Friday, December 21, 2012

Anybody know whose cat this is?

A concerned neighbor posted to the forum at regarding this cat. Here is the post:

There is a black cat with a sweet disposition and Christmas bell on his(?) collar that has been hanging around Seaton Place NW & North Capitol for several days.

I should say, I'm not a cat person at all, they make me sneeze and I wish they would stay inside for the sake of songbirds, but this guy has won me over. He is beyond sweet and purrs excessively when I pet him even though I have to do it through a dishtowel (so my hands don't itch). He is very clean and is obviously used to being inside (he wants to come in each night) and the jingle bell is attached to a rather nice "Safety Collar."

A neighbor posted a picture of him on Twitter on the #BloomingdaleDC hashtag which I have attached. He is all black with a small little bald patch on his head. No one has responded to the Tweets yet, so I thought I would reach out. He is currently sleeping buried in a ratty old sweater of mine I left next to our door, keep hoping he finds his way home, but he has been reappearing every night. Would love to reunite him with his family as we go into the holiday weekend. I guess he has me feeling sentimental.

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Stephanie said...

Have you put signs up around the block? Quite possible the owner doesn't do Twitter, etc.