Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Crossing Florida

i got this email and wanted to pass it along:

Crossing Florida Avenue at R street on one's bicycle usually requires some Jackie Chan-style stunt work. Many cars do not obey the meager pedestrian cross walk that is meant to alert drivers to heavy non-auto traffic at this intersection. In response to recent inquiries about options to raise drivers' awareness and caution at Florida and R, DC Bike Program Specialist Mike Goodno wrote a very speedy, informative and friendly note detailing new construction the city is considering to enhance safety at Florida and R. He also mentioned that concerns would be forwarded to other city officials.

Perhaps to speed the resolution of this neighborhood issue (or to learn more about it), other similarly concerned Bloomingdalers could email Mike Goodno, yaknow, just to show some community solidarity on this issue (assuming it exists and you too do not want to die). Since Mike's response was prompt and great, hopefully everyone will share their thoughts and questions with him in a constructive and friendly manner. His email is: which is publicly available at

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IMGoph said...

sean: if you don't mind, i'd like to cross post this at bloomingdale (for now) as well. this is a really dangerous intersection for pedestrians and bikers (and really, cars trying to drive across on R street also). something needs to be done to slow down traffic on florida, so i'd like to draw as much attention to this as possible.