Tuesday, December 11, 2012

CM McDuffie's fire and casualty amendment act: hearing is tomorrow, Wednesday, 12-12-2012

A suggestion from Bloomingdale resident Betsy McDaniel:

The hearing on Councilmember McDuffie's flood insurance bill is Wednesday morning.
Notice of hearing and bill are attached - contact info is in the notice if you would like to testify, or submit testimony. (Record will be open to receive written testimony until Dec 19.) You many also contact Barbara Mack if you would like to testify. 
Those of you who did not have insurance to cover losses caused by flooding and/or backflow should consider testifying.

Below: The notice of the hearing, followed by the Fire and Casualty Amendment Act of 2012 text. 
Fire and Casualty Amendent Act of 2012 Bill 19-939 Notice Fire and Casualty Amendment Act of 2012

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  1. Video of Council hearing (begins at 19:10)


    Betsy McDaniel