Tuesday, November 30, 2010

seeking referrals for basement waterproofing companies

From a 1st Street NW resident:

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on waterproofing a basement.

I am looking at Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing right now, but they seem quite expensive. Has anybody dealt with them before or could anybody recommend another company?

Monday, November 29, 2010

neighbor discovers broken roof beams

From a resident of the unit block of S Street NW:

During some renovations the contractor had to get into my attic. He found two of the roof beams were broken and we think it was from last year`s snow. The insurance company sent over an engineer and he said the weight of the snow broke the beams but the rubber roof coating stretched and prevented the collapse. The insurance company is sending a contractor to scope the work and he said there were numerous row houses in DC with the same problem from last year`s snow. Folks may want to check their attics before this year`s snow season.

two-night McMillan developer salon: 12/6 & 12/7/2010

See this 11/29/2010 message from Tania Jackson:

In response to the request made at McMillan Meeting #3 on Saturday, 11/20/2010, Vision McMillan Partners will be hosting a two night Developer Salon at the Big Bear Cafe.

On Monday, December 6th and Tuesday, December 7th, Jair Lynch, Adam Weers and Aakash Thakkar will be available for small group talks with interested participants. The evening meetings will be a little different from the Design Salons -- rather than individuals having one-on-one time, we will be putting together four groups across two nights.

Please email Tania Jackson to get into one of the groups:
mcmsalon@gmail.com. Tania is also available by phone-- call (202) 355 - 8998 with any questions.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

seeking referrals for getting rid of a raccoon under the deck

From a resident on the 100 block of Rhode Island Avenue NW:

I've noticed some holes under our addition in the space under my deck so I went to go board them up, re-insulate and investigate. In that process I came across a sleeping raccoon. I slowly backed away and called DC Animal Control. I was told they don't do animal removal. Seriously, apparently it has to be dead for them to do anything about it. So they told me a couple places to call. I questioned them on what they do for low-income residents or those who can't afford to pay someone to come take care of this and there wasn't much response.

Anyways, I'm wondering if any Bloomingdale residents have had success working with a good service that can get rid of the raccoon safely so either they or I can board up the affected areas.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Sunday Open Houses & Awesome Community Forklift Events

There are currently two open houses scheduled via the multiple listing system for Sunday. Here is the map. To see info about each of the open houses, scroll over the push pins on the map.

I wanted to give special mention to events planned this weekend at Community Forklift out around Hyattsville. Community Forklift is both a great resource for recycling building materials that others don't need, and also a great place to donate items such as light fixtures, cabinets, bricks, etc. that could be usable by someone else. They are having several fun things (for all ages) going on this weekend. It's really easy to get to...just east on Rhode Island Ave and a few turns. Their address is 4671 Tanglewood Drive, Edmonston, MD 20781. For more specific info, visit www.communityforklift.com.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

...... Happy Thanksgiving from the worldwide staff at the Bloomingdale Neighborhood blog!

Monday, November 22, 2010

contractor referral: Castle Construction

From a Thomas Street NW resident:

I have a contractor to recommend to the neighborhood. He works out of Germantown, MD, and he is now accepting smaller projects (business is slow). He built a home near my parents, so I've seen his work. He can do anything. There is a project gallery on his website: http://castleconstruction.org/index.html . His name is Rob Morris, and you can reach him at 301 674- 5580 or rob@castlecvonstruction.org.

I think he responds most quickly to phone calls.

new speed cameera installed on North Capitol Street

This message is from James Fournier, ANC 5C07 Commissioner-Elect:

Major New Speed Camera on North Capitol Street - North Bound

The speed camera attached to the MPD cruiser on the southbound side of North Capitol Street as residents enter Bloomingdale is a common sight. There is now an MPD cruiser on the northbound side of North Capitol - more or less across the street from the southbound side cruiser. As a heads up, the posted speed limit on NC is 35 mph - regardless of the obvious engineering capabilities of your car, your stellar driving ability, or whatever one may think about the reality of 35 mph on North Capitol.

A ticket for 20 mph is $150, which doubles if not paid within 30 days . . .

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Open Houses scheduled in and around Bloomingdale for 11/21/2010

Check out these open houses scheduled in and around the neighborhood for Sunday 11/21. Here is the same information mapped out. To see info on an individual listing, scroll over the push pins on the map.

Friday, November 19, 2010

DDOT painting parking lines on Flagler & U Streets NW: what is your opinion?

See this 11/19/2010 message from Bloomingdale resident Christian Seitz:

I awoke Thursday morning and was startled to see the rough outlines (in spray paint) of parking box delineations along the 100 block of U Street, much like those that exist now on 1st Street. There was absolutely no notice from DDOT about this change to our streetscape. I have received info that all of U & Flagler Streets in Bloomingdale will be receiving these new parking delineations. The parking lines are new to these streets and a part of the overly-long WASA improvement project.

If you live on these streets (and want them or do not want them) or care about the aesthetic or safety of Bloomingdale, please email me by Monday at 6 PM and let me know: Your name(s), address, and if you are FOR or AGAINST these new parking lines. Email: cmseitz17@hotmail.com . I will pass this info along to John Salatti and DDOT for their consideration.

Below is a list of the PROS and CONS. Thank you.

Arguments Against Lines:

1) There is no chronic speeding or traffic problem requiring lines. U & Flagler Streets are not heavily traveled streets even during rush hour. 1st Street received these because it has a much higher traffic volume and a problem with speeding cars. Cars speeding on U & Flagler are limited and consistant but not at all pervasive and chronic. There is even less of a need on Flagler which is one-way. This is a problem requiring occasional police enforement for reckless commuters from MD and far reaches of the District, and not a permanent, visually extreme, streetscape-altering solution. If traffic worsens in the future, then lines are one among many possible solutions that should be discussed by neighbors.

2) Lines may draw more traffic. The highly visible lines may actually draw traffic off of 1st St and down U over to 2nd St in order to attempt to avoid the typical backup at the light at Rode Island Ave.

3) Lines may tarnish our streets’ quiet residential feel and lower property value. U & Flagler Streets (unlike 1st Street) are quieter side streets and not heavy commuter streets. They are more residential in nature. Often neighbors are crossing from between parked cars to visit one in other. Children ride bikes on the street. Once in, it is doubtful that these will ever go away. Do we want to detract from the peaceful feeling? The lines would add to the already vast amount of roadway indicators, signage etc., creating just one more layer of visual clutter. Furthermore, the lines will dilute that residential feeling that makes our neighborhood appealing to prospective buyers thus lowering property value.

4) Lines would alter Bloomingdale’s unifying visual aesthetic to accommodate outside commuters. The lines would create inconsistency in the visual aesthetic that defines and unifies our neighborhood. Since only 1st and Bryant Streets have these, this would add to those odd few, and I do not think we want to do this to all streets in Bloomingdale. Can you think of any other neighborhood in DC that has these on consistently on side streets? Should we alter the look of our neighborhood to pacify reckless commuters from other regions or should they adapt to our needs?
5) U & Flagler are not commuter streets. The exceptions to this 1st and Bryant Streets are commuter “through” streets. 1st is used by MD and DC commuters for access to Michigan, Rhode Island, Florida, and New York Aves. Bryant is a through route to/from North Capital, George Ave, 1st and 4th Streets, and the Howard U. Campus, thus, there these lines are justified to abate speeding and define lanes.

Arguments For Lines:

1) Lines help to slow traffic by visually thinning the street. These lines help to slow traffic because of drivers belief that there is less room to maneuver. [However, where this has been effective, there have also been yellow lane lines. We definitely do not want the addition of lane lines. In addition, as previously mentioned, traffic and speeding is not a pervasive and chronic problem].

2) Lines help to make more easily visual what is legal and illegal parking. Given the confusing nature of the plethora of the Districts parking signs that seem to be ever-changing, lines will help to make more easily visible where it is legal and illegal to park. [However, given the inconsistency in signage, it is likely that this will just add another layer of confusion and it is not a solution to a shortage of parking.]

3) Lines increased safety will help our neighborhood by protecting residents. The decreased speed resulting from these lines will help our neighborhood by increasing the safety or residents. [However, because there will be no lane lines in the center of the roadway, I have doubts about their ability to lower speed and worry about increased traffic because of their higher visibility. Furthermore, speeding is not a chronic problem requiring so permanent a solution.]

Thursday, November 18, 2010

testimonial for roofer Michael Maggio

From a resident of S Street NW:

I just want to support a recent recommendation for Michael Maggio, who did some roof work for me recently. He's honest, hard-working and easy to get along with. Plus, he does great work at a fair price. He worked on my roof, but he's certainly capable of most big projects.

Michaeljmaggio@gmail.com .
His cell no. is: Cell # - 202 - 439 - 2948.

seeking referrals for cat sitters

From a Seaton Place NW resident:

It is that time of year again.

I've started a desperate hunt for a cat sitter.

Your suggestions are appreciated!

pay attention! This Saturday's McMillan community meeting #3 will only be from 9 AM to 11 AM

See this * updated * message from Tania Jackson:

Hi All,

McMillan Meeting #3 is on Saturday! We`ve got a ton of information to get to you in a very short time-- it looks like the church is kicking us out early due to a scheduling snafu. Please come at 9 and be prepared to give us your insights and feedback; Matt Bell and Warren Byrd will be presenting preliminary concepts for the site.

In case you haven`t received the notice in the mail or the other email alerts:

McMillan Meeting #3
St. Martin`s Church
1908 North Capitol Street, NW (enter on T Street NW)
Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanks for your continued interest & participation. See you on Saturday!

Tania / (202) 355- 8998

neighorhood safety walk with John Salatti, James Fournier, Hugh Youngblood and MPD -- Sunday, 11/21/2010

See this message from Bloomingdale resident and assistant to ANC 5C04 Commissioner John Salatti -- Melissa Ortiz:

Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner John Salatti, and
Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners-Elect
James Fournier and Hugh Youngblood,
in conjunction with the
Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, DC

Invite you to take part in a
Bloomingdale Public Safety Walk

Help Bloomingdale continue to grow into a safe neighborhood!

Who: You! ...and your children, dogs, friends, etc. All are welcome to come, regardless of where you live. This is about making a strong presence in the community, showing that Bloomingdale will not tolerate crime in our neighborhood.

When: Sunday, November 21, 2010 at 6pm

Where: Northwest corner of 1st and Rhode Island NW (in front of Windows)

Together, Building a Better Bloomingdale

anyone missing a white cat with grey spots on the head?

From a resident on the 100 block of T Street NW:

I have seen a new cat in the neighborhood. Could you check if anyone is missing a white cat with some kind of gray/grey spots on the head?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

McMillan Sand Filtration site community meeting #3 -- this Saturday, 11/20/2010

See this 11/16/2010 message from Tania Jackson:

McMillan Sand Filtration Site

The Deputy Mayor for Planning & Economic Development
Councilmember Harry “Tommy“ Thomas, Jr.
Vision McMillan Partners

Meeting #3: What We Heard — Preliminary Design Concepts

Join us for a look at the preliminary design concepts based on feedback garnered from meetings and salons. This is Meeting #3 of what is now a 4 meeting series and will give you a chance to talk to the design team, get a schedule for future meetings, and learn how to share all of your ideas.

Please also visit wikiplanning.org and log in (your email + the password MCM1) and answer our survey question.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

9 AM to 12 NOON
St. Martin`s Church
1908 North Capitol Street NW
Washington, DC 20001
(Enter on T Street NW)

Questions? Call: Tania Jackson (202) 355-8998

Monday, November 15, 2010

dismissing most of the protestants` concerns, ABRA grants Bear Cafe gets its liquor license

From the Housing Complex blog at the Washington City Paper:

Long Time Coming: Big Bear Cafe Gets its License
Posted by Lydia DePillis on Nov. 13, 2010 at 1:04 pm

On November 3, after months of negotiation with neighbors and being denied by the local ANC, the Big Bear Cafe ~ represented in its ABRA board hearing by the liquor licensing pro Andrew Kline ~ was granted its license.

Big Bear didn`t get everything it wanted: The Board, while dismissing most of the protestants` concerns about trash, noise, and zoning, confined the Cafe`s hours to midnight on weekends and 11:00 p.m. on weekdays, with outdoor music to cease at 9:00 p.m.

Don`t expect the beer to start flowing immediately, though. Owner Stu Davenport said the speedy decision ~ which took only a third of the Board`s 90-day window ~ took him by surprise, and he has no immediate plans to start serving alcohol, except for a December 5th art market where spiked cider will be in the offing.

two reviews of Bloomingdale`s Rustik Tavern

a) From the Washington City Paper Young & Hungry column

Rustik Tavern’s Unusual Take on Neighborhood Grub
Posted by Tim Carman on Nov. 1, 2010 at 12:18 pm

b) From the MidCityDC November 2010 issue, Bloomingdale Bytes page

Rustik, Finally:Present And Future
By Amanda Abrams

I know, the opening of Bloomingdale`s first sit-down restaurant, Rustik, is practically old news by now; the place first opened its doors in late September. But how can I claim to be a true neighborhood correspondent without mentioning the new establishment? Plus, I was personally curious, so I stopped in on a recent sunny afternoon and chatted with owner Diton Pashaj about how things are going.

Pashaj must`ve taken media lessons from his counterpart Stu Davenport, owner of Big Bear Café, down the street: both are circumsaect and humble to a fault when it comes to talking about their businesses. But Pashaj finally admitted with a smile that things are going well. ``We`re happy,`` he said when I asked if the restaurant is busy. ``I wouldn`t say it`s crowded, but we have business every night.``

Most of the restaurant`s early Glitches have been worked out, and he and chef Seth Brady are starting to brainstorm about moving forward ~ maybe expanding the menu, offering brunch with an Albanian flavor (Pashaj hails from Albania), or hosting special evening events.

For now, though, it`s all up in the air. ``We`ll see what the community wants,`` he said cautiously. I got there around 5 p.m. and things were just getting humming: bartenders were starting to stock the shelves, a couple of cooks were standing by the big wood-fired oven, and manager types were milling around. Of his 15 employees, Pashaj says that 90 percent live in the neighborhood ~ and that includes both him and Brady.

It`s definitely a ``think local`` kind of place. Pashaj is planning on adding a tap for DC Brau, a soon-to-beonline local brewery that`s co-owned by a Bloomingdale resident, and he`s uber-friendly with his neighbors, one of whom breezed in while I was sitting at the bar. ``I love it! I come every chance I get,`` said Karen Cotton, of Rustik. When the kids` learning center she`s developing next door finally opens, she figures the restaurant can serve as a parents` waiting room. If all goes according to plan, though, Rustik won`t be the neighborhood`s only restaurant for long.

Another group of Bloomingdale residents ~ Gareth and Matt Croke, and Colin McDonough ~ are moving forward with plans for Boundary Stone, a restaurant/pub just down the street. They expect the place to open sometime around April, as soon as construction is finished and approvals are in place.

Is Pashaj worried about looming competition? Not at all, he said. ``I can`t wait for Boundary Stone to open. When I`m done working, I want to go drink somewhere that`s not my place.``

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Open Houses scheduled in and around Bloomingdale for 11/14/2010

Wanting to check out available properties for sale in the area? Inventory is tight but there are a few open houses to check out. Here is a map of the same information, complete with directions. To see information on each of the homes for sale, scroll over the push pins on the map.

2008 Lincoln Road NE shooting death of Gary O. English: DC Superior Court jury finds three men guilty

The Saturday, 11/13/2010 Washington Post reports that three men have been found guilty of the shooting death of a man back in 2008 on the 2000 block of Lincoln Road NE in Eckington.

Three D.C. men guilty of murder, gang affiliation
By Keith L. Alexander
Saturday, November 13, 2010; B01

Friday, November 12, 2010

Kids: Bloomingdale 4-H Arts & Crafts Club -- Saturday, 11/13/2010

See this message from Chenelyn Barker

Bloomingdale 4-H Arts & Crafts Club -- Saturday, 11/13/2010

Hey, kids!
Check out the Bloomingdale 4-H Arts and Crafts Club

Saturday, November 13th
2 PM to 3 PM

Uniting The Youth
238 W Street, NW

Learn about primary colors and paint a picture!

Contact Chenelyn Barker with any questions.
(202) 446- 8674

seeking referrals regarding: runner for staircase

See this request:

We are looking to buy a runner for our stairs and have it installed; if anyone has recently purchased a runner and can recommend a vendor please post a comment or contact me at fayehammersley@gmail.com .

mugging in alley between S St NW & Randolph Pl NW: gun used

See this message from a Randolph Place NW resident:

Just wanted to let you know and have you spread the word of a mugging of a Bloomingdale resident, that took place in Bloomingdale.

I had a brief chat with him, and below is a recap of your conversation:

He said that it all happened very quickly and left him in a dazed state.

He was coming home on Sunday morning between 12:00am - 12:30am. He entered the alley way from 1st Street, via S street and when he was about to turn left to go up the alley, two guys who were waiting to ambush a passer-by jumped him.

They put a gun to his chest and robbed him of his wallet and cell phone.

They were completely covered from head to toe and he cannot identify them.

They didn`t physically harm him. He called the cops and filed a report.

He`s physically ok but was in a state of shock and is slowly recovering from the incident.

stolen Raleigh bicycle stolen from 1st St NW back yard

See this message from a 1st Street NW household. Note that there is no image of the bicycle here.

I`m sorry to report that an old friend of mine was stolen from our home at 2106 1st Street NW. My Raleigh road bike was in our back yard inside of a 14 foot high locked gate last Saturday night - and gone on Sunday morning. Although the race cycle is probably not worth much money these days, it helped me through several triathlons and a half Ironman over the past 10 years. I had planned on tuning her up again to loan to a friend who is in need of city transportation. Here is a description: Raleigh racer, Bright yellow and black, aerobars for long rides, toe clips, women`s comfort seat.

The bike is too old to still be on the company website, so I`ve attached a photo that looks pretty close. The logo is the same.

If you see it, or have any information please contact me: juliejarvis @ me.com. Thank you!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

do the police look into cars and takes notes on clipboards?

See this messsage from a household on the unit block of W Street NW:

Here`s the skinny: the other morning at about 5:30A my husband was leaving for work and saw a plain-clothed man with a clipboard, with a car with MD. tags. the guy was standing in the middle of the road and then in and out of his car. he was looking inside cars and making (or seeming to make) notations on a clip board. he told my husband he was a cop and that a lot of stolen vehicles had been dropped in our neighborhood. my husband believed him. but i think that is just plain odd and that the guy was probably looking for cars to in fact steal! can you solve this marital dispute? :-) do you know if this is a common police practice? i haven`t ever heard of this -- and would think that, at 5:30AM the police would/should send someone in a marked car or at least in uniform?

R Street NW yard sale -- nice stuff -- Sunday, 11/14/2010

Really Nice Stuff!

Dear Bloomies, Eckingtonians and Shaw-ites
I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF! My intention is not to have as much stuff in 2011 so I'm having an OVERSTOCKED SALE!

Too much to list

Athletic Shirts (Medium/Large)
Footwear (very slightly used size 11/12)
Ties (Silk/Designer)
Suits (8/10)
Shoes (9/9.5)
Seasonal Dishes
Serve-ware (Silver)
( No junk! Only the best will be offered; the rest will go to Goodwill)

Our Price: 1/2$
Original Price:$$$$



(On your way to or from the Farmer's market)

SUNDAY, November 14, 2010
10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


Offer Expires: Sunday, November 14, 2010 -- 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.

bicycle stolen From Windows Café

See this 11/10/2010 message from a Bloomingdale resident:

My Jannis bike was stolen tonight at Windows sometime after 7:00. It was locked on the rack but got it anyway; I`m forwarding a picture, but it also had a Blossom Saddlebag. If anyone sees it, please call, 202. 232 then 1406.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

it's now official: Giant coming to 3rd & H Street NE

Not quite Bloomingdale news, but worth reporting.

D.C. economic development
Guy Steuart finally nets his Giant
Washington Business Journal - by Michael Neibauer
Date: Wednesday, November 10, 2010, 10:09am EST.

Giant Food LLC and Steuart Investment Co. have finally sealed the deal to bring a supermarket to Steuart's mixed-use project at 3rd and H streets NE.

The Chevy Chase-based Steuart, led by director Guy Steuart, danced with Giant for months before closing the deal with a long-term anchor lease. The developer had long sought a grocery store to anchor his 286,500-square-foot project on the west end of the busy H Street corridor, what he's now calling 360˚ H Street, but previous talks with Harris Teeter Inc., Yes! Organic Market and Trader Joe's had all fallen through.

The Giant, at 41,200 square feet, will consume most of the space set aside for retail on the site. There will also be a 1,500 retail bay on the east end. Silver Spring-based Torti Gallas and Partners Inc. is the architect.

"We could not be more pleased that Giant has committed to anchor this development," Steuart said in a statement. "Our vision for 360˚ H Street is one of convenient urban living, and with Giant we've partnered with a grocer embracing smart development and top-quality customer service too."

We first reported the potential deal with Giant in April, but both sides declined to publicly acknowledge the discussions. Then, in August, Giant President Robin Michel told a tent full of people that Giant was locked in at 3rd and H, but her communications team quickly backtracked and said the deal was not done.

The Steuart parcels, currently vacant save the occasional pop-up art, is expected to feature the supermarket, 215 rental units and 270 underground parking spaces -- 125 reserved for retail customers, and 145 for residents. The project will be steps from a future streetcar stop, a block from Union Station and across the street from Abdo Development's 480-unit condominium complex.

"This is a great next step in the revitalization of the H Street Corridor," said D.C. Councilman Tommy Wells, D-Ward 6. "I'm excited that Giant has been exploring more urban and transit-oriented store designs and I'm eager to see Steuart and Giant deliver on a vision that embraces the new streetcar and the proximity to Union Station."

Construction is expected to start in the spring. Giant will be open in the first quarter of 2013.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

next McMillan community meeting – Saturday, 11/20/2010

See this 11/8/2010 message from Tania Jackson to the attendees of the 2nd McMillan Sand Filtration site community meeting held this past Saturday, 11/06/2010:

Thank you for attending the McMillan neighborhood wide meetings. The next meeting will be Saturday, November 20, 2010 from 9AM to 12PM.

Please take the time to visit ENVISION McMILLAN (http://www.wikiplanning.org /), the
wikiplanning site for the project, which launched on Saturday. To login, you must provide your email address and your zip code. Please email me if you have any trouble logging into the site. The primary function of the site is to capture your input, ideas and feedback. There are places for you to share your photos, examples and ideas; there is a survey up now that we would like you to take. There is also a message board where you can leave questions, comments, concerns and engage in conversation with one another.

There are also bios and quals for the development and design team;, meeting notes and photos; and reports.

Last but not least, the site provides the opportunity for you to invite others to participate. If you have neighbors and friends that should come to the site, please send them invitations so that we can get their feedback, too!

Thanks again,

Tania Jackson

bicycle vandalized outside of Yoga District

From the Eckington list:

Don't vandalize my bicycle, please.

Dear Neighbors,

Last night, after enjoying the evening class in my favorite yoga studio (Yoga District, best in town!), I came out to notice that my bicycle had been vandalized. I had left it locked, like all other evenings, just to find that both front and read drop outs (basically, like a car's axle) had been taken. I had to walk all the way home, pushing my bike while wondering "who would vandalize a bicycle?" .

Truth be told, I love the neighborhood. I am a huge fan of T street with Yoga and Rustik, and Bloomingdale Liquors and Windows Cafe. But what about the cars that speed and stop? What about the groups of men that drink alcohol in plain views? What about the rest of us?

I really want T street to flourish... didn't I read somewhere that a Day Care center is
coming next to Rustik? It makes me wonder if improving lighting or other measures will improve safety and bring more shoppers to the area. And, heck ... more bicyclists like myself.

Other than venting to this email list, I'm not sure what to do. A report to the police would be ridiculous... but, could someone give me a tip on who to contact to report on the ongoing problems? Feel free to extend my concerns to your neighborhood associations.


1st street

Monday, November 08, 2010

another request for housekeeper referrals

Another request for a housekeeper:

Would you please run again referral for a cleaning person?

trash containers & recycling bins knocked over on the unit block of Florida Avenue NW

See this Sunday evening, 11/7/2010 message from a resident on the unit block of Florida Avenue NW:

I`d like to report that some time this morning (Sunday 11/7), somebody knocked over all the street-facing garbage & recycling bins on the unit block of Florida Ave NW (& perhaps other blocks), resulting in their contents being strewn about the sidewalk, and also knocked over our neighbor`s moped, parked in front with a tarp over it, possibly causing damage. None of us were here to see it, so we have no description of the culprit. Has anyone else experienced this?

Friday, November 05, 2010

want to get plugged into the McMillan Sand Filtration site development discussion?

McMillan Sand Filtration Site Community Meeting #2 – Saturday, 11/6/2010

From Tania Jackson:

McMillan Sand Filtration Site Meeting #2: What We Heard- Design Principles & Approach

Join us for a discussion of the elements that will go into the final design plan, based on the feedback the design team got in Meeting #1 and the Salon Sessions at Big Bear. This is Meeting #2 of a three meeting series and will give you a chance to meet and talk to the design team, get a schedule for future meetings, and learn how to share all of your ideas.

Saturday, November 6, 2010
9 AM to 12 NOON
St. Martin`s Church
1908 North Capitol Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001
(Enter on T
Street NW)

The Deputy Mayor for Planning & Economic Development
Councilmember Harry ``Tommy`` Thomas, Jr.
Vision McMillan Partners

Call: Tania Jackson (202) 355- 8998

Thursday, November 04, 2010

ABRA: Dupont Circle bar allowed to operate *without* voluntary agreement

This post is from the Borderstan blog.

Note that ABRA issued a ruling to allow a Dupont Circle bar to operate without a voluntary agreement (V.A.) whatsoever.

ABC Board Approves Termination of Hank’s Voluntary Agreement
Posted on03 November 2010. Tags: ABC Board, ABRA, Hank's Oyster Bar, Jamie Leeds
From Tom Hay


The DC Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board has issued a ruling that allows Hank’s Oyster Bar to operate without a voluntary agreement (V.A.). The 4 to 2 vote follows a six-hour hearing on Oct. 13. (See 6-Hour Hearing But No Decision for Hank’s Oyster Bar.)

Borderstan learned of the ABC Board’s ruling today at a Board hearing on another matter related to Hank’s — its request to expand into an adjoining space. You can read the ABC Board ruling (PDF).

The ABRA transcript from the ABC Board hearing on Oct. 13 hearing is available (PDF).
Owner and chef Jamie Leeds signed the V.A. before opening in 2005, with a group of neighbors and the Dupont Circle Citizens Association (DCCA). Leeds asked to be released from the V.A., which she could do after five years.

The protesting residents argued that a bad precedent would result if Hank’s were allowed to operate without a V.A. A number of other liquor-serving establishments on 17th St. already operate without one.

...want to read the rest of this Borderstan post? Then click on the link: http://www.borderstan.com/11/abc-board-approves-termination-of-hanks-v-a

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Tom Sietsema reviews Rustik in today's Washington Post Food section

Washington Post's Tom Sietsema reviews Rustik!

Welcomed to the neighborhood
Tom Sietsema
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, November 3, 2010; E3

Both business owner Diton Pashaj and chef Seth Brady are referenced.

off-leash dog play area coming soon

Dear Dog Owners and Dog Lovers of Bloomingdale/LeDroit Park and surrounding communities:

The new park at the former site of the Gage-Eckington Elem. School is moving forward and the off-leash dog play area (aka ``dog park``) will be here soon! We need volunteers to help manage and maintain the park (in partnership with the DC department of Parks and Recreation).

If you are interested, please email us at bloomingdale.ledroitdoggroup@gmail.com .

You can also find us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Friends-of-BloomingdaleLeDroit-Park-Dogs/162862887079151
Friends of Bloomingdale/LeDroit Park Dogs: bloomingdale.ledroitdoggroup@gmail.com

Comitted to building a sense of community and increasing safety in Bloomingdale & LeDroit Park by establishing and maintaining a dog park at Gage-Eckington.

2010 ANC 5C commissioner election results; a thank-you from Barrie Daneker

straight from the DC BOEE website:

So for the three ANC 5C single member districts (SMDs) that represent Bloomingdale -- ANC 5C03, ANC 5C04 and ANC 5C07 -- the reported victors in each race are:

5C03 - Hugh Youngblood
5C04 - John Salatti
5C07 - James Fournier

Bradley Ashton Thomas 294 66.52%
Kimberly Tignor 138 31.22%
WRITE-IN 10 2.26%
Total 442 100.00%

Joyce Robinson-Paul 109 29.62%
Sylvia Pinkney 248 67.39%
WRITE-IN 11 2.99%
Total 368 100.00%

W. Hugh Youngblood 415 92.02%
WRITE-IN 36 7.98%
Total 451 100.00%

John Salatti 582 96.52%
WRITE-IN 21 3.48%
Total 603 100.00%

Denise L. Wright 146 47.71%
Timothy (Tim) Clark 149 48.69%
WRITE-IN 11 3.59%
Total 306 100.00%

Darin Allen 179 40.87%
Mary Lois Farmer-Allen 238 54.34%
WRITE-IN 21 4.79%
Total 438 100.00%

Barrie Daneker 152 36.19%
James J. Fournier 263 62.62%
WRITE-IN 5 1.19%
Total 420 100.00%

J. Jioni Palmer 257 80.06%
WRITE-IN 64 19.94%
Total 321 100.00%

Silas Grant Jr. 375 95.42%
WRITE-IN 18 4.58%
Total 393 100.00%

WRITE-IN 5 100.00%
Total 5 100.00%

Ronnie Edwards 174 98.31%
WRITE-IN 3 1.69%
Total 177 100.00%

Albrette (Gigi) Ransom 209 55.88%
Derrick O. Holloway 160 42.78%
WRITE-IN 5 1.34%
Total 374 100.00%

A Thank You From Barrie Daneker

From Bloomingdale resident and ANC 5C07 Commissioner Barrie Daneker:

I want to thank all those who supported my re-elect bid for ANC 5C07! Your support over the past 4 years has been warmly felt! I`d like to take this opportunity to Congratulate Mr. Fournier! I extend my best wishes that his leadership, representation and most importantly his vote will speak for the majority of residents of 5C07, while protecting the interests of those in our community who are in the minority.

It`s time to ensure outside special interest groups and their agendas are not pushed forward as Ward 5 develops changes and grows, but rather promote prosperity, progress and putting people first! Congrats again to Mr. Fournier, best wishes!

Barrie Daneker
Commissioner 5C07
Financial Sec. ANC 5C
202- 986- 8781

house break-in attempt on the south side of Thomas St NW

See this 11/03/2010 message from a household on the south side of Thomas Street NW:

We live on the south side of Thomas St. sharing an alley with T. Someone cut the screen on our kitchen window and tried to break in. This window is on our deck, is visible to the alley, and is relatively well-lighted. Please remind people to be vigilant.

We have certainly gotten complacent about leaving exterior lights on and setting our alarm (even though there were two break-ins within the last six-months on Thomas). No more!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

male pug found on the unit block of S St NW

See this 11/02/2010 7:00 PM message from a resident on the unit block of S Street NW:

A male pug was found wandering around the unit block of S Street NW. It`s a very friendly dog and looks very healthy so it`s not a stray. Please put the world out.

We left the pug at Mimi`s place in hopes that she`ll know who the dog belongs to.

seeking referrals for a good housecleaning person

See this request from a Thomas Street NW resident:
``I am seeking referrals for a good cleaning woman.``

vote today

If you haven't voted yet in the DC general election, then do so today.

Not sure where to vote?

Go here:

Monday, November 01, 2010

UPO to relocating its treatment center at 33 N St NE in NoMa

This 10/28/2010 United Planning Organization (www.UPO.org) press release was posted at the Bates Area Civic Association blog over the weekend. http://batesareacivicassociation.org/2010/10/31/upo-relocates-its-comprehensive-treatment-center . I am cross-posting this UPO press release here.

I am not sure if there are other methadone clinics on the unit block of N Street NE

October 28, 2010

Contact: Dana M. Jones
President and Chief Executive Officer
(202) 238-4695 - Email: djones@upo.org
Andrea Thomas
Vice President Administrative Support & Chief of Staff
(202) 238-4694 – Email: athomas@upo.org
Frances Bowie, Director
UPO Community Health Division
(202) 238-4691 - Email: fbowie@upo.org


PR-RELOCATE-CTC WASHINGTON, DC – October 18, 2010 – The United Planning Organization today announced the relocation of its Comprehensive Treatment Center (http://www.upo.org/Service-Centers/SATC) to the grounds of the former DC General Hospital, 1900 Massachusetts Avenue, SE Washington, DC. The UPO CTC facility is located in Building 13 on the campus.

``We believe our new location is much more conducive to UPO`s ultimate goal of assisting DC residents overcome opioid addictions, while at the same time helping their families better deal with the many problems associated with those addictions,`` observed Frances Bowie, director of UPO`s newly formed Community Health Division.

The Comprehensive Treatment Center provides medically-managed treatment to opiate dependent individuals. CTC is a provider of substance abuse services under a grant from the District of Columbia Department of Health, Addiction Prevention and Recovery Program and the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

Newly appointed acting center director Brenda Kelly says patients are currently transitioning to the new location for services.