Tuesday, November 07, 2006

around the neighborhood anc elections

ANC 5C01: Anita Bonds,

ANC 5C02: Kris Hammond defeated Cleopatra Jones.

ANC 5C03: Stuart Davenport defeated Andrew Pollard and write-in candidate Njeri Santana.

ANC 5C04: John Salatti defeated Robert Brannum.

ANC 5C05: No one ran for this seat.

ANC 5C06: Mary Lois Farmer-Allen defeated Michael Henderson and Stephanie White

ANC 5C07: Barrie Daneker,
ANC 5C08: Marshall Phillips Sr.

ANC 5C09: Silas H. Grant, who ran unopposed, won this seat.

ANC 5C10: No one ran for this seat.

ANC 5C11: No one ran for this seat.

ANC 5C12: Derrick Holloway won this seat. He ran unopposed.

ANC 1B01 Myla Moss defeated Lawrence Guyot in LeDroit Park

ANC 2C02 Kevin Chapple defeated Leroy Thorpe in

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