Friday, July 28, 2006

eleanor holmes norton

via dcist here is Steven Colberts interview with our representative.

click play on the youtube window.

the old sand filtration plant

everytime i pass by this place after the weeds have been cut i think that i wish this was a public park. considering the state of public areas in bloomingdale this may not be wise, but its such a fascinating looking place and its got a great view.

but, it is in motion to be developed in some way. here is some recent info:

For Immediate Release
July 27,2006

The National Capital Revitalization Corporation Releases Anticipated Public Solicitation for a Land Development Partner for McMillan Development

Washington, DC— 120 days after Mayor Williams announced the transfer of the 25-acre McMillan Sand Filtration site to The National Capital Revitalization Corporation (NCRC), the development corporation in keeping with its promise, released a public solicitation online today.

The solicitation, which is available at, details NCRC’s search for an accomplished land development team with whom it will partner to conduct predevelopment and land-use planning and analysis for the land development phase of the project.

“We’re looking to partner with the best of the best,” says NCRC President and CEO Anthony C. Freeman. “McMillan is a historically significant site that will require the complex marriage of art and science to deliver a world-class development.”

NCRC’s overall development strategy will mirror development objectives that arose from previous community workshops and charrettes held by the DC Office of Planning. Open, green space, mixed income housing, commercial and retail developments are all intended options. The corporation has met with and shared details of the development process with the communities surrounding the site, and will continue to engage residents throughout the development process.

As master planner, NCRC will be able to move McMillan to market more quickly. Another benefit of this model is Local, Small and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (LSDBEs) will have more opportunities to participate in the project. This solicitation includes a mandate for LSDBE equity participation and procurement opportunities, a policy which will be maintained throughout all phases of the project. We also anticipate there being associated capacity building initiatives for local and small businesses.

NCRC is looking to transform McMillan into a mixed-use, medium density community within a community that respects the character of bordering neighborhoods—while embracing the site’s historical integrity as much as possible. The establishment of an equity partnership with Morgan Stanley substantiates NCRC’s ability to take on sizeable projects such as McMillan through public/private ventures.

"This site is one of the District's premier development opportunities. I'm excited that NCRC is moving forward on this project, which will create a variety of neighborhood amenities for all District residents," says Mayor Anthony Willilams. "I look forward to the day when the McMillan Sand Filtration site becomes an active and vibrant part of the city's landscape."

The National Capital Revitalization Corporation (NCRC) is a publicly chartered corporation charged with spurring the revitalization of underserved and emerging neighborhoods in the District of Columbia. This is accomplished through large scale strategic business and real estate development partnerships that build communities, enhance job creation, provide neighborhood amenities, and generate capacity for small businesses. The RLA Revitalization Corporation (RLARC) is a subsidiary of NCRC charged with the management and development of a portfolio of more than 80 parcels of real property located in the District of Columbia. Together with its affiliate, NCRC has attracted $1 billion in private-sector investments to District neighborhoods with another $1Billion in the pipeline.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Friday, July 21, 2006

Crispus Attucks Work & Play Day in the Park!!!

Crispus Attucks Work & Play Day in the Park!!!

Saturday, July 22, 2006
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Enter via Alley at U Street/V Street/North Capitol/First Streets NW

Please join us in the Park for our July “Work & Play Day”. This month we are continuing with the Park Beautification Plan.

Here are some of the items we hope to complete:
Installing the Doggie Comfort Station for our Furry Friends
Meet Neighbors
Finish Removing the Chain-link Fence on the East End
Create Community
Begin Installation of 6 x 6 timbers on the East End of the Park
Get a Great Work Out
Trim and Remove Brush around concrete pad and South End
Picnic with New Friends
Dig/Expose Water Line for Water Meter
For additional information contact Austin Neal, Phone 202.281.8019/Email

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Emery Shelter update

from the eckington listserve from eartha issac

I am happy to report that effective July 1, 2006, the Emery Shelter was downsized to a 100 bed working men’s program. Currently, 97 men live in the facility, including:

33 residents who are enrolled in the Therapeutic Rehabilitation Program (TRP);

52 men who are in the work program: and

12 individuals who are either physically or mentally disabled or elderly.

As you are aware the Eckington Civic Association (ECA) made addressing problems and safety risks associated with the inappropriate co-location of the Emery Emergency Shelter with Emery Elementary School, and adjacent to a youth recreation center, a priority of our 2004/2005 workplan. You may recall that ECA initially became concerned about the Emery Shelter when residents reported that the MPD website listed the 1700 block of Lincoln Road NE as the residence of 3 convicted sex offenders, including a child molester.

After visiting the shelter and being informed that the management could not confirm whether any sex offenders were living in the shelter, and after being unconvinced that there was an acceptable screening process to prevent sex offenders from residing next to a school and youth recreation center, ECA launched an education/lobbying/negotiation strategy that has resulted in the relocation of emergency shelter services from the Emery facility.

Now after two years of focused, persistent work on this issue, ECA and our supporters (Bates Area Civic Association, PSA 501, and North Capitol Main Streets, Inc.) have brought about changes that area residents have asked for for almost 18 years.

Although, ultimately, ECA believes that as a matter of social policy, the Emery location is an inappropriate site for delivering homeless services, we were willing to work with government and other stakeholders on an interim plan.

This is a win-win for the community, for working homeless men, and for the government, which needs to demonstrate the ability to assist homeless men achieve greater independence.

To everyone who did some "lifting" on this heartfelt thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

issues from the bloomingdale community newsletter

two topics from the newsletter than i find interesting.

1. why does petworth have more going on business-wise than bloomingdale?

2.Is the neighborhood heading backwards?

Saturday, July 08, 2006

the reason for my absence

i was away for the past three weeks, and i have photographic proof

in the past i had compared an area of beirut to bloomingdale in its transitional state of gentrification

that neighborhood has skyrocketed and is now the place to be. unlike our beloved bloomingdale. bars. shops. restaurants. the tiny street of gemayzeh is jam packed. quite astonishing. things seems to change much faster in beirut. well physical change, anyway. and oh yeah, luxury condos are going up in this quaint low rise historic area. plus its safe.

coming back to bloomingdale, i see that we still dont have a restaurant. no bars. no public places for families. i see the drug dealers. i see litterers and trash. i read about the recent murder and other muggings. i see men sleeping on the streets. i hear people yelling at the top of there lungs. i see guys sitting on the curb all day long. i see others on their stoop drinking all day long. i read that a candidates car got torched. a female neighbor just got assaulted by three kids on bikes in front of my house.

at least my neighbors are still great.

Friday, July 07, 2006


I've been away for the past few weeks, though i had heard of the flooding and the rain.
I didnt get flooded but my house smells pretty damp. I also had a leak that cause damage to part of my ceiling.

And most sadly, I have come home to the news that Maurice Darnaby was murdered inside of his A&L market. My prayers to his family.