Monday, July 21, 2014

Bloomingdale neighbor contracts viral meningitis from a mosquito bite

See this 07-21-2014 message from a Bloomingdale resident:

A member of my family here in Bloomingdale has been sick for several days and just learned he has mosquito-borne viral meningitis.   He should be better by the end of the week, but thought this might be news the neighborhood should hear.  Here's something I drafted in case you want to run it--thanks.

Neighbor contracts viral meningitis from a mosquito bite: After a week of feeling lousy, a neighbor went to the doctor and discovered he has viral meningitis contracted from a mosquito bite. While viral meningitis is rarely fatal, and in this case is not contagious person-to-person, it most often affects children and is intensely uncomfortable for the 7-10 days it lasts. Remember to clear standing water from your property to deprive mosquitoes of their breeding grounds and take precautions to avoid bites. Here's a link to a DC DOH fact sheet on the disease if you wish to learn more:

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