Monday, May 21, 2012

new ZipCar location in Channing St NW alley

From a Channing Street NW household:

It looks like Zip Car has struck a deal with one of the homeowners on the unit block of Channing St NW. There is a new parking spot in the alley. It seems that they have shifted their business model to private homes. Only, none of the neighbors were consulted before the location was put in and it isn`t clear whether they need a permit to run a business out of the alley in a residential area. We are not crazy about strangers from outside of Bloomingdale wandering our alley to find a Zip Car. It would have been nice to know how much foot traffic to expect and how the company is going to contribute to keeping the alley clean and safe. Does have experience with Zip Car setting up shop on their block?


nobodyhomehere said...

I don't think the people looking for Zip Cars will create a crime wave. I would, though, worry about those who might hang out with the intent of robbing the Zippers.
Little solace, I'm sure, to Channing Street homeowners who were not consulted, but I have seen similar alley Zip Car lots on Capitol Hill.

IMGoph said...

this seems like a heck of a 'chicken little' concern.