Thursday, November 29, 2007

plant a tree, get money

just saw this
"Fall is a great time to plant trees. And because large canopy trees provide extraordinary environmental and community benefits, Casey Trees and the District Department of the Environment (DDOE) have teamed up to offer a rebate of up to $50 to individuals who plant a tree on private property in DC in the fall of 2007."

over at righteous (re) style


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i had mentioned that grainer was replacing the united cash and carry place on florida avenue. looks likes its moving along.

a pop up in eckington

a pop up in eckington
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Holiday Tree Lighting

Dear Friends of Crispus Attucks Park,

Please join us for a
Holiday Tree Lighting
in Crispus Attucks Park
Sunday December 2, 2007
4:30 p.m.

Join us for a mug* of hot cider as we light up the tree

*BYOM (Bring Your Own Mug)

Everyone is encouraged to bring some holiday goodies – cookies, cake, gingerbread…
Questions? Email
or call 202-550-2631

Crispus Attucks Park
is located in the courtyard surrounded by U, 1st, V, and North Capitol Streets NW. The access is through the alley entrances, and the closest entrance will be on U Street just below the corner of 1st & U for the tree lighting.

north cap and florida

Urban metro diary has got a story about the proposed development of the vacant lot at the intersection of North capitol and florida avenue nw.

look here.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

home repair/ renovation suggestions?

I have some renovation/ repair projects that i'm working on. Anyone care to share the names of contractors that they have worked with that they liked?

specifically i need:

- a roofer
- a new full bath
- an electrician

please email me at: if you can help out.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Last Bloomingdale Farmers' Market of the Season

Last Market Day Till 08

We have had a great first year in Bloomingdale and with your support we can look forward to many more years of locally grown produce, free range meats, eggs and top shelf baked goods.

Our market is small but every one of our producers is simply outstanding. We get unique items that can't be found in some of the larger markets.

We have a very special market location, within walking distance for most people, with a shaded park and, of course, the Big Bear.

Every Sunday since June we have closed the 100 block of R street NW to cars and opened it up to the neighborhood. A weelky block party with something for everyone.

Babies in strollers to octogenarians, every race and life style, dogs and their pet humans, all at market, all having fun.

Live music by DOS, the Haitian Boys Choir and our free pig roast were a real crowd pleasers.

LOCAL, GREEN and HEALTHLY . When you buy locally you strengthen the area economy in a green manner. The reduction of green house gases by shorter transporting and multiple warehousing. Smaller impact on resources because market products aren't repacked many times before they arrive to the consumer. Many Market goers took the extra step of bring reusable bags to market, something we will really push next season.

Healthy produce, meats and baked goods and they all have tasted sooooooooooo good!

If you have enjoyed the Bloomingdale Farmers Market and want it back next year this is your chance to sound off. Please e-mail me with your market story and I will compile all your comments to pass along to the people that make the decisions.

Thanks for your support.

ted mcginn

Dear Friends of the Bloomingdale Farmers Market:

Please join us for the LAST MARKET of the 2007 season this Sunday and gather your Thanksgiving goodies so that you can cook up a table filled with our regions wonderful local foods, baked and boiled, braised and sauteed, stir fried and roasted.

Local Bloomingdale baker Aisha Bond will have her sweet potato pie,bread pudding, buttermilk pecan pies and brownies for your Thanksgiving feasts. ( They freeze very well)

Blueberry Hill has holiday wreaths from their own flowers.
Greens to braise and saute and stirfry: collards, kale, spinach, chard, Tat Soi, Bok Choy,
Salads, lettuce mixes, endive, arugula, mesclun,
Brussels sprouts loose and on the stalk to bake and saute (DON'T boil them!)
Green and Purple Broccoli
White, Purple and Cheddar Cheese Cauliflower
Yukon Gold and Fingerling Potatoes to bake, boil or mash
Winter Squash: Butternut, Acorn, Carnival, varieties to mash, puree, roast or make into soup
Breadline's bags of bread and cornbread for stuffing
Lamb and pork sausages, bacon and ham to season your stuffing and brussels sprouts
20 varieties of apples to eat, bake or make into sauce
Pears to poach in red wine or mulled cider
Fresh herbs
Baby Turnips to braise in butter or roast or mash
Jade Green beans
Ciders to mull

Reid has tables and tables of eating and cooking apples, Asian pears,bartletts, bosc, apple butter, apple sauce, pumpkin pear butter, fruit sauces, jams and their famous ciders: apple. apple-cherry, pear.

Lots of meadow- raised Lamb fron New Asbury Farms and Truck Patch's Pastured Pork to stock your fridges.

And of course, we will have lots of recipes to inspire you.

Bloomingdale Farmers' Market
Sunday November 18
First and R Streets NW (between Rhode Island and North Cap)
10-2 pm

We welcome WiC and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition coupon.

Robin and Ted

Robin Shuster
Markets & More, LLC
Director, Mount Pleasant Local Food Market
14 & U Farmers Market
1318 Wallach Place NW
Washington, DC 20009
The Bloomingdale Farmers' Market:
June 17- November 18th, 2007
Rain or Shine
Sundays, 10-2
First and R Streets NW
right next to the new Big Bear Cafe

We welcome WIC and CSFP Senior Farmers Market Coupons.

last bloomingdale farmers market for the year.

this sunday.
first and r nw.

please come out and support the farmers market for its last sunday of the season.
the more support we give the market, the more vendors will be interested in setting up.

lets at least make sure that the ones currently setting up will be back next year.

Friday, November 16, 2007

something happening?

i noticed that the windows were being replaced in the perma-stoned old jumbo slice building on north capitol at florida. anybody know whats up?

theres another building a block down that just got an addition put on too. lets hope we see some commercial tenants in these structures.

roof line on first street.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bloomingdale Holiday Art Market at the Big Bear Cafe!

Bloomingdale Holiday Art Market at the Big Bear Cafe!
Saturday, December 1, 3-9pm
Arts, crafts, hot cider, fun!

DC artists, designers, and craftspeople will be selling their creations at the Big Bear Cafe on December 1st.
Please come and check it out.

Please Help Us Spread the Word!

big bear, hot off the presses

our own Big Bear Cafe gets some hot press action in the posts food section.

Long, long ago, before Starbucks ruled the world, coffee shops were real community spots with mismatched furniture, friendly faces and drinks that you could order without resorting to such phrases as "half-caf skinny with wings."

Big Bear Cafe, which opened in June in Bloomingdale, is a throwback to the B.S. era.



87FLORIDA presents The Music of Michael Bowie Nov 16-17-18

This prominent jazz artist and former member of Manhattan Transfer incorporates strings in his pre-CD release trio of seated performances in 87FLORIDA's intimate setting amid the art* ...

FRI nov 16 7-8:30
SA nov 17 7-8:30
SU nov 18 4:30-5

10.00 at the door

* "Blue Moons, Yellow Cows, Green Tambourines" by Michael Gibbs remains up through Nov. 18th. These lush digital giclee images framed in metal sculpture are from a handmade book, and were inspired by rock and jazz lyrics...

Come for a cocktail and a memorable combined experience...

Urban Art Space With A Mission
87 Florida Avenue N.W.
WDC 20001
Ceci Cole McInturff, Artist/Owner

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Help Bloomingdale's Orphans


Cats and kittens rescued from the mean streets of DC could be yours!
more pictures here

Please call Marty King at 202.529.8899
if interested.

a good example of a pop-up

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i think this one is on second street nw.
i like whats happening here.

If i ever added another floor to my house.. which i would if i had the money.....i'd try to do it like this.

while the bad examples are numerous, i think pop ups can be nice and intergrate smoothly with the architecture of the building.

The turretted one on the SW corner of First and Seaton NW is nice. and i just saw one at lincoln and todd ne that was barely noticable from the street.
World Missions EXTENSION Center
The Metropolitan Police Department & Friends

Will sponsor: Saturday, November 17th, 2007
at 10:00am

The Biggest Thanksgiving Basket
Give-away Rally in DC!

At this rally,
We will also register children to receive
At our
December 15th Rally

Children must be present with a parent in order for the parent to register them for toys/gifts!

Where: World Missions For Christ Church
1720 First St. NW
Corner of first and Randolph Place and First St. NW.
(Bring this flier with you to speed up registration)

Friends: Harry "Tommy" Thomas Jr, DC City Councilmember, Ward 5
GRACE Community Church
McLean Bible Church
Church of the Resurrection Anglican Mission in America
Christian Baptist Church
New City Fellowship Church
ANC-5C06 Commissioner Mary L. Farmer-Allen
Randolph Place Neighbors
National Cathedral School-ABLE Club
St. Albans School/VOP
The House of Prayer Lively Stones Band
The McKinley Technology High School
Beaver Press

See you there, and come early to beat the crowd!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

mark your calendars! Saturday December 1. 3-9 PM at the Big Bear

for bloomingdales first holiday art's market.
DC artists and crafts people and designers.

keep an eye out for more info!

Gage School

Gage School
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wasa at the November 19th Bloomingdale Civic Association

WASA will have representatives at the November 19th Bloomingdale Civic Association Meeting to provide updates on

Combined Sewer Overflow activities and Bloomingdale infrastructure improvements.

The Civic Association meets at St. Georges Church, 2nd & U Street, NW
at 7 pm. Please come out for the updates!

For more information, please contact Aleizha Batson in WASA's Office
of Public Affairs at 202-787-2200.

Aleizha Batson

DC Water and Sewer Authority

Office of Public Affairs

5000 Overlook Ave, SW

Washington, DC 20032

(202) 787-2202 office

(202) 787-2210 fax

on the bloomingdale farmers market

A resident of Bloomingdale has expressed frustration with the cost of produce and impacted parking conditions caused by the Bloomingdale Farmers Market. It was all abuzz on the bloomingdale and eckington email chains.

In Shaw has posted about it, with numerous comments

Does it seem that whenever there is a community concern in denser neighborhoods in DC someone pulls out the "move to the suburbs" line? Every so often its, " move back to iowa" or something like that.

I dont get it. Does our community actually expect people to up and move because they dont like something?

Now, i LOVE the Bloomingdale Farmers Market. In my short 4+ years in the neighborhood, nothing has created such community and been so pleasant. I hope it lasts and grows. I try to promote it on this blog and with my cash.

Still, i dont think a healthy tactic is to attack or say, "Deal with it" to people that have issues. some have suggested that they even sell their car.

I think the best way is to illustrate how beneficial the market is, not how mean the detractors are.

If the person seriously has issue, attacks wont change their minds.
Personal attacks on an individual detractor can however turn that detractor into many.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

old paint and rust.

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Big Bear Cafe - Thurs Nov 15 @ 8

{a reading series}

Big Bear Cafe - Thurs Nov 15 @ 8 - Hank Lewis, Merrill Feitell, Eric Gamlen, & Maud Casey

Hank Lewis ( In the Arms of Our Elders, I Got Somebody in Staunton) ain't just a tremendous fiction writer and PEN/Faulkner finalist, but also a Bloomingdale resident and former coach of the Bahamas national soccer team, construction worker, and jazz dj, among many, many other things.

Merrill Feitell is the author of Here Beneath Low-Flying Planes, winner of the Iowa Award for Short Fiction. I also have it from an inside source that she drinks Natty-Bo.

Eric Gamlen ( does the singer-songwriter thing. But think less coffeehouse and more roadhouse.

Maud Casey is the author of The Shape of Things to Come , Genealogy & Drastic.

The event is fee and open to all.

Finally, we'll be having an any-thing goes (prose, poetry, music, spoken word etc) open-mic in December. Just want to start making some noise about it now.

Hope to see you there,

Joe (

Monday, November 05, 2007

"use it or lose it " laws.

Demolition by Neglect: Use It or Lose It

Empty properties are ghastly eyesores, and attractive only to those intent on crime. All too often an empty property can become a haven for squatters, prostitutes or drug dens. This is a criminal waste - particularly when there is a national shortage of accommodation for people in housing need


you know, i loves me the whole foods and the trader joes, but what i'd really like to have close by is Grand Mart. Its by far my favorite grocery store in the metro area. And i can actually afford to shop there.