Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cookie`s Corner re-opened today

Strolling by 2nd & Elm Street NW, I noticed a ``Now Open`` sign on the door. I stepped inside and noticed that the shelves in the public area were stocked with chips, salsa, wines (plus some groceries like toilet paper, dishwashing liquid, breakfast cereal and dog food.) There is also chilled beer, milk, assorted dairy items and ice cream. I assume that the alcohol license is for off-premise comsumption. It looks like there will be stool seating along the window facing 2nd Street NW and Parker Flats.

They weren't set up just yet to cook anything - that will begin tomorrow. A menu should be available tomorrow. Pizza and sandwiches will be prepared behind the interior window panes that separate the public space from the food prep area (and the cash register.)

And yes, the name is still Cookie`s Corner.

The hours of operation are 9 am to 10 pm seven days a week.

Stop by and check it out!

I look forward to congratulating Simon soon for achieving his goal!


Anonymous said...

HATE the plexiglass. Very disappointed in Simon.

Anonymous said...

Plexiglass still? This is DISGUSTING. Where is the voluntary agreement, where is the vote before the community? A frozen pizza and meatrix sandwich shop, that still sells 40s, cheap wine, booze and cigarettes behind plexiglass. This is really disgusting that the neighborhood for install yet another corner cheap booze store that pretends to sell pizza and sandwiches as a cover...certainly not for a restaurant license, must be a liquor store license. No community review or approval. No voluntary agreement. And yet the ANC and BCA railroad against Boundary Stone and Big Bear for a real advancement.

I bet the line will be around the block, just like the line for the gross food at the Ledroit, I mean corner booze store.

Scott Roberts of Bloomingdale said...

Okay, I am going to start deleting anonymous postings. Please identify yourself in your comments.

Anonymous said...

Scott, if you are going to host a forum, then you should expect that people are going to speak their opinions. That is the beauty of this site and the beauty of anonymity. People will really speak their minds. If they have to post their name, then they won't speak up, change won't occur, or it could create tensions between neighbors that could explode. As long as no one is blantantly lieing, slandering, etc others then why would you want to censor free speech. you cannot expect everyone to really support a new "cookie" stand, or even a new "Bear", people like to vent, it is good for them to get it out. You offer a wonderful opportunity to do so. Please do not censor and please do not change just because someone doesn't support something that you may find nifty.

Margot said...

I completely support Simon as a local businessman, but my conversations with him over the years have always indicated that he was going to have a more upscale pizza and sandwich shop. I was SO excited when I read this place was *finally* open, but if it's a cheap corner store, with plexiglass and riffraff, I won't go. We do NOT need another place like this in the neighborhood. I am so disappointed in Simon - how did this happen???

Ryan Eades said...

@ 3rd down Anonymous talking about Scott hosting the forum.

See how annoying it is to have to reply to you with that long description, instead of saying @Scott. Though that's not really my point.

My real question to you is, why would you say something online that you wouldn't be willing to say in person to someone's face? If you aren't willing to put your name behind your words, maybe you should think twice about what words you are saying/typing.

Posting on the Internet is not a free pass to say and do what you want behind the perceived comfort of anonymity. Accountability should transcend the online space, otherwise words and opinions are meaningless. Real change and/or productive conversation occurs when people know to whom they are speaking, can show respect to one another whether they agree or disagree, and when those involved have to actually use their brains to form an intelligent opinion instead of spouting off at the mouth/keyboard anonymously.

JM said...

Simon has been held up at gunpoint before (more than once). Same goes for Windows, Timor, and Flagler. Two local store owners have been killed by robbers in the last decade (Bryant St. Market, and A&L). Honestly, you'd have to be very brave to open a business here *without* plexiglass.

Directing outrage at Simon seems misguided. Instead blame Councilmembers who continue to allow crime-ridden low-income apartment buildings to operate. Or blame the abysmal parenting in the neighborhood. Or just blame the teenage kids that perpetuate most of the violence.

- JM

Scott Roberts of Bloomingdale said...

I invite LeDroit Park and Bloomingdale residents to stop by the renovated Cookie's Corner at 2nd & Elm Street NW. Check out the food. Do you like it?

What do you think of the renovated interior space?

Sean Hennessey said...

Personally, i agree that there is freedom in anonymous posting and it has never bothered me on this blog, or on any blog.
The real problem for me in anonymity is that most of the negativity comes from 2 maybe 3 IP addresses, but it is made to look like a lot of people due the quantity of comments. The problem with changing the settings to require a name, at least in Blogger, is that it would require the commentor to have an account.

my argument for allowing anon comments is the freedom it gives to say what you want. the freedom from harassment of unpopular opinions. the freedom that 10 years from now your unschooled opinion about something doesnt follow you. the internet will be around longer than you and nothing you say will disappear, so some prefer to keep their comments removed from their person. personally i respect that.
i dont think people need to be outted for their thoughts, especially if their other option is to just not say anything. i have changed the settings to show a timestamp in comments. that will help in replying to anons. or just dont reply to them if you are really bothered by it.

but then again, my instincts and ways of handling this blog hasn't really help to generate much community spirit or a lot of healthy dialogue here, so maybe i'm totally off.
i can change the comment settings if people really want it.
scott, what do you think?

gary mendel said...

scott, who cares if comments are anonymous? are they any less valid? you censoring anything is more offensive than any opinion on issues. - gary

EmilyHaHa said...

I'm all for freedom of speech, but blog moderators and administrators have a right set whatever rules they want for their sites. And declining or deleting a comment because that user is not following the rules is not censorship, but stewardship by the blog owner. Many large blogging sites don't even allow your comments to go live without logging in and commenting several times to prove that you're a worthy member of the community. Likewise, there are plenty of places online to express your views anonymously; this blog just doesn't happen to be one of those places. I'd be totally supportive of changing the comment settings. At the very least, why don't the anonymous users just post a fictitious handle, like other people? It would make it easier to respond to people.

Now to the issue at hand: the new store. Technically it's in LeDroit Park, so whatever went into it being opened must have gone through their Civic Association, right? And I'm not sure how Plexiglass makes a place "disgusting," but I for one am not going to pass any further justice until I visit the place.

2nd Streeter said...

I'm pretty happy to have a place right across the street for emergency milk/bread runs. I think the best thing is to patronize the establishment and make comments or encourage them if you would like them to carry something in particular.

Plexiglass is disappointing but I would never question an owner's right to do what he/she thinks is best for his/her own safety and that of employees. And I've had ample opportunity lately to understand that this neighborhood isn't "there" yet in terms of safety.


DC said...

Where is the voluntary agreement, where is the vote before the community?

We should not expect a "vote before the community" when it comes to design and safety decisions made by a business owner about how he wants to run his business.

But the point the first commenter makes is a valid one, though: we are fine with the (re)openings of these corner stores without public controversies, petitions demanding that the owner open something else, extended ANC meetings requiring buy-in and evidence universal support from "the community," etc.

Anonymous said...

Right...stewardship. Ru kidding? Ok, so let's just put up happy happy joy joy comments and censor anything negative. That way we get a completely skewed picture of public opinion but at least the public sensibility isn't damaged. A blog albeit the lowest one is a form of journalism. Accept the rules, standards and practices or find another hobby.

- A.N. Mous

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invitation, Scott. I visited and it is definitely NOT a place where I would buy food to put into my body or my family's body. Think Flagler Market with a microwave. This is NOT the Gourmet pizza place that was promised. This is another corner liquor store with sub sandwiches behind the plexi glass.

Is there a health code that these places have to follow or are the getting around it since they are a liquor/grocery store and not a restaurant/tavern? It did not look very clean behind the counter and it did not look like people were wearing gloves or washing their hands between the food prep and the money counting.

So a great place to buy a sub and big single can of beer and walk the streets of Bloomingdale?

Nice improvement. What next? Really, imagine the possibilities.

Scott asked for us to look at the renovations, I am more interested in the food and cleanliness. Most of the time, this only gets worse as time goes on...look at the Ledroit Market...are they still allowed to sell food there? Would you eat it? Not me.