Tuesday, July 22, 2014

RiverSmart Bloomingdale Paver Incentives are expiring in 2 months! ACT NOW to take advantage of up to $5000.00 worth of work!!

From: "Oetman, Andrew (DDOE)" 
Date:07/21/2014 5:01 PM (GMT-05:00) 
Subject: RiverSmart Bloomingdale Paver Incentives Are Expiring in 2 months! ACT NOW to Take Advantage of up to $5000.00 worth of work!! 

ATTENTION: Act now, Projects Must be Completed by 09/30/2014 to be Eligible for this Special Funding!!!
How do I know if my home is eligible for this program? Check Here: Bloomingdale and Ledroit Park  Project Area
Dear RiverSmart Participants of the Bloomingdale and Ledroit Park neighborhood,
DDOE and the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay are reaching out to residents of Bloomingdale and Ledroit Park  and Ledroit Park one more time to make sure you and/or your neighbors know about the special funding dedicated for the Bloomingdale and Ledroit Park community for removing concrete and replacing it with pervious pavers and/or vegetation.  Over the next couple of months we are hoping to remove concrete and replace it with vegetation or pervious pavers all over the Bloomingdale and Ledroit Park  neighborhood.  This is a limited time offer, the funding is only available until September 30th, 2014.  This gives homeowners only 2 months to get your project rolling.  If you and/or your neighbors are interested in participating please contact us ASAP!  We have to have the projects completed by the 09/30/14.  This means we would need to review, approve and install your paver project by our deadline.
Get Started Today:
1.      Contact our list of approved contractors to get 2-3 project estimates
2.      Choose a contractor: decided on a contractor/estimate that fits your budget after our incentives are applied
3.      Submit your rebate application and we will review your application and send you/your contractor an approval to begin work

Program Details:
Thank you for your interest in the new RiverSmart Rebate program for Bloomingdale and Ledroit Park  and Ledroit Park residents.
The RiverSmart Rebate program was created to reimburse DC homeowners who have taken the initiative to reduce stormwater runoff from their properties through removal and replacement of impervious surface with pervious pavement or vegetated space.  A Stormwater Audit (conducted by DDOE staff) is not required to participate in the RiverSmart Rebate program.  Rebates of up to $5000.00, based on total square footage, are available in Bloomingdale and Ledroit Park  and Ledroit Park neighborhoods.  A minimum of 50 square feet of removed pavement is required.
If you have already participated (or currently have a project underway) through the RiverSmart Homes program, you may also qualify for Rebate funding by completing an additional project (one of those mentioned above).  You may combine the RiverSmart Homes and Rebate grants on a single project if it is a pervious paver project totaling 170 square feet or more or a concrete removal project totaling 350 square feet or more.
For more information regarding the RiverSmart Rebate Program and to apply, please review the attached documents or go to:
Please let me know if you have any questions or if you have trouble downloading the documents.
Thank you,
Sarah Davidson
RiverSmart Homes Program
Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay
501 Sixth Street
Annapolis, MD  21403
Main office:  443-949-0575
Fax:  443-949-0673
Cell: 202-817-9672 

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