Monday, December 17, 2012

objects found (perhaps lost or stolen) in Flagler Place NW alley

See this Sunday, 12/16/2012 message:

We found some items in our alley way at 2009 Flagler Place NW that somebody might be looking for (stolen and dropped): a jewelry box filled with rings, bracelets and other accessories; a receipt from the Apple Store in Pentagon City for $1.999, an empty check book and wallet that was emptied. We notified the police and Officer Brown from the Metropolitan Police Department, 5th district, took the report. Anyone who thinks these items belong to them should call the 5th District at 202-698-0150. Dan D.

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  1. Hello Dan,
    Those items were stolen from our apartment located near flagers street. The robbery happened around 6-9 pm friday night. The thieves also stole our laptop,cellphone, camera, documents, jewellery and the list goes on.

    However I have to thank you for your concern and reporting it to the police. That is the best news we have heard in these two days.
    Also a special thanks to Mr Jason for sharing us the link to this website.

    And I want to alert people around this neighbourhood that our apartment has been robbed 2 times in 2 days and items worth thousands have been stolen. Please stay alert and keep your belongings safe. This is a serious crime and I dont feel safe at all .

    Thank you for