Wednesday, October 31, 2012

3rd annual Parker Flats Halloween Haunted House -- tonight, Wednesday, 10-31-2012

Come one come all, alive or otherwise to the third annual Parker Flats Halloween Haunted House. This year's title event, "The Parker Flats Haunted Circus Sideshow will feature a "Big Top Massacre" and our world famous "Creepiest Show On Earth." Trick or treat yourself to a blood and gore filled night of screams and terror with freaky clowns and of course the usual nasty cast of circus sideshow freaks and attractions. Doors open promptly at 6:30pm on Halloween night, Oct the 31st and the freak show continues until 9:00pm. There will be free admission for all and free candy for anyone who makes it out alive and for those who get mauled by our tigers and lions we will be handing out free bandages and rabies shots as well. And for those of you who simply cannot follow the blood curdling screams our address is 2035 2nd St. NW.
And as an added treat, our neighbors down on Thomas St. NW have revived their Halloween Street Festival and they too will have performers and entertainment so Bloomingdale will be the place to celebrate Halloween. Parker Flats Condo Association is thrilled to be able to put this on for the third year in a row and we truly hope that everyone, regardless of where they live will come enjoy this wonderful holiday here at Parker Flats and then a few blocks south on Thomas St.
If you have any questions or need more information or would like to make a donation please contact Parker Flats: .
Freakiest Regards,
The Undead Residents of Parker Flats

"Halloween on Thomas" is ON for tonight, Wednesday, 10-31-2012

A last-minute message from Bloomingdale resident and coordinator-supreme Eva Hambach:
Halloween on Thomas -- Street Performers, Candy, Apples, Popcorn and Balloons from 7 pm to 9 pm -- "We Are ON!" -- Tonight, Wednesday, 10/31/2012
"Can you please announce that the Halloween on Thomas event is on as scheduled with street performers, candy, apples, pop corn and balloons from 7:00 - 9:00 pm. See you all there!"
Halloween on Thomas Street is back this year with stilt walkers, a magician, hand balancers, an aerialist, a juggler, a gypsy music band and a face painter.
View previous events on Thomas Street on YouTube:

DC Water's 2011 cartoon video titled "A Drop's Life" (Bloomingdale not referenced)

From our friends at the Greater Greater Washington blog -- this video:

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DPW: trash collection * not * delayed this week

From: "Twine, Kevin (DPW)"
Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 7:04 PM
Subject: [ward5] DPW Services Resume


DPW Services Resume
Trash/Recycling: Residents with once a week trash or recycling collection on Monday or Tuesday are to hold their trash and recycling until their regularly scheduled collection day next week. Residents that have twice a week trash collection and those that have trash/recycling collection once a week on Wed. thru Fri., should place their trash and recycling out on their regularly scheduled day this week. From this point forward, we will be operating on our normal collection schedule with the possible exception of those streets that are impassable because of downed trees or power lines.
Residential Street Sweeping: Sweeping was suspended this week to allow the crews to clear storm debris, and the end of this program is October 31. Therefore, motorists do not need to obey the parking restrictions on Wednesday. Street sweeping will resume March 1.
Ft. Totten Transfer Station: The Ft. Totten Transfer Station will be open to residents beginning on Wednesday. Hours of operation are 1-5pm, M-F; 8am-3pm, Sat.
Parking enforcement: On Wednesday, DPW will begin enforcing all parking restrictions including parking meters, am and pm rush hour, residential permit parking and ROSA.
DPW crews will continue to assist DDOT and other agencies as the District deals with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. To report all outages, downed trees and to make non-emergency services requests, call 311/202-737-4404 or use the 311 App. All emergency calls should be made to 911.
Kevin B. Twine
Staff Assistant
Office Of The Director
Department of Public Works
2000 14th Street, NW
6th Floor
Washington, DC 20009
Phone: 202-671-2593
DPW Main: 202-673-6833
Fax: 202-671-0642

Bloomingdale surface water management project meeting & walkthrough -- Saturday, 11-03-2012

From: Chancee Lundy <  >
To: Chancee Lundy < >
Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 11:27 AM
Subject: DDOT Invites the Bloomingdale Community to Project Meeting and Walk Through


Greetings Bloomingdale Community,
I hope that you are all safe from Sandy and recovering well. It has been great speaking with all of you over the last few weeks.  As most of you know on November 3, DDOT will be hosting a community meeting and walk through of the planned infrastructure improvements for the Bloomingdale neighborhood. These improvements will help alleviate flooding on the roadway during storm events. The meeting will take place at Mount Bethel Baptist Church (corner of 1st St. NW and Rhode Island Ave. NW) at 10:00 am. Immediately following the meeting, DDOT will lead the community on a walk through to show the exact locations where construction will be taking place and the types of solutions that will be implemented.
Although we passed out nearly 400 flyers in the affected corridor this past Saturday we would appreciate your help in spreading the word to your neighbors and community listservs. The flyer is attached to this message.
We look forward to seeing you on November 3rd.
All the best,

Chancee` Lundy
Public Outreach Coordinator

Bloomingdale Surface Water Management Project

Bloomingdale_DDOT_Surface Water Mgmt Project Meeting 2012 11 03

seeking referrals for a company that inspects and bleeds radiators, etc. ?

See this request from a Bloomingdale resident:
Anyone have recommendations for reputable company to inspect and repair (bleed radiators, especially) gas furnaces and radiators?

Bloomingdale community walk - tonight, Tuesday, 10-30-2012

See this message from Bloomingdale resident Jennifer McCann. 
Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners
Fournier, Mueller and Youngblood
The Bloomingdale Civic Association
Invite you to take part in a
Bloomingdale Community Walk
Help Bloomingdale continue to grow into a safer neighborhood!
Who: You! ...and your children, dogs, friends, etc…
All are welcome to come, regardless of where you live. This is about making a strong presence in the community, showing that Bloomingdale will not tolerate crime in our neighborhood.
When: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 at 7:00 pm 
Where: Northwest corner of 1st and Rhode Island NW
(Meet in front of Windows Café. Dress comfortably and bring a flashlight!)
Together, Building a Better Bloomingdale         

Monday, October 29, 2012

meet-and-greet for Michael A. Brown, At-Large council candidate, rescheduled to this Thursday, 11-01-2012

See this Monday, 10-29-2012, 5:33 pm message from John and Acacia Salatti, who originally scheduled a meet-and-greet event for At-Large Council candidate Michael A. Brown at their Bloomingdale home this evening:
Although Councilmember Michael Brown was quite willing to come to Bloomingdale during Hurricane Sandy, we decided that for all concerned shifting the date would be best. So the opportunity to talk with Michael is now this Thursday, November 1st.
From my perspective, this race is not and should not be between Michael Brown and David Grosso. Because we have the right to vote for TWO candidates, this race should be about which two of the seven At-Large Council candidates will serve Bloomingdale, Ward 5, and the District best. So Acacia and I decided to open our home on Thursday the 1st to At-Large Councilmember, Michael Brown (details below). Although Michael is the first to admit that he has had a tough year of allegations, we believe you should come and talk with him yourself. When Bloomingdale and Ward 5 were about to be sliced and diced at the hand of our former councilmember's redistricting plan, Michael Brown stood up and said, "No." He knew the proposed redistricting was both harmful to Ward 5 residents and illegal under the law. He was open to discussion and reason. He listened to residents. In the end, Michael moved through the plan that we have today that kept Bloomingdale completely intact, created more rational boundaries across the Ward, and distributed residents in ANC districts in a balanced and ungerrymandered way. Just for what he did for us in the redistricting alone (which will affect for the next 10 years), Michael Brown deserves to be heard. But we can also say that any time we have wanted to address an issue or concern with him, Michael's door has been open. In fact, few councilmembers will so readily take a call or meet with you face to face like Michael Brown.
So come out this Thursday, November 1, 2012, and talk with Councilmember Brown (details are below). He needs to hear from us and we need to know his views on all sorts of issues that affect our community.

We look forward to having you.
Acacia and John
John T. Salatti
(202) 986-2592
"Together, Building a Better Bloomingdale"

Acacia & John Salatti
Invite You to a GOTV
Meet-and-Greet with
Michael A. Brown
Councilmember, At-Large
Chairperson, Committee on Economic Development & Housing
He was there for Bloomingdale during redistricting. Now you have a chance to ask Michael about the McMillan Development, Sewer Backups, Crime, City Corruption, the revitalization of Rhode Island Avenue and North Capitol Street, whatever is on your mind.
Thursday, November 1, 2012
7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
The Salatti Home
131 U Street, NW
RSVP to Lindsey Fell: (202) 495-0542 |

a Bloomingdale resident is eagerly soliciting roofer referrals

See this plea from a Bloomingdale resident:
We need a new roof.  Hurricane Sandy made that very clear.  Can you post a referral request? 

the Sunday, 10-28-2012 Crispus Attucks Park workday -- a success

Here is an item not related to Hurricane Sandy:
From: Will Gomaa
Sent: Monday, October 29, 2012 3:45 PM
Subject: Crispus Attucks Park workday update--success!
On Sunday, before our thoughts turned fully to Hurricane Sandy, we had a tremendously successful workday at Crispus Attucks Park.  Huge thanks to the 15+ volunteers who spent their Sunday morning (and part of their Sunday afternoon) weeding, pruning, sawing, raking and bagging, turning the Memory Garden from an overgrown mess into a space fit to be  used and enjoyed.
Before we got to work, the gravel paths in the Memory Garden were impossible to make out.  A dense thicket of vines, shrubs, grass, and weeds--some that were planted, some that took root on their own--had completely overgrown the paths.  The area near the bench was littered with trash and overrun with crabgrass.  Volunteers trimmed back the bushes and trees, uprooted weeds and other vines, and weeded the gravel walkways.  As you can see from the attached photos, the paths are now easily walkable.
The same bushes that had overgrown the Memory Garden had also overgrown the U St. alley--in places, the alley was encroached 6 feet or more.  Volunteers trimmed the overhanging branches and bagged the waste.
All told, the volunteers filled 48 heavy-duty bags--leaves, branches and weeds that will not enter the Bloomingdale sewer system!

The volunteers achieved an extremely impressive amount in a little more than a morning`s worth of work.  Looking forward to the next Crispus Attucks workday in the spring!

Will Gomaa
CADC Vice President

Pepco power outage map here

This is not new news.  Just some info from the Pepco website.

Here is the link to the map of the Pepco DC-area power outages reported.

Oh, allllright: "horse jogging in Bloomingdale"

Half of the neighborhood residents must be at home from work today.

And spending their time tweeting -- some using the #BloomingdaleDC hashtag.

Here is the popular tweet YouTube video from earlier this morning.

Hurricane Sandy preparation info from the Mayor, Pepco, etc.

Here is the text of the most recent Email from MPD regarding Hurricane Sandy:

From: "Press, MPD (MPD)" <  >
To: "" < >
Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2012 11:09 PM
Subject: [MPD-5D] Storm Preparation (Hurricane Sandy)

Locate flashlights, Charge all phones & computers in preparation for the storm and possible power outages. For more storm preparation information, see the PEPCO Handbook below.

1) Announcements from the Mayor's Office: (Mayor Vincent Gray)

2) PEPCO Storm Preparation Handbook

3) DC Gov't Text Alerts
The Alert DC system provides rapid text notification and update information during a major crisis or emergency. This system delivers important emergency alerts, notifications and updates on a range of devices, including your smartphones.

4) Red Cross "Safe and Well" Registration

After a disaster, letting your family and friends know that you are safe and well can bring your loved ones great peace of mind. This website is designed to help make that communication easier.

Register Yourself as “Safe and Well”
Click on the “List Myself as Safe and Well” button to register yourself on the site.

Search for Loved Ones
Concerned family and friends can search the list of those who have registered themselves as “safe and well” by clicking on the “Search Registrants” button. The results of a successful search will display a loved one’s first name, last name and a brief message.

5) DC & Federal Twitter Accounts!/DCPoliceDept (MPD/DC Police) (DC Fire & EMS) (DC Dept of Transportation) (DC Dept of Public Works) (DC Homeland Security & Emergency Mgmt Agency) (DC Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs) (Federal Department of Homeland Security) (FBI Press Office) (US Dept of Justice) (Washington DC Police Foundation) (Member of U.S. Congress for DC- Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton) (DC Council)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hugh Youngblood will be patrolling Bloomingdale

Please note that the message below from ANC 5C0 3 Commissioner Hugh Youngblood is from Saturday night, 10-27-2012.
From: Commissioner Youngblood
Sent: Saturday, October 27, 2012 9:21 PM
Subject: Preparation for Hurricane Sandy
Dear Neighbors,
As you know, we have an exceptionally large hurricane headed for our part of the country. This will again test our over-taxed water infrastructure systems and our historically unreliable electric grid.
Please gather enough of the following items for you and your neighbors as a precaution and share your recommendations for what else to add to the list.
Hurricane survival kit-
•energy-food, batteries, wood, fuel, matches, etc
•healthcare-first aid kit, medication, toiletries
•light-candles, flashlights, etc
•tools-can opener, swiss army knife, etc
The DC Government provides free sandbags to help residents manage overland flooding. Pick up your sandbags at 1st & Thomas Streets NW, just north of Windows Cafe. Large plastic campaign signs readily available in the streets also make excellent flood barriers across doorways.
Saint Martin`s Church at North Capitol & T Street NW is a safe space for relief efforts if needed.
The Harry Thomas, Sr. Recreation Center at Lincoln Road & Seaton Place NE has maintained electricity and public internet access throughout all recent outages in the neighborhood. It`s a great place to recharge your electronics and catch up on email until grid power returns. They also have showers if you lose hot water.
I`ll be patrolling the Bloomingdale streets by bike, especially south of Rhode Island Avenue, to help keeps limbs cleared and maintain public safety. Please stop me if you need anything or feel free to visit my house or call or text me anytime -- 70 R St NW, 240.925.1079.
Please come out for the community safety walk on Tuesday night at 7pm starting at Windows Cafe (rain or shine) to check in for your block.
Thank you,
Hugh Youngblood

Open Houses in and around Bloomingdale for 10/28/2012

Let's hope the storm passes by safely. Weather permitting, here's the list of open houses. Here is the same info in a Map format.

**Agents, to have your open houses listed in this weekly post, tag them in MRIS by the Friday before the open house. If you have an open house in the immediate area (Bloomingdale, LeDroit Park, Eckington, Shaw, Truxton Circle) that does not show up, please add in the comments below.

Friday, October 26, 2012

NBC4-TV report: "Bloomingdale braces for possible flooding"

See this news clip passed along by Bloomingdale resident Betsy McDaniel:

View more videos at:

schedule of upcoming DC Water sewer inspections in Bloomingdale & LeDroit Park

From: Emanuel D. Briggs>
Sent: Friday, October 26, 2012 5:02 PM
Subject: RE: Bloomingdale/LeDroit Park Sewer Cleaning Project
Bloomingdale/LeDroit Park Residents,
Please see the below schedule for upcoming sewer inspections in your area:
Crew 1

Start Time
End Time
Intersection of Vermont Ave NW, V St NW, and Florida Ave NW
Intersection of Vermont Ave NW, V St NW, and Florida Ave NW
Intersection of Vermont Ave NW, V St NW, and Florida Ave NW
Intersection of Vermont Ave NW, V St NW, and Florida Ave NW
Intersection of Vermont Ave NW, V St NW, and Florida Ave NW
Crew 2
Start Time
End Time
Intersection of Vermont Ave NW, V St NW, and Florida Ave NW
Intersection of Vermont Ave NW, V St NW, and Florida Ave NW
W St NW and 8th St NW and alley off of 8th St Nw
W St NW and 8th St NW and alley off of 8th St Nw
Intersection of Vermont Ave NW, V St NW, and Florida Ave NW
Please note: Some locations above have been rescheduled for next week due to weather conditions, mechanical and/or technical difficulties and are being revisited to finalize the CCTV Cleaning and Inspection process.
Please note: Sewer inspections scheduled for 10/29 and 10/30 are contingent upon favorable weather conditions.
Please note: There is no night work scheduled next week.
Thanks much, and please let me know if you have questions regarding this work.
Have a great and safe weekend, All!
Emanuel D. Briggs |Manager, Community Outreach, External Affairs | District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority |
5000 Overlook Avenue, SW | Washington, DC 20032 | (202) 787-2003 | (202) 341-7952 (cell) | (202) 787-4122 (fax)
Water is Life! | Web | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Flickr