Saturday, June 12, 2021

tomatoes, basil, cherries at the Bloomingdale Farmers Market -- Sunday, 06-13-2021

From: Robin 
Sent: Saturday, June 12, 2021 9:50 PM
Subject: Tomatoes, basil, cherries at BFM 

Reid has the first ripe tomatoes -- and cherries!

Hi BFM Fans,

Lots of summer fruits and vegetables this week.  First of the sweet cherries at Reid, eggplant and basil and lots of different shapes and colors of squash and squash blossoms and maybe some raspberries at Garner

Reid is bringing a lot of their Big Dena tomatoes! A greenhouse grown beefsteak type of tom.  I sliced and salted a big one last week and annointed it in olive oil and let it sit until the tomato juice made its own tomatogrette.  It was very popular at lunch.

Looking for red fruit?  Reid is Strawberry Central at BFM. There will be lots of delicious strawberries of mixed varieties.

Make strawberry jam - buy a flat. Make strawberry syrup. Strawberry ice cream or granita. Freeze strawberries for later.  Now is the time. 

Too hot to cook?  Grill everything outside.  Or buy dumplings or pasta: they go from your freezer to your table in less than ten minutes. Fast food the way it SHOULD be.

Notable  this week:

  • Last week for herbs and annuals and perennial plants at Reid's
  • Groff's Content has a huge selection of pastured meats!
  • Garner is welcoming summer with eggplant, basil, many summer squash,  sugar snaps, shelled peas, new potatoes,bunches of cilantrol and parsley. I am also looking for some blackberries and a few pints of raspberries.
  • Number 1 Sons will add Super Sours and cucumber kimchi  
  • Which of Whisked cookies do you like the best?  (Did you know 3 are Vegan?)
  • Chinese Street Market has their Dandan noodle kits besides the addictive dumplings.
  • Have you tried the mixed milk Morbier at Swirly Girl -- and the 21 other cheeses?   Create a cheese platter.
  • King Mushrooms?  Grill or saute them. 

Here is a sample of what we will have at market:

GARNERS PRODUCE:The beautiful Italian eggplant and the summer squash are begging to be sliced thin and quickly grilled, bunches of basil for Reid's tomatoes, and new potatoes, English peas, sugar snaps,. Spring onions go very well with those shelled peas.  Scallions, garlic, carrots, kales, arugula, lettuces, beets, radishes, bok choi, chard, spinach, collards, their own grits, cornmeal, potted herbs and annuals and perennials. 

A nice summer salad is new potatoes, scallions and shelled peas....

SWIRLY GIRL CREAMERY: 22 cheeses!  Come check out this spread of cow and goat milk and mixed milk cheeses. Morbier, Goat Cheddar, Onamar, Tomme, Goast Manchego, Tommy Goat, Goat Gouda, Goat Feta, Cow Feta, Curds,Winter Morning, Cowttin, Chevre, Bovre, Marinated Feta, Mira Flores, Farmhouse, Scratch, Garlic Tomme, Brie, Blue Moon, Bhutlah.

Robin tip: grill some young eggplant or some young squash and sprinkled quite a bit of their feta on it.  Olive oil, mint.  Could be basil.  

SHENANDOAH SEASONAL: Right now the greens and lettuces and herbs are thriving. Dill, parsley, cilantro. Big Romaine heads, spinach and green garlic.  Baby carrots, baby red Russian Kale, Siberian kale, curly kale, Blue Dazzle Dino kale, collards, Rainbow Chard, Vivid Choi, baby bok choi, purple mizuna, Tokyo bekana, Pea Shoots, Radish micro greens. Lettuces (magenta, romaine, lime oakleaf), arugula, zesty salad mix, lettuce mix,  Cherry Bell radish. I love their Chinese Sprouting Broccoli which it is hard to find. 

Tip: Terrific greens?  Wash, slice, Toss into simmering salted water and then stirfry briefly with chopped ginger -- or season with Chinese Street Market's chile oils.

KING MUSHROOMS: Grill these mushrooms!  Oyster, King Trumpet, shiitake, portobello, chestnut and maitake this week. Also, tinctures, my favorite Hungarian Mushroom soup ....and marinated mushrooms.  

GROFF'S CONTENT: Chicken and Duck eggs.  Pork and beef and 11 pork sausages and lots and lots of lamb.  Pork shoulder, chops, bacon, pork jowls.Lamb ideas:  Julie's special Leg of Lamb cut for two, Leg steaks for grilling, shoulder roasts, shoulder chops are great in a crockpot.  Have you tried the Denver Ribs -- Lamb spare ribs.  The whole range of steaks and tons of ground beef. Turkey Lasagne and Turkey Pot Pie, Shepherd's Pie, Meatballs in Marinara, Bone Broths, Pork Liver Pate. Ham and White Bean soup. Julie told me everyone needs to try the thinly sliced "Fajita steak"

Best ground meat mixture for meatballs or burgers or loaf: ground beef, lamb and pork.  

CHINESE STREET MARKET: Yes, the dumplings and noodles and the spicy chile oils are back.! Porky and Chinese Celery, Chicken and corn and shiitakes, ,Veggie Medley & Tofu, Eggplant &  Chinese greens. Dandan Noodes. Special: Tsing rice cakes.  Big Steam pork buns, Pork soup dumplings. 

TIP: keep some packages in your freezer for meals you can put together in 10 minutes.  Perfect to NOT heat up your kitchen. 

NUMBER 1 SONS:  Super Sours Crispy Kosher, Half Sours, Sunny Dills, Honey Habs. Ramp kraut, Clean kraut, Snow Miso Kimchi, Radish kimchi, Sons Kimchi, Kicky Kimchi, , Honey HabaƱero . Masala beets, Golden beets, Giardiniera. Kombuchas (Turmeric Tang, Lavender Fizz, Original Ginger and Many Berry. .

Robin says: pickles are so refreshing. And Super Sours make my New Yorker heart race.

CUCINA AL VOLO: Don't forget the Pasta Salad!  Pasta Primavera with sliced or diced squash. Pappardelle wtih Arugula, Fettucine with market Shiitakes  Or get a ravioli which cooks in 4 minutes.  I counted 12 different freshly dried pasta choices at their stand last week plus lasagne and eggplant parmesan lasagne.... and all their sauces. 

Freeze them --they go from freezer to simmering water to your plate in 5 minutes.  

WHISKED: Cookies and Pies for every party and picnic and cookout. Try the new "Creamsicles".

Cookies: Chocolate Chip, Salty Oatmeal, Molasses Spice Hazelnut Swirl, Pretzel Cowboy, Snickerdoodle. Vegan: Chocolate Black Out, Lemon Poppyseed, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. Mexican Chocolate has no Gluten ingredients.
Pies: Apple Crumble, Bourbon Pecan, Lemon Coconut, Sea Salt Chocolate Chess, Salted Caramel Apple, Strawberry rhubarb.

PANORAMA: Baguettes, croissants (classic butter, chocolate, rain, almond), sourdoughs, multigrain, whole wheat, Plie, Danish, sticky buns, Breton Kouign Amann, palmier, turnover, quiches, bagels, strudle, bricohes, challah, brioche bun, ciabatta, French boule, French loaf, Foccaccia, Olive seed loaf, pumpernickel, rye, muffins, breakfast loaf, olive oil bun...

Bread Salad:  Buy a little extra bread so that you can make bread salad.  Use bread that is a few days old, tear it into small pieces and mix it with cut up tomatoes that have been salted and oiled. Let those juices mingle with the bread, with basil leaves, sliced cukes and radishes.  And yes, you can add some feta.

REID'S:Tomatoes. Strawberries! Cherries. Big Dena beefsteak tomatoes (greenhouse grown) Pasturized Apple Cider in Glass Growlers.   Sugar Snaps. Apples. English Garden Peas, summer squash.

Yes, there is Still time to buy and plant those herbs, annuals and perennials. Last week for plants at Reid.

Plus: Apple cider, apple sauce, canned peaches, apple and fruit butter, various single blossom honeys and maple syrup from neighbors

  • We are welcoming well-behaved doggies on short leashes again.
  • Please continue to mask if you are unvaccinated (or just want to be cautious).
  • Enter and Exit the market at either First and R or R and Florida only
  • Please avoid crowding each other when there are lines at stands

Looking forward to seeing everyone in person.

Robin and Ted

three ways to get your Sunday mass from Bloomingdale’s St. Martin’s Catholic Church -- Sunday, 06-13-2021

We have three ways to get your Sunday mass from Bloomingdale’s St. Martin’s Catholic Church:


1) Video mass:


To view this week's Sunday mass from St Martin's Catholic Church click on the link below:


2) Sunday Noon Mass in person:


This coming Sunday at noon we will have a live mass at St. Martin’s Church.  The mass is open for all to attend in person with masks at the Church however if you are sick please stay at home and do not attend.  If you are not vaccinated and over 60 or with serious health issues we strongly encourage you to please stay home.  To continue to keep people safe, for the time being, we are still following all the in-person Covid-19 precaution guidelines:


3) Sunday Noon Mass Live Streaming:


The Sunday noon mass will be live-streamed on zoom.  To view the noon mass as live-streaming event click on this link (we ask you to please turn off your video to not distract from the mass):

Or if you would like to call in and listen dial:


Meeting ID: 848 0146 6509#

Meeting password: 123456#


We wish you all a blessed week and you should know that we at St Martins are praying to help us all get through these challenging times.




Fr. Mike.

Open Houses in and around Bloomingdale for Sat 6-12 & Sun 6-13-2021


158 Bryant St NW #2 is offered at $789,500.

The featured listing is a penthouse duplex condo with a roof deck, in the Bloomingdale Historic District. The agent representing the seller is Renee Peres with Arrow Group at Compass.

Masks may be required at open houses.

Scheduled Open Houses in Bloomingdale and surrounding neighborhoods

Note that the open house time will not appear if the open house has passed, so if you open the link on Sunday and an open happened only on Saturday, there may be no time listed.

*Agents, to have your listing featured in this weekly post, please e-mail suzanne at compass dot com by 10am on Friday.

agenda for the Tuesday, 06-15-2021, ANC5E virtual meeting

See the agenda of this Tuesday's ANC5E virtual meeting, which includes the following Bloomingdale-specific items:


16 Quincy Place NW, 
52 Quincy Place NW (Petit Scholars daycare), 
2304 North Capitol Street NW.

2405 1st Street NW (Mu Lambda House) 

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Ward 5 Report - The Case for Baby Bonds -- Thursday, 06-10-2021

Here is the current Ward 5 Report with all of the (corrupted) images removed, which only leaves text  

From: Councilmember Kenyan R. McDuffie <>
Sent: Thursday, June 10, 2021 3:10 PM
Subject: Ward 5 Report - The Case for Baby Bonds

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Last month, I introduced the
Child Wealth Building Act, a child trust fund or “baby bonds” proposal aimed at eliminating the District’s stark racial wealth gap and ending generational poverty. New Jersey Senator Cory Booker made this policy the centerpiece of his presidential campaign and Connecticut recently passed their own baby bonds initiative. I believe the Child Wealth Building Act is the type of bold and transformational legislation that District government must pass to make the American Dream more accessible for low and middle-income residents.

Wealth inequities drive the significant racial disparities we see across all indicators for success in our City, whether it's employment, income, home-ownership, entrepreneurship, health care, education, and more. At its core, the Child Wealth Building Act codifies economic opportunity as a birthright for all Washingtonians, here's how it would work.

If passed, the government would provide a trust fund for babies born in the District into a household whose income does not exceed 500% of the Federal Poverty Level, currently $132,000 for a family of four. Enrollment would be automatic and each eligible child would receive an initial deposit of $1,000 followed by annual supplemental payments up to $2,000 depending on household income. Upon turning 18, the child may withdraw the funds for specified purposes including education (vocational or higher-ed), business ownership, business investment, property ownership, and retirement investment vehicles.

On May 25th, I convened a
committee hearing with wealth equity experts to highlight the need for this legislation and further develop the proposal. I look forward to advancing this essential policy and encourage you to read my full press release on the subject. 

In service,





Committee on Business and Economic Development 2021 Budget Hearing Schedule



The Committee on Business and Economic Development has released its budget hearing schedule. We encourage you to submit oral or written testimony for the record and tune in to watch the rest of the budget hearings with government witnesses. You can email your testimony to submit verbal testimony for the record by calling the Committee's phone number at 202-656-5139

Hearings can be viewed live at


Kenyan in The News


D.C. Residents Carefully Consider Bowser Budget (Washington Informer)

Mayor Bowser Explains Her Budget in Council Hearing (
Washington City Paper)

Mayor Muriel Bowser’s FY 2022 Budget, Explained (
Washington City Paper)

Time for a bolder affordable housing approach (
Jonetta Rose Barras)

Neighborhood group wants to see hotel revamped for affordable housing (

All Eyes on AG's Office and Ward 5 Council Seat A Year From the 2022 Democratic Primary (
City Paper)


Reopening Guidance




Kenyan in the Community



Last week, Councilmember McDuffie joined Ivy City residents to see the Crummell School open for the first time in decades. Making these new basketball courts accessible starts the process of bringing the kinds of public spaces and amenities to Ivy City that residents have wanted and deserved for decades.




On Tuesday, Councilmember McDuffie gave remarks celebrating the groundbreaking of DC SAFE’s new SAFE Space Shelter. DC SAFE provides vital and immediate support services for survivors of domestic violence and their families. This new facility in Ward 5 will double the number of residents who can be supported every year and is a significant enhancement of the District's public safety and health infrastructure.


Celebrating LQBTQ+ Pride Month


This month, we are celebrating the LGBTQ+ community and commemorating the progress we’ve made towards achieving equity. Our team is committed to continue fighting against discrimination in all forms and move towards a just society where everyone feels safe, included and seen. During Pride Month, we encourage you to support local organizations like the Wanda Alston Foundation who are working to provide housing and essential services for LGBTQ+ youths in the District. 



Racial Equity In DC Event


On Thursday June 17th from 6:30 - 8:30 PM, Councilmember McDuffie will participate in a panel conversation hosted by the Racial Equity Cohort about his landmark legislation the REACH Act,  how this bill is being implemented and what the impacts are.

You can register for the event


DMV, Parking & Ticket Enforcement Updates



Starting June 1st, District government will resume normal parking enforcement, vehicle towing, vehicle registrations, and inspection requirements. Additional enforcement measures till start on July 1st.



Starting June 1st, the annual fee for an RPP sticker will increase from $35 to $50 for the 1st vehicle registered in a household. An exemption exists for one resident age 65+ per household. Additional fees will apply to other vehicles in a household. More information here.



The Mayor also announced a new ticket amnesty program. From June 1 until September 1, drivers will be able to pay outstanding tickets without paying any penalties w/ new ticket amnesty program.




This week, the DC Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) extended the time residents have to renew expired driver licenses and identification (ID) cards to September 9, 2021. The previously announced deadline was July 1, 2021. This action, as well as other changes DC DMV is making, will give residents more time to renew driver licenses and other ID cards that require an in-person appointment at a DMV Service Center.

You can learn more about DMV updates in the Mayor's press release


Small Business Spotlight


On Friday, Councilmember McDuffie stopped by to congratulate James and the City-State Brewing Team on the launch of their new tap house in Edgewood. Don't miss out on their locally brewed beverages and incredible murals of District neighborhoods that cover the walls. 




The Rhode Island Avenue and Bladensburg Road Main Streets have opened their fourth round of  funding for business grants. Applications are due Monday, June 28th. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please email us at You can find applications and more information here


COVID-19 Vaccine & Mask Policy Updates


Since June 1st, any District resident 12 years and older can get vaccinated at four different schools. Notably, Luke C Moore High School in Ward 5, will be accepting walk-ins from 9 AM - 1 PM and 2 PM - 7 PM on Mondays through Thursdays.








You can find the full slides from Mayor Bowser's May 17th situational update here.