Monday, May 31, 2010

mugging Saturday night, 5-30-2010, at 1st & T St NW

See this message received Sunday evening, May 30, 2010:

I own a house on Bates Street NW. I have had wonderful European tenants who were working on the Hill on human rights issues. As of last night, (Saturday) three young men have been mugged and beaten by teens who then robbed them. These three muggings and robberies happened over the past two to three weeks. Police were called two of the three times. I think the other two assaults were in the south side closer to New York Avenue.

Michele, the Dutch student, is now in the hospital with his jaw broken in three places and missing teeth from a mugging last night at First and T Streets NW. He has a concussion. It was nighttime. The other two muggings were on North Capitol Street in broad daylight. They were due to depart for Europe tomorrow after what they described as a great experience in Washington. Instead, Michele has to undergo surgery on (Memorial Day). I am very sad about this.

Please warn others in the neighborhood of what is happening, so they can be more vigilant. Where are the police?

responsible, friendly overnight pet sitter available

Reliable, responsible overnight pet sitter available to take care of your beloved four-legged friend. I will give your pet all the attention and affection it deserves while you are out of town.

Will also bring in your mail, feed fish, and water plants. I would be glad to interview with you and your pet.

Rate: $45/night for one pet and $60/night for two pets.

Serving the pets of Bloomingdale/LeDroit Park/Shaw/Columbia Heights.

Contact Ashley at .

ceiling fan installation special from Bloomingdale resident & electrician Wayne Johnson

It`s that time of Year for the ceiling fans special ! Get Two Ceiling Fans installed and get the third one at Half off. Only by phone appt. (202) 907- 6163.

Make your appt. for Summer Panel Check (Maintenance) Only by phone Appt.


Your Truly Bloomingdale Electrician

Wayne Johnson

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Open Houses in and around Bloomingdale scheduled for 05/30/2010

People tend to be distracted on Memorial Day weekend, so it's not surprising that there are not a whole lot of scheduled Open Houses. Here is the list for Sunday. Here is the map with the same info. Note that you can scroll over the push pins on the map and it will show you the info about that particular open house.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Open Houses in and around Bloomingdale for 05/23/2010

Looking to buy or move in the neighborhood? Here is the list of open houses in and around Bloomingdale for Sunday 5/23/2010. Here is the same information plotted on a map. Scroll over the pushpins on the map to get info on each listing.

lots of development activity up and down 1st Str NW

From a resident on the 100 block of Randolph Place NW:

Couldn't help but notice the surge of development activity along 1st St. NW this week (just got back from a walk this a.m.)...

The new dry cleaners on the northeast corner of 1st and Seaton NW is nearly done -- getting a coat of paint even as I write. [moderator note: This address would be 1831 1st Street NW.]

I'm virtually certain I saw some construction types going in and out of Baraki-to-be early this week at 1st and T NW.

Today, I saw work beginning on the ugly old red shell adjacent to Baraki to the south [moderator note: I believe that this address is 1837 1st St NW, owned by a Bloomingdale resident].

And work has begun on the long-dormant, newly fenced red house on the northeast corner of 1st and Randolph NW.

guilty plea in 12/3/2010 Pepco worker shooting outside of Windows Cafe at 1st & R I Ave NW

See this news item from the Washington Post:

Guilty plea in shooting of Pepco worker

On the night of Dec. 3, as a Pepco crew tried to restore power in the 1900 block of First Street NW, a resident of the area walked by and didn`t like the way one crew member made eye contact with him, according to evidence presented in court by prosecutors Friday.

The resident started a fight, but the worker subdued him, and the resident left, according to the government evidence presented in D.C. Superior Court.

In a statement, prosecutors said evidence showed that the following events then occurred:

The resident returned, with a .22 caliber pistol. He yelled about finding the worker he had fought. The worker had taken refuge inside a large Pepco truck at the behest of his colleagues. But the door to the truck was open.

A co-worker stepped in to close the door.

A shot was fired. The co-worker was hit in the back of his head.

On Friday, the U.S. attorney`s office said, Marlo Johnson,17, who was charged as an adult, pleaded guilty to aggravated assault while armed in connection with the incident.
Sentencing was scheduled for August.

--Mary Pat Flaherty

By Terri Rupar May 21, 2010; 10:36 PM ET

Friday, May 21, 2010

DC campaign poster regulations from DC BOEE

Okay, let's get this out now as the DC campaign season heats up.

This brief message was posted at the LeDroit Park list by Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham regarding the erection of campaign posters:

The law allows signs on lamp posts and traffic signals.

No more than 3 signs on 1 side of a street within 1 block.

Here are the rules:

dedication of Bloomingdale Court

From ANC 5C04 Commmissioner John Salatti:

WE ARE ON THE MAP!!!!! Open invitation to neighbors to the dedication of DC's newest street: Bloomingdale Court -- Saturday, May 22, 2010.

This Saturday is a very big day for Bloomingdale. During the day, we have the Mt. Bethel Baptist Church Health & Fitness Fair and the Bloomingdale Neighborhood Yard Sale in Crispus Attucks Park.
That evening we will see the very first community camping evening in Crispus Attucks Park (complete with police escort). Please enjoy all those events, and while you are out mingling with neighbors, buying stuff, or picking up sage advice about healthy cooking, please stop in to another major event.

At 11:30, the residents of DC's newest street and I will be dedicating the opening of Bloomingdale Court. After an almost three year effort, we have gone from conceiving the idea of naming the alley that has five residences in it to actually working a bill through the City Council, getting all the logistics through the web of multiple District agencies, and now dedicating the new street. So we have invited several council people (Chair Vince Gray has officially accepted), the Mayor (he may come but will definitely have representatives), DC government staff who were critical to helping our effort, and now you. Yes, you! No celebration like this would be complete without neighbors.

So again, please come out to Bloomingdale Court (the 100 blocks of U and V Streets NW and the 2000 blocks of 1st Street and Flagler Place) this Saturday about 11:30. We will have a bit of ceremony and some refreshments.

Please come and celebrate with us!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 2010 Community Meeting

Below is tonight`s ANC 5C agenda for the ANC 5C community meeting at Catholic University at 7pm.

We hope to see you there.

Also, I`d like to say we really appreciate everyone`s commitment and involvement in this process with the Big Bear Cafe's Class C Restaurant alcohol license.

The more everyone can show respect and openness to one another`s ideas the better. The ANC 5C commission as a whole is working hard to ensure the decisions we make together are the right decisions, and we encourage a positive discussion where people`s concerns can be heard and addressed.

Again, thank you for commitment and patience.

We have a lot to look forward to.

Stuart Davenport


Tuesday, May 18, 2010 Catholic University, Pryzbyla Center

7:00 pm -9:00 pm 620 Michigan Avenue, NE

AGENDA (updated)

May 2010 Community Meeting

ANC5C participants are invited to bring suggestions and recommendations for community improvement to the meeting. However, please observe simply courtesies at all times -- wait to be recognized before speaking and do not speak over others or while others have the floor.Please limit your comments to give others a chance for expression. Following the Commissioners’ comments, members of the community will be recognized to speak. The Sergeant-at-Arms shall maintain public order during the meeting. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Part I: Administrative 7:05 pm

1. Call to Order .………………………………………… Commissioner Bonds, Chairman

2. Roll Call ...................…………………………………. Commissioner Edwards, Vice Chairman

3. Approval of the Minutes: 4-17-10 and 5-11-10 ……… Commissioner Grant, Recording Secretary

4. Community Comments ……………………………… Moderated by Commissioner Ransom

Part II: Outstanding Business

1. Review of Recent Action at COW Meeting of 5-11-10 …………… Commissioner Pinkney

Grants approved:

-- Metroball Program -- $5000

-- Byte Back Computer Program --$5000

-- Hanover Association Beautification Project -- $3902.13

Revised Support Letter for curb-cut at 1237 First Street (reference: 46 N St, NW)

Letter of Support to Friends of Edgewood Recreation Center

2. Grant Request: Eckington Historic Brochure Addendum ……… Commissioner Pinkney

3. Report of Grants Committee w/revisions ……… Commissioners Wright and Grant, Co-Chairs

-- Changes in Guidelines

-- Status of Outstanding Grants

-- Grants in Good Standing

-- Delinquent Grant Reports

4. Status of Replacement Plans for Closed Safeway ……………… Commissioner Phillips

Part III: New Business 7:45 pm

1. Big Bear Café ABRA Application Status and Vote ………………. Commissioner Edwards

2. Howard U. Campus Plan Filing Extension Request (from 6-10 to 6-11) … Commissioner Daneker

Part IV: Executive Session 8:30 pm

1. Treasurer’s Report ………………………………………………………… Commissioner Day, Treasurer

2. Pay Bills ……………………………… Commissioners Day and Commissioner Daneker, Financial Secretary

3. Agenda Plans for June 20 Meeting ………………………………………... Commissioners

---- Meeting Adjourn ---

Reminder: All Grantees must submit financial reports every 60 days through grant duration.

The 2010 grants season began March 16, 2010.

big bear liquor license

there is a meeting tonight concerning Big Bear's application to serve alcohol.
Tuesday, May 18, 2010
7:30pm - 9:00pm
 Catholic University - Pryzbyla Center
620 Michigan Avenue

Monday, May 17, 2010

no Bloomingdale Civic Association meeting tonight (Monday, 5-17-2010)

See this 5-16-2010 message from Robert Brannum, President, Bloomingdale Civic Association:

The monthly meeting of the Bloomingdale Civic Association scheduled for May 17, 2010 will be rescheduled.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Open Houses in and around Bloomingdale for 05/16/2010

I was out with Buyer clients today around the neighborhood and saw a good range of active listings. Several of them are open on Sunday. The list can be found here. The same information is shown on a map here. Note that you can scroll over the push pins on the map and get the info on each listing.

Friday, May 14, 2010

soliciting 1st St NW yards for sculpture for the 8/7/2010 North Capitol Main Street 1st on First Art + Music Walk

See this message from Pat Mitchell, President, North Capitol Main Street, Inc.:

2nd Annual 1st on
First - Art+Music Walk

Band Playing @ The Bear

Where & When
Along First Street, NW
(Between Fla & RI Avenues NW)
First Saturday
August 7, 2010

A Call for Yards
From North Capitol Main Street

... Get ready for the second annual 1st on First- Art + Music Walk 2010!

It's that time of year again... the dog days of summer will be upon us before we know it. But there's a light at the end of that long, hot, muggy tunnel--North Capitol Main Street is once again partnering up with The Pink Line Project to bring you our second annual Art+Music Walk on Saturday, August 7. (First Saturday) And we need YOU to make this event complete!

North Capitol Main Street is now recruiting First Street residents between R and Rhode Island NW, and we're looking for 15-25 houses. If you're willing to "host" a sculpture in your front yard from late July through the month of August, we'll cover the cost of insurance and The Pink Line Project will select and install the sculptures. All you need to do is admire "your new" art as you walk by... and be prepared for a bit more attention than you're used to.

Have you just finished some great landscaping out front or a maybe new paint job or is your front yard already the envy of the block? This is your chance to show it off--along with the work of a local artist!

Bigger & Better
First St. Yard Art "Gallery"

Last year's Art + Music Walk attracted 400+ people from Bloomingdale and beyond, raising the visibility of the neighborhood and local businesses District-wide.

Please help make our second annual 1st on First Art + Music Walk an even bigger success by playing a fun role in this festive event!

Interested or have questions? Contact Juli at ASAP, ideally by Friday, May 28th.

North Capitol Main Street
1703 North Capitol Street, NE
Washington, D.C., 20002

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Urgent: Can you help us keep the annual Yard Sale alive?

From John Corea, Bloomingdale resident and President, Crispus Attucks Development Corporation:
Hello Friends of Crispus Attucks Park!

I hope you'll take just a second to send me a quick response to this email.

The planning committee for the big annual Community Yard Sale lost some key volunteers this year, and we're now seriously behind in our efforts to promote the event and sign up people who want to sell at this year's sale.

So we have 2 simple questions:

1) Are there volunteers out there who can help over the next 4 or 5 days (mainly delivering flyers), or on the day of the yard sale (Saturday May 22nd)?

2) Do you think you'd like to sell at this year's yard sale?

Please respond as soon as you can to jacorea, or 202- 550-2631. If there is enough interest from both volunteers and potential sellers, then we'll be able to keep the neighborhood tradition alive for a 7th consecutive year. But if we don't hear from enough people by this Thursday or Friday, we'll have to cancel the event.

Please forward this to neighbors and friends who you think might be interested. To get the yard sale flyer or registration form, go to

Thanks very much!


John Corea, President
Crispus Attucks Development
202- 550- 2631

LeDroit Park-Bloomingdale Heritage Trail working group meeting tonight

See this Email from LeDroit Park resident Eric Fidler:

On Tue, May 11, 2010 at 11:38 PM, Eric Fidler wrote:


You’ve seen them around DC. Those tall signs with historic photos and narratives explaining what happened in that neighborhood 70 or 200 years ago. Several neighborhoods in DC have heritage trails, courtesy of Cultural Tourism DC.

We in LeDroit Park and Bloomingdale are on our way to getting our very own heritage trail, but the LeDroit Park-Bloomingdale Heritage Trail Working Group needs your help.

The Working Group will meet Wednesday, May 12 at 7 pm at St. George’s Episcopal Church (Second & U Streets NW) to collect stories, old photos, and to plan how to interview our neighborhoods’ long-time residents.

All the material we collect will be used to plan the heritage trail that will lead through the neighborhood.

Do you have an old photo or an old story to tell or are you interested in local history? LeDroit Park has hosted many notable residents from Civil War generals, to Duke Ellington, to Walter Washington, and even Jesse Jackson!

Come join us Wednesday night and learn how you can help.

Wednesday, May 12
7 pm
St. George’s Episcopal Church
Second & U Streets NW


Monday, May 10, 2010

bathroom remodeling contractors

See this request from a Flagler Place NW resident:

A big project that I have for the summer is remodeling the bathroom, so I am looking for references on bathroom remodeling contractors. Price isn't too much of a concern, the biggest concern is that they do a good job and left their clients feeling satisfied. We plan on having the toilet and sink replaced, floor tiles replaced as well as the lower portion of the wall tile replaced. Any recommendations on decent contractors, or even a decent place to buy tiles/fixtures would be appreciated.

Friday, May 07, 2010

join the LeDroit Park/Bloomingdale Heritage Trail Working Group

See this message from Bloomingdale resident Cassandra Costley:

Come make history with the LeDroit Park/Bloomingdale Heritage Trail Working Group!

You are invited to join the LeDroit Park/Bloomingdale Heritage Trail Working Group on Wednesday, May 12, 7 pm at St. George's Episcopal Church (160 U St., NW).

Find out what a Heritage Trail is, what progress has been made on the LeDroit Park/Bloomingdale Heritage Trail, and how you can help. Bring your input, your stories, your photographs, and your neighbors!

Share this message with friends, neighbors, former residents, community organizations, churches, businesses, and everyone else who has a story to tell about LeDroit Park and Bloomingdale, or an interest in helping to shape the Heritage Trail. All are welcome!
For more information on the LeDroit Park/Bloomingdale Heritage Trail effort, contact Cassandra Costley at 202.462-3737 or You may also send relevant information or photos to LeDroit Park/Bloomingdale Heritage Trail Working Group, c/o Cassandra Costley 2006 First St, NW Washington, DC 20001.

To learn more about the Washington, DC Neighborhood Heritage Trails Program, contact Jane Freundel Levey at Cultural Tourism DC: 202- 661- 7581.

District of Columbia Neighborhood Heritage Trails are developed by neighborhood working groups and the nonprofit Cultural Tourism DC with funding by the District Department of Transportation, the Washington Convention and Sports Authority, and the U.S. Federal Highway Administration.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

North Capitol Main Street receives grant from Cafritz Foundation

See this North Capitol Main Street announcement from President Pat Mitchell:


Major DC Foundation Makes Investment in North Capitol Corridor

Washington, DC—May 4, 2010

North Capitol Main Street, Inc. (NCMS) announced today that it has been awarded a $20,000 grant from The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation. The Cafritz Foundation gift—the most significant grant from a private foundation in NCMS history—will help to sustain the organization’s economic revitalization agenda for the North Capitol corridor in 2010.

“The support of the Cafritz Foundation comes at a critical time for NCMS, as we work to expand our base of funding to ensure the future of our programs,” said NCMS President Patricia Ellis Mitchell. “The North Capitol corridor has so much promise, and
this significant investment by one of DC’s most prominent foundations is a vote of confidence in the future of our neighborhood—and in North Capitol Main Street’s ability to make a difference.”

The funds from the Cafritz Foundation will enhance the organization’s capacity to promote and support area businesses and the community through programs underwriting aesthetic enhancements, cultural activities highlighting the neighborhood, and technical assistance. The grant will also catalyze efforts to define a cohesive “identity” for the area.

Founded in 1948, the Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life for residents of the Washington, DC area. The largest private, independent, local foundation focused exclusively on the D.C. metropolitan area, the foundation has made awards totaling more than $314 million since 1970. In the last 10 years, $169 million has been awarded to more than 960 organizations in the areas of Community Services, Arts and Humanities, Education, Health and the Environment. North Capitol Main Street was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2003 to revitalize the North Capitol corridor by investing in its commercial district.

Designated an official “Main Street” program and funded by the DC Department of Small and Local Business Development in 2008, NCMS promotes economic revitalization for the benefit of the community through initiatives to highlight local businesses, strengthen businesses through information and training, and improve the safety and aesthetics of the corridor.

CONTACT: Jonathan Taylor
Executive Director
North Capitol Main
Street, Inc.


seeking referrals for porch removal and installation

See this request from a Flagler Place NW resident:

I was curious if there were any references for porch repairs, remodeling. I am interested is basically taking out my current porch and replacing it with something a little more tasteful and with curb appeal. I was thinking about building a tongue and groove style porch. Any recommendations?

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

referrals for carpet installation

See this request from a 1st Street NW condominium resident:

Wanted: Referral for Carpet Installation

Our condo association will install new carpeting on a common area stairway and hallway. The job is a relatively small one (+/- 100 sq.ft.). If anyone has recommendations or past experience installing carpeting, please feel free to email me your referral (or non-referral) at Thank you!!

when are the best dates & times for summer safety walks?

From a resident on R Street NW:
I have been working with Commissioner Salatti to set up the next round of safety walks for Bloomingdale. I was wondering if you could please post a link to our survey on the list serv so we have some data on when would be the best dates/times to the summer safety walks? The link for the survey is: .

credit cards fraudulently used

From a 1st Street NW resident:

In the past week, the credit cards of both my housemate and I have been fraudulently used on opposite ends of the coast. Neither of us lost or misplaced our cards at anytime, so we`re pretty confident the card numbers were copied from some commercial establishment. It`s very possible that the cards were copied months ago, but if it occurred more recently chances are fairly high that it happened out of one of the neighborhood stores, in which case I`d suspect that others on this list have been or may be hit as well. Keep an eye out!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A/C for a basement

See this request from a 2nd Street NW resident:

I would like to install some easy A/C in the basement unit of my house. The windows are too small for a window unit, so I think my options are either (a) a mobile (rolling) A/C unit, or (b) one of those rather flat, wall-mounted A/C units. My problem is that there isn't a window to run an exhaust or water disposal hose. So what do I do? Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

seeking a dog trainer

See this request from a Florida Avenue NW resident:

I am looking for a recommendation for a really good dog trainer who could work with all types of dogs -- including aggressive dogs.

Monday, May 03, 2010

request not to park in the firehouse driveway

See this message from LeDroit Park resident Brian Brown:

We know that a number of residents in the area have been parking in the private driveway of the Firehouse located on North Capitol and Quincy Place NW.

We want to make all residents aware of the fact that we are and will be actively accessing the firehouse on a regular if not daily basis. This includes non-business hours, so please do not use the driveway as a parking lot. The driveway is posted and we will be forced to ticket and tow any unauthorized cars who park there with no notice. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

at 69 S St NW: Meet & Greet for Kenyan McDuffie, candidate for Ward 5 -- Thursday, May 6, 2010

See this invitation from Bloomingdale resident Edgardo Guerrero:

Bloomingdale neighbors:

Kenyan McDuffie, candidate for Councilmember DC Ward 5, will participate in a neighborhood ‘Meet and Greet’ this coming Thursday, May 6 at 7:00 p.m. Your neighbors Ed and Pedro at 69 S Street NW will host the event.

Mr. McDuffie’s candidacy reflects his commitment to positively transform Ward Five’s future by focusing on education and jobs, community health & fitness, financial literacy and first-rate, responsive constituent services.

Come meet the candidate and share your vision for Bloomingdale and Ward 5.

Visit Kenyan’s website at .

"Tactile Dinner" at Big Bear Cafe: 5/13-5/15/2010

See this 5/1/2010 message from Niell DuVal, Producer/Technical Director of banished? productions:

Would you consider posting our upcoming show we're doing at Big Bear Cafe? Here are the details, including a ticket-buying link, a Washington Post review from last summer, and a photo.

Many thanks.

Producer/Technical Director
banished? productions

Last year's off-the-map, Capfringe hit is back! Featuring new synaesthetic "menus", captivating visuals and choreography, come ready to feast on a sensory experience!

"As experiential theater goes, this effort, by the D.C.-based banished? productions and artistic director Carmen C. Wong makes for a giddy little refreshment." --The Washington Post

Tickets & More info:
Questions or food concerns: or call 202-329-3069

@ Big Bear Café
1700 1st St NW
Thu 05/13: 8:00pm
Fri 05/14: 7:30pm
Sat 05/15: 7:00pm & 9:30pm
Run time: Approximately 60 minutes

Long View Gallery
1234 9th St NW
Sun 05/16: 5:00pm & 7:30pm
Mon 05/17: 7:00pm & 9:30pm
Run time: Approximately 75 minutes
We truly appreciate your tax-deductible donations! Help us make avant-pop happen:

This, that and the other news:

Our facebook page:

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Open Houses in and around Bloomingdale for 05/01/2010

Here is the list of open houses in and around Bloomingdale for Sunday, and here is a map of the same open houses. You can scroll over the pushpins on the map and get info on each of the open houses.

The Federal Housing Tax Credit deadline has passed, as of 4/30, but if you've been looking, it may be a good weekend to get back out there and see if the competition has dimished for the time being.