Friday, December 28, 2012

more pics of the renovation and expansion at 155 V Street NW - what do you think so far?


Unknown2 said...

Looks hideous so far, basically a cardboard pop up and pop out. But, anything is better than what was already there. What about the building attached to it...will it also get this facelift? Are these condos? Rentals? Who is doing the development? Owner or developer?

IMGoph said...

I can't believe anyone espouses a "something is better than nothing" point of view in yhis day and age in our city in our economy. That attitude doesn't belong in a booming neighborhood in the capital of the free world.

The building appears to be junk.

Chase said...

I can't believe someone espouses something to be "junk" by review of a few pictures and a drive-by.