Monday, May 02, 2011

? any neighbors visit Green Paws ?

Might some neighbors have stopped by Green Paws at 81 Seaton Place NW, 2nd floor -- Bloomingdale's newest retail business ?

Eager for some neighborhood feedback!


Green said...

Hi, folks! A big thank you to the people of Schuyler, Chilli and Foxy yesterday! We were so excited to have our first customers even before our official opening today.

We are open for business and eager to meet our neighbors, so come on down! And please let us know how we're doing, what else you'd like to see there and how we can best serve the Bloomingdale neighborhood. Paws out!

Green Paws Family
81 Seaton Place NW (second floor)

Mike said...

We're long time consumers of California Natural dog food. Well, our dog is. We walked into Green Paws and found Foxy's favorite right away. The store is a clean, friendly place, very welcoming for dogs. They have all the top brands I know of high-quality dog food. Great treats and toys, too. We'll be getting Foxy's food there from now on. We also look forward to getting some food of our own soon downstairs at the pizza place.

Mike and Jessie

neochen said...

Mike and Jessie,

Just as an FYI - California Natural is made by NaturaPet in California. They also make Innova, the food both of my cocker spaniels used to eat. What I liked about NaturaPet was that they were a local company and so I trusted they used local and quality ingredients. However, in May, NaturaPet was purchased by Proctor and Gamble, with plans mass market the NaturaPet products. Everything I have read suggests that P&G state they won't change the formula, but that was the same information I had about Iams after Purina bought them and completely changed the product. Also, once they start mass marketing, I have to question their ability to maintain quality control with quality products at that scale.

I have yet to make it to GreenPaws, and I look forward to a visit and hope that they also carry Emmett and Gunther's new favorite food - Orijen.

Robert said...

Hey, I am very curious about this place -- is it only dog food and supplies, though, or are cats provided for as well?

Green said...

@neochen -- you're right about Proctor and Gamble. We're keeping a close eye on those developments to make sure California Naturals is and remains trustworthy.

@Robert - yes, we have cat food and litter as well!

@Mike - thank you for shopping at Green Paws!

VivrantThing said...

Hi Green Paws!

What are your hours?

Green said...

Hi, Vivrant! We are open Wednesday through Monday (closed Tuesdays) 10:30 a.m. - 7 p.m.; on Sundays we close at 6 p.m.
Those hours might change if we get a real neighborhood demand for later/earlier hours. But we also deliver, so if those hours don't work well for you just give the store a call at (202) 986-6373 and we'll bring what you need on over!

Green Paws