Friday, March 21, 2008

zaatar w zeit, is DC ready for a 24 hour man'oushe place?

man'oushe is one of my favorite foods in the universe. sadly there is no place i know of to get them hot and fresh in dc. i keep encouraging my brother in law to open up a franchise of Zaatar w Zeit, my favorite place to eat in Beirut. Its a really terrific 24 hour restaurant when you can get great man'oushe.
here is a good description of Man'oushe
or the wikipedia page

I really cant imagine a better lunch place for all those NPR, XM, ATF and DOJ workers, or an afterhours grub place after Ibiza or Fur. Its far better than Jumbo Slice.
Surely someone wants to open up a place on North Capitol.

its a gold mine waiting to happen.

i know someone, somewhere in dc clicked on this page, all excited they could get their fix locally. maybe hundreds of thousands. its just that good. Not yet, man, but someday.

i'd take a Barbar too, but its not as cozy.


  1. have you been to the little arabic store near the trader joe's in bailey's crossroads?

    they have some really great zaatar. the last time i went they even had the 'green' zaatar which is typically a syrian thing.

    manoush and tabbouli on a sunday morning is one of the best things about my weekends. if only i didn't have to prepare it myself!!

  2. Mediterranean Bakery, right?

    sometimes i make my menaeesh from the dough balls from litteri's.

    and my fatayer.
    i get my zaatar from lebanon;
    Spinneys or ABC
    ; )

    now a spinneys in NoMa would rock it.

  3. Yep. Im one of those people that clicked the link. Living out in Dubai, eating one of those sandwiches as I write this. Bout to move back home to DC.

    I was sised for a second.