Tuesday, December 11, 2012

? anyone missing four Christmas plates delivered around 1st & V St NW -- perhaps around November 23rd?

From a V Street NW resident:
Can you enquire if anyone in the neighborhood is missing 4 Christmas plates, I think from Nov. 23?  There was packing paper strewn through the alley and 4 plates on the neighbor's trash can.  He said they were not his plates and put them in his house.  If someone claims them, I am sure that he will give them up.

I have now had several things stolen.  Two suitcases were taken out of the trunk of my friends' car when they were leaving the day after Thanksgiving.  I have been waiting for a package to be delivered.  I just spoke with the manufacturer who says UPS delivered it on 11-30-2012 by leaving it on my front steps.  I have never seen it, leaving me to believe it too was stolen.

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