Monday, December 24, 2012

World Missions December 22nd Toy Drive Rally

See this message from Dr. joAnn Perkins of World Missions Extension Center for Christ, 1720 1st Street NW, in Bloomingdale, regarding Saturday's Toy Giveaway Rally held at McKinley Tech:
Merry Christmas  everyone.
Just wanted to say thanks to each of you for helping us provide to 450 families with toys for their children. we say a special thanks to each of you for helping us make so many kids smile.
And of course without Santa and the many people who volunteered and share their time and smiles with the kids, it was great, smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We had lots of fun entertainment that made the kids dance and smile.
With 7 rallies done this year, the toy rally sponsored on December 22nd was our last rally for this year.  Now we will start all over by sponsoring our PRAYER FOR THE CITY RALLY, WHICH WILL ALLOW US TO PRAY ABOUT THE NEEDS OF THE PEOPLE WE HAVE GROWN TO SERVE  and during the month of January. Our city wide prayer meeting summit will be held on Sat. January 26th at our church.  Please feel free to submit your prayer request to us so that we can pray for you and your families. Prayer request should be sent to the church 1720 First Street NW. Washington, DC 200001 or you can send prayer request by email:
Be blessed and thanks and again to all who helped us, for without your help, we would not have been able to impact so many families.
Again Merry Christmas everyone, and by all means please keep World Missions in your prayers,

Ward 5 Councilmember McDuffie in the photo below.


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