Friday, December 21, 2012

DC Council committee assignments and Ward 5 CM McDuffie

Here’s a full list of the new committee assignments:
Workforce and Community Affairs: Marion Barry, chair. Yvette Alexander, Jim Graham, Kenyan McDuffie, Tommy Wells.
Business, Consumer and Regulatory Affairs: Vincent B. Orange, chair. Yvette Alexander, Mary Cheh, Jim Graham, David Grosso.
Economic Development: Muriel Bowser, chair. Anita Bonds, Jack Evans, Kenyan McDuffie, Vincent Orange.
Finance and Revenue: Jack Evans, chair. Marion Barry, Muriel Bowser, David Catania, David Grosso.
Health: Yvette Alexander, chair. Anita Bonds, David Catania, David Grosso, Vincent Orange.
Judiciary: Tommy Wells, chair. Anita Bonds, Muriel Bowser, Mary Cheh, Jack Evans.
Education: David Catania, chair. Yvette Alexander, Marion Barry, David Grosso, Tommy Wells.
Government Operations: Kenyan McDuffie, chairMuriel Bowser, David Catania, Mary Cheh, Vincent Orange.
Human Services: Jim Graham, chair. Marion Barry, Anita Bonds, Kenyan McDuffie, Tommy Wells.
Transportation and the Environment: Mary Cheh, chair. Jack Evans, Jim Graham, Kenyan McDuffie, Tommy Wells.

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