Thursday, June 30, 2016

McMillan Park: "If you care about our city and our parks, please watch this video"

See this 06-30-2016 request:

Could you please share my video on McMillan again?

Washingtonians are worried that their government is about to give away this beautiful and historic site to deep-pocketed and politically connected developers. 

If you care about our city and our parks, please watch this video. We need your voices to help protect this legacy.

Sylvia Pinkney: ANC 5E04 June 2016 community update

See this message from Eckington resident and ANC 5E04 Commissioner Sylvia Pinkney:

ANC 5E04 June 2016 Community Update

The next ANC 5E public monthly meeting is scheduled to convene on Tuesday, September 20, 2016, 7:00 pm, Friendship-Armstrong Public Charter School, 1400 First Street, NW.

ANC 5E voted to:
Support MRP/RIA Shopping Center PUD Updates (Michael Skena) contingent upon a revision of the amenities package to reflect 14% affordable housing (203 units) for the entire project at 60% AMI.
Support ZC# 06-04D - 1600 North Capitol St NW (Florida & Q St, LLC)
- Request for a minor modification of approved plans to add penthouse habitable space.
- Request for a two-year extension of the PUD order.
Oppose BZA Applications - # 19302 – 232 S St NE – Special Exception - to convert a single family home to three condos - Hearing scheduled for July 12th- 9:30am.
Support BZA Application - #19219 - 2001 2nd St NE–Variance – Community Input Requested (Karen McAdoo) Increasing the number of apartments in a four unit building to five units.
Support Letter of Support for Edgewood Day- (Michael Clark). Edgewood Day was held at the Edgewood Recreation Center, 300 Evarts Street NE on Saturday, June 25th from 11am – 4pm.
Support Commissioner Holliday's resolution requesting a re-hearing of a limited portion of the final order on case #13-14B, (Parcel 4 of the McMillan Sand Filtration Site).

McMillan Development
  • The McMillan HPRB Hearing held on Thursday, May 26, 2016, on Public parcels, including the park, service courts and elements within those parcels that were refined since HPRB approval in October 2013, were approved.
Harry Thomas Recreation Center

Single Member District 5E04 meeting held on Thursday, June 9, 2016, resulted in the following actions:

  • A Metropolitan Police Department 5D log book for officers to sign in and out when they visit the center during each shift. The officer's visits are designed to add a level of security at the site. The presence or potential presence, at any given time, of a 5D officer will quell some of the problematic activities residents complain about most. The new log book was dropped off at the center this afternoon.

  • Officer Mark Lakomec 5D and I conducted a safety evaluation of the field and playground. We discovered that the two gates between Choice Academy and the basketball court were open. The gate between the playground and Langley Education Campus is locked. However, the lock could easily be opened with pliers. The lock must be replaced. Weeds cover the fence between the swimming pool and the playground area. For safety purposes, everyone should be able to see from one area to the other. The fence between McKinley Technology High School and the playground has a man-made opening where enough dirt was dug out under the fence a young person can crawl under the fence into the playground at night. The fence separating the alley behind T Street and the field has a man-made opening under the fence large enough for young adults to squeeze through and enter the field at night.
Upkeep - Landscaping

All of the landscaping is overgrown. The football field and pool are the only bright spots at the Harry Thomas Recreation Center. They appear to be well kempt.

The safety and landscaping issues were reported to the Department of Parks and Recreation and Department of General Services on Wednesday, June 22, 2016 and Friday, June 24, 2016.


Current Programs -- Harry Thomas Recreation Center

Monday- Friday
Afternoon Access ( ages 11-14)

Afternoon Access (ages 6-13)

**this is open to the community as well
Tuesday & ThursdayTeeball

7:00pm- 9:00pm

FridayBeg. Tennis

Supreme Teens

Crime Statistics

Crimes that reported within 1000 feet of the Harry Thomas Recreation Center between 4/10/16 to 6/09/16.

Homicide (1)
Robbery excluding gun (1)
Assault dangerous weapon (ADW) excluding gun (1)
Total Violent Crime (3)

Burglary (5)
Theft (8)
Theft F/auto (11)
Stolen Auto (2)
Total Property Crime (26)
Total Crime (29)

Eckington Development
  • Herson Glass – 72 Florida Avenue, NE – for sale.
  • 22 P Street, NE – parking lot behind the Exxon at corner of Florida Avenue and North Capitol Street, NE – for sale.
  • 8 P Street, NE – sold to Mihir Shah a partner in an LLC.
  • 138 U Street, NE – Yang's Market – for sale – after 20 years in the Eckington community the market is closing.
  • 134 – 136 U Street, NE (a church) sold last year. No activity on the property/vacant property sign posted on front door. 132 U Street LLC
  • 1923 Lincoln Road, NE – home and commercial space for sale – Lincoln Market Deli currently occupies the commercial space.

DCist: see Bloomingdale's historic subdivisions

Click on the link to read the entire DCist post and to see the DC subdivision map:

Butt's Land and Cuckold's Delight: Mapping D.C.'s Historic Subdivisions       

You may live in Cuckold's Delight or Butt's Land, or maybe just Petworth.
We mapped out the city's historical subdivisions, the original divisions of land made by developers, and found that there are some names we're familiar with and some that are... colorful. The data comes from a list of subdivisions from 1919 compiled by historian Matthew Gilmore, we then linked each subdivision to its modern squares, the way the land is divided in the city today. Hover over a colored area on the map to see its name and any other alternate names for the subdivision.
"Subdivisions are when a developer purchases a large tract of land, usually farmland, and subdivides the lot into smaller lots which will contain houses that get sold to individual property owners," says historian and author Kent Boese. "It doesn't matter if these are free standing houses, rowhouses, or commercial properties. They all originally belonged to a single property owner and were once recorded as a single tax lot prior to development."

this month at Samsara House 2023 - July 2016

From: Cullen Kowalski
Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2016 2:21 PM

Subject: This Month at Samsara House 2023 - July 2016

Samsara House 2023's powerful democratized 
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Launching August 2016

Mindfulness has become very trendy these days because it is known to have many benefits for our overall health and well-being.  Many studies indicate how mindfulness can reduce stress and improve our overall wellness.  In addition to our monthly offerings in D.C. at Samsara House 2023, Bennett Crawford and Cullen Kowalski will offer new weekly meditation classes and a monthly meditation workshop series at East meets West Yoga in Vienna, VA. A weekly one-hour mindfulness meditation class will be offered every Sunday evening for anyone who would like individual support in strengthening their mind and stabilizing their attention--sort of like strength training for the mind.  A monthly 2-3 hour workshop series on mindfulness meditation in daily life will be offered for anyone who would like to learn how to effectively bring the fruits of their meditation practice into the real world, where it matters most.  Both the weekly evening meditation classes and the monthly workshops launch in August 2016.

In these classes and workshops, you will not only learn tools on how to reduce stress and improve wellness but you will also learn to develop a deeper trust and wisdom within and take mindful awareness “off the cushion” into your daily life.  In the workshops, you will learn insights, tools and practices to become more present in life and discover its true value when you engage in “interpersonal” mindfulness or mindful mutuality with others. Mindfulness is not just a solo activity we engage in once in the morning and once at night; it’s a way of being in the world from a deeper place of trust, wisdom and compassion thus transforming the very way we engage with each other on a daily basis. 

* * * * * 

This Month at Samsara House 2023
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with Bennett Crawford and Cullen Kowalski

1. Weekly evening meditation classes (1 hr every Sunday evening)
2. Monthly meditation workshop series (2 hrs once per month)
Stay tuned..

Open "Fireside" Chat Awakening Meditation Circle with Bennett Crawford and Cullen Kowalski
7:30PM - 9:30PM
Cost $5 - Tea and Conscious Snacks Served
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(2008 post card)

FREE Pop-up Meditation at Bloomingdale Farmer's Market (come try it!)
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For anyone wondering what meditation is all about, but doesn’t know where to start. For anyone who seeks to create an effective daily meditation practice--novices and experienced meditators alike. For anyone interested in learning a whole new way of being that can rapidly transform themselves, their communities, their schools and their organizations. For those who want to make real or “Real-ize” their whole being, become awake and fully integrated. For those who are ready to transform themselves and the world. This powerful introduction to meditation class could be for you.
Sign-up on the spot for one or more fifteen minute experiences of guided meditation to see what it's all about!

Sign-up on the spot, one or more 15 Minute Experiences of Guided Meditation



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FINDING JOE - Conscious Film Night July 2016
Joseph Campbell’s famous discovery, the hero’s journey, is thoroughly explored in the film Finding Joe. This documentary takes us on a magical journey through the human psyche and on to Joseph Campbell’s most important teaching of all: follow your bliss
President Barack Obama Requests Screener of Finding Joe
7:30PM - 10:00PM
Cost $5 - Tea and Conscious Snacks Served
Watch Trailers/Download Flyer:
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Math and Mindfulness Summer Camp for 11-13
18-22 JULY 
Math and Mindfulness for Life! Summer Camp, ages 11-13 (Washington, DC)
with Kaira Jewel Lingo (former nun at Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village Mindfulness Practice Center) and James Gaines, Jr., Math teacher, tutor and specialist.
* Improve math skills
* Learn mindfulness
* Decrease anxiety and stress
* Increase math confidence
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Cost $70-$35 per student
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Start your day with Kundalini Yoga in D.C. now four mornings each week!
Sunrise Kundalini with Jiwan Shakti Kaur
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Sunrise Kundalini with Haridev Kaur and friends
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Come greet the sun with me and the Yoga House Collective this Wednesday, from 6:30-8am at Church of The Holy City - National Swedenborgian Church. With the beautiful morning light that comes with the summer solstice happening soon, we will appreciate the sun, warm our hearts and foster our compassion. What a great way to start the day!
1611 16th Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20009
Open Drop In 
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Kundalini Yoga, Gong and Meditation with Doris Ramjot Kaur and friends
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Kundalini Yoga Class (Rotating Instructors)
8:30AM - 9:45AM @ Bloombars, Columbia Heights D.C.
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About Samsara House 2023, (est. 2013)

What we do
Offering extraordinary experiences from the leading-edge of healing, connection and awakening. Beginner to advanced workshops and integrated programs for individuals, communities, schools and corporations. [ ... ] 

● creating space for healing, connection and awakening

● developing the ability to tap into the full potential of human life

● activating the next evolutionary level of consciousness

Guiding Principles



You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. ~ Buckminster Fuller

Be the change you wish to see in the world. ~ Gandhi

* * * * *

Join the Samsara House 2023 mailing list:
Samsara House 2023
36 R Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

Popville: scary experience in LeDroit Park on Monday, 06-27-2016

Click on the link to read the entire Tuesday, 06-28-2016, P#pville post:

“PSA for Attempted Assault/Props to the Neighbors in Ledroit Park”

1927: Physics class visits #McMillanPark to see filtration plant

See this tweet and image:

Paul Cerruti@pauljcerruti                         
Physics class visits to see filtration plant ES c1927
9:25 AM - 30 Jun 2016

Grassroots Gourmet: order ahead for your holiday pies !

See this Instagram message from Grassroots Gourmet:

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Robbery Force & Violence at 2030 hrs at 64 Channing Street NW

Argh!  Another robbery on Channing this evening.

From: AlertDC []
Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2016 11:00 PM
Subject: Crime Alert 5th District (PSA 501-508)

This is an important message from the District of Columbia AlertDC system.

Alert: Robbery Force and Violence at 2030 hrs at 64 Channing Street NW. Lookout for 2 black males wearing all black
Sent to 5th District (PSA 501-508) Alert DC
Sent by MPD CAD #6864


Robbery Fear near 1st & Channing St NW alleyway around 9 pm earlier this evening

First, a message from a neighborhood resident:

~ Another robbery in Bloomingdale: A good friend of ours was robbed this evening walking to our house around 9 pm at the alleyway near 1st and Channing NW.  We don't know if the perp was armed but he pressed something against the back of her head and then took her wallet and tablet. She didn't see him so couldn't provide any descriptive information.  Police were called and a report has been filed and they are checking her phone - which the perp held briefly - for prints.

And here is the DC Alert message:
From: AlertDC []
Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2016 9:37 PM
Subject: Crime Alert 5th District (PSA 501-508)

This is an important message from the District of Columbia AlertDC system.

Alert: Robbery Fear at 2030 hrs in the Unit block of Channing Street NW. [street or intersection]. Lookout for: 2 Black/Males, wearing all black clothing Suspect (1) thin build, 6'0" tall.
Sent to 5th District (PSA 501-508) Alert DC
Sent by MPD CAD # 5279

And here is the tweet from the DC Police Department:

DC Police Department@DCPoliceDept                         
Alert: Robbery Fear Unit block of Channing Street NW. Lookout for: 2 Black/Males, all black clothing Suspect (1) thin build, 6'0" tall.
9:31 PM - 29 Jun 2016

come to the Common Good City Farm Stand on Thursday, 06-30-2016 - "we have peaches!"

Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2016 3:21 PM
Subject: [LeDroitPark] Come out to our Farm Stand tomorrow! We have peaches!

Hi Everyone,

Come out to our Farm Stand tomorrow from 4-7 pm.

We will have:

Kale ( Red Russian & Siberian)
Cherry tomatoes

Many thanks!
Josephine Chu
Program and Outreach Coordinator
Common Good City Farm
V Street between 2nd and 4th Streets, NW
Washington, DC 20001
202-559-7513 (office)


Common Good City Farm's mission is to grow food, educate, and help
low-income DC community members meet their food needs. Our programs
provide hands-on training in food production, healthy eating, and
environmental sustainability.

Federal employee? Our CFC# is 74984.

Signup for our e-newsletter:

Save McMillan Action Coalition: July 4th -- McMillan Park History Blast and BBQ

Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2016 4:42 PM
Subject: [WARD5] July 4th: McMillan Park History Blast and BBQ

Monday, July 4th, The Save McMillan Action Coalition invites you to the McMillan Park July 4th History Tour and Barbeque Potluck!

Starting at 6:30pm, this family-friendly event, with Rooftop views of the downtown fireworks display invites you to learn of the amazing history of this national landmark & maybe you will discover the next dinosaur bone near McMillan!

* 6:30PM Gathering & Powerful Potluck
* 7:30PM McMillan Park History Blast
* 9:00PM Glorious Fireworks (access rooftop views)

For more information go to:

RSVP: Daniel 202 then 232-8391

Bloomingdale Historic Designation Coalition update -- from Paul Cerruti

See this 06-27-2016 message to the community from Bloomingdale resident Paul Cerruti:

Paul Cerruti letter to Bloomingdale 2016 06 27 by Scott Roberts

daytime package theft at 1st & Seaton Place NW yesterday, Tuesday, 06-28-2016

Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2016 9:39 AM
Subject: Another package thief - 1st and Seaton Pl

Hi Scott,  unfortunately we had another package thief at 1st and Seaton NW.  It occurred in broad daylight at 4:51pm on Tuesday, June 28.  Here are a few screen prints from security video in the neighborhood.