this weekly post, you must tag them in MRIS by the Friday before the open house. If you have an open house in the immediate area (Bloomingdale, LeDroit Park, Eckington, Shaw, Truxton Circle) that does not show up, please add in the comments below.

McMillan LDA before DC Council on 09/19 (not really); McMillan HPRB hearing #2 on 09/27/2012

At today`s Vision McMillan Partners (VMP) McMillan meeting held at St. George's Episcopal Church, VMP's Anne Corbett mentioned that the McMillan Land Disposition Agreement (LDA) would be going before the DC Council on Wednesday, September 19, 2012.  Actually, it would be the first time the McMillan LDA will go before the DC Council. 

And Anne Corbett also mentioned that the date of the next DC Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) hearing on McMillan has been set for Thursday, September 27, 2012.

And here is a correction from John Salatti: "The DC Council will not be considering the McMillan project in September. What is happening is that At-Large Councilmember Michael Brown, the chair of the Economic Development Committee, will be having a roundtable discussion on the development of McMillan. At this time, his committee is neither considering the LDA nor any action item concerning McMillan."          

And this is Anne Corbett of Vision McMillan Partners.

Vision McMillan Partnership community meeting this morning

Okay, here is a reminder of this morning's McMillan meeting:
From: Vision McMillan Partners < info@envisionmcmillan.com >
Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 10:43 PM
Subject: McMillan Community Meeting                                          
Vision McMillan Partnership invites you to join us at our next community meeting this coming Saturday.

We plan to address the four key community concerns we hear about the most: Storm Water Management, Transportation, Preservation/Open Space and a Community Recreation Center.
We will provide our strategies for addressing these issues and take your questions and comments.

Community Meeting
Saturday, July 28th
10 am – 12 noon
St George`s Episcopal Church
160 U Street NW
You may have received a flyer that said we`d present Buildings/Architecture — we`ve postponed that agenda until the Fall. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience.
As always you can contact Tania Jackson for more information: (e) mcmsalon@gmail.com ; (m) (202) 355-8998. Also check www.envisionmcmillan.com for updated plans, presentation and blog

Friday, July 27, 2012

Boundary Stone is more popular than we thought! Check this out...

Bloomingdale's Boundary Stone is popular with the Rhode Island Avene NE crowd -- so much so, the Friends of Rhode Island Avenue NE folks are encouraging the Boundary Stone guys to consider opening a second location along the Rhode Island Avenue NE corridor somewhere.

See this post from the Rhode Island Ave NE blog:

“It’s not enough for people to just want something”

If you missed it, the Friends of Rhode Island Ave (FoRIA) hosted their inaugural “Rhode Trip” last week at Boundary Stone DC. It was a complete success and has garnered some attention. Check out the article from Urban Turf that sums it up pretty well. Here are some excerpts from the article:

Last Wednesday at 5:30pm, 15 residents of DC’s Woodridge neighborhood entered the Bloomingdale bar Boundary Stone wearing t-shirts that read “Friends of Rhode Island Avenue.” They chatted with the bartenders, spent money, and left calling cards that said “If you build it, we will come.”
The purpose? Convincing the owner to open up shop in Woodridge, which has a dusty commercial strip a couple miles away on Rhode Island Avenue.
While Woodridge’s housing stock has been attracting DC residents on the hunt for a reasonably-priced home for some time, the retail options are essentially non-existent. Friends of Rhode Island Avenue (FoRIA), a community group from the neighborhood, believes that their so-called “Rhode Trips” will be a good way to convince appealing retailers around the District to move up their way. The trip to Boundary Stone was the group’s first attempt.

“It’s not enough for people to just want something,” said Ben Miller, the founder of Popularise, a website that allows residents to vote and comment on what businesses should occupy available addresses around DC. “Other factors need to be brought into the equation, like money and the quality of the operator. The most popular idea isn’t always the best operator.”
However, Miller believes that the sort of engagement that FoRIA is generating amongst its residents is powerful if it can be properly communicated to the right entrepreneurs, landlords and developers. Often, entrepreneurs don’t know exactly where the demand is, he said. “Can we make the demand more explicit by partnering with a neighborhood and giving them an online platform?” wondered Miller.
In addition to planning Rhode Trips, FoRIA is eager to attract businesses with other efforts, like their upcoming fall festival in September. The scant businesses that exist, like Rita’s Italian Ice and Art Enables, will open their doors, vendors and artists will fill the strip, and FoRIA hopes that entrepreneurs will come to check out the vacancies. The organization also has ties to the Greater Washington Chamber of Commerce and the Washington Area Community Investment Firm and is building a Board with experience in revitalization.

FloodSax sandless sandbags...

Okay, there is no endorsement here...


Posted at the Ward 5 list.

From: Adam Eckstein <Adam.eckstein@floodsax.us.com>
Date: July 27, 2012 12:25:00 PM EDT
To: "martin@dcist.com" <martin@dcist.com>
Cc: "awhelan@washingtonexaminer.com" <awhelan@washingtonexaminer.com>, "bacadc@gmail.com" <bacadc@gmail.com>
Subject: FloodSax Sandless Sandbags
Good Afternoon Martin,
I just read your article (Flooding Hits Bloomingdale Again, But Few Explanations to Ease Frayed Nerves) and believed you would appreciate this new flood protection/clean up information for educational and informational purposes with your staff, readers, as well as all residents, home and business owner that there are other options besides messy sand.
Each FloodSax will soak up 5.5 gallons of water. FloodSax, a light weight Sandless Sandbag is the latest in biodegradable flood control, flood clean up and hazmat response (chemicals, Petro). Designed to replace bulky, heavy, inconvenient sand bags, a single person can easily move a box of 20 FloodSax to the exact spot they are needed. Where each case of 20 FloodSax will absorb 900 pounds of liquid. Saving time, labor, space, energy, money, and other precious resources when you need them most.
Take a look at The Weather Channel video FloodSax test Stephanie Abrahams did on her show Weather Proof http://www.youtube.com/user/FloodSax/videos
Thank you for your time and I look forward any comments or feedback.
Have a Safe Day & Great Weekend,

FloodSax replaces traditional sandbags with revolutionary simple technology that is lightweight, portable, affordable and environmentally friendly. FloodSax empowers everyone (age does not matter) to take control in order to protect homes, businesses or communities from floods and accidental water damage. FloodSax® are specifically engineered to replace traditional sandbags for aiding in and controlling flood waters; but, lend to many other useful applications and benefits. Other applications include, but are not limited to, leaking appliances such as washing machines and water heaters, water removal from basements or playgrounds, and burst water pipes. One major benefit to the planet is FloodSax are Biodegradable, Non-Toxic and GREEN!

mugging at 3rd & Florida Ave NW; perp apprehended

It's July/August in DC.

That means: slow news!

So here is a tweet about a neighborhood crime:

Jess Kutch@escapetochengdu
My wife was mugged at 11:30pm last night at 3rd & Florida Ave NW. The good news? They caught the guy an hour later.

"it's easy to call Bloomingdale home!"

Here you go:
Posted May 18th, 2012
Some of our clients are just beginning to explore their options when they first reach out to us about buying a home and some clients, like Mas Tadesse, know exactly what they want. Mas had her eye on a condominium at the intersection of 3rd Street and Rhode Island Ave NW, right in the heart of Bloomingdale. Like many first time homebuyers, Mas had been renting in the neighborhood she hoped to one day be able to live in as a homeowner. With the help of the home purchase assistance program HPAP Mas realized her dream and created an investment that will surely pay off.
Bloomingdale is a historic neighborhood noted for its close-knit community-oriented character, historic row house architecture and its proximity to downtown and Metrorail. All these factors combine to make this area one of DC`s hottest ``up and coming`` communities as well as prime location for new retail and restaurant opportunities.
Mas will continue to enjoy Bloomingdale`s pleasures like Big Bear Cafe, a popular neighborhood gathering place and the Bloomingdale Farmer`s Market each Sunday. There`s also the Rustik Tavern, a brick oven pizzeria and tavern and Boundary Stone where you can enjoy your favorite pint with neighbors. And don`t forget about Crispus Attucks Park, whose restoration has been a labor of love by Bloomingdale residents since 1977.
Mas Tadesse Says:
May 18th, 2012 at 9:17 pm
Buying my first home had it`s fair share of ups downs. Initially, I was working with a different Realtor who didn`t know a lot about the Home Purchase Assistance Program (HPAP)which enables first time home buyers the ability to purchase affordable housing in Washington, D.C. After we parted ways I was determined to find a Realtor who was going to work with me to make my dreams a reality.
I called dozens of Realtors in the area before I settled on Alex DeLorme mainly because her of vast knowledge of HPAP. She was knowledgeable, personable, and wanted to get me to the finish line of home ownership. After 14 months, we were successful because Alex dotted every ``i`` and crossed every ``t`` and filled out every extension form. At the end of the experience I`m not sure who was happier, Alex, or me?
I love I am able to call Bloomingdale my neighborhood and have a home. I will be forever grateful to Alex DeLorme who got me there!