Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Stanley Mayes: UPO to close its methadone clinic

I attended this evening's joint LeDroit Park/Bloomingdale crime meeting held at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church.

There was one newsy announcement made that I will pass along here.

One of the meeting attendees was Stanley Mayes, who currently serves as the chair of the Third District (3D) CAC.

He is also chairman of the board of the United Planning Organization (www.upo.org.).

Stanley mentioned that UPO would be closing its methadone clinic -- which I believe is on the unit block of N Street NE.

No other information was provided.


Anonymous said...

THanks, why not post more of your notes from the meeting? It would be wonderful to hear what happend for those uf us who could not go.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I only posted this one news item from the meeting because I want the neighborhood to be explicitly advised about the closure of the UPO methadone clinic.

-- Scott Roberts of Bloomingdale

Unknown said...

FYI: The Comprehensive Treatment Center, a program operated by the United Planning Organization, remains open and will soon relocate to a new location. UPO will issue a press statement announcing the relocation at that time.
Harvey N. Johnson III
UPO Public Awareness Director

north cap said...

anxious to know where it will move.

-chris in bloomingdale

Anonymous said...

The idea that you should give someone addicted to drugs a more addictive drug like methadone and call it "treatment" is absurd. The real treatment is to give them a good detox and rehab so that they can be drug free.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why people get so excited when there is mention of a neighborhood methadone clinic closing. While methadone is no silver bullet, these programs do help some people get their lives back together. You may surprised to know that people who own homes and businesses in your neighborhood and patronize Bloomingdale's cafes and shops are current or former methadone patients. If the concern is drug dealing, address that issue. Don't target the methadone programs or their patients.

C in DC