Saturday, August 28, 2021

Bloomingdale Farmers Market: Garner's annual tomato seconds sale -- Sunday, 08-29-2021

See this 08-28-2021 message:

From: Robin Shuster
Sent: Saturday, August 28, 2021 5:24 PM
Subject: Reserve —BIG Tomato Sale BFM Sunday

Hi BFM Fans,

PSA: Rain or shine, sun or clouds, humidity or not, we are here every Saturday until December 19.  

Garner's Annual Tomato Seconds Sale 

Bernard emailed me that their annual August Seconds Sale is here this weekend.  $20/box - that's less than a $1/lb. What can you do with 25 pounds of tomatoes? A friend said she will make Gazpacho, tomato sauce, slow roast tomatoes for the freezer so that she has tomatoes all winter. Do you can? Can tomato sauce or whole tomatoes. Otherwise, cook and freeze. And you can always share a box with family or friends.  Just to put it into perspective, I usually slow roast two boxes of their tomatoes with garlic and basil every August and then freeze them.  (And they never last until the next tomato season starts...)

Call 804 493 3013 to reserve your boxes right now and specify BFM 


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