Saturday, July 26, 2014

Zoning Commission public meeting agenda includes McMillan PUD 13-14 -- Monday, 07-28-2014

Here is the calendar for this Monday, 07-28-2014, public meeting.

Note that the McMillan Sand Filtration site PUD is one of MANY items on the agenda.

And note that this is NOT a hearing -- it is a meeting. 
Let's see how the Zoning Commissioners respond to the post-hearing submissions from Vision McMillan Partners, Bloomingdale Civic Association, Stronghold Civic Association and the McMillan Advisory Group (MAG).
ZC Schedule

Public Meeting

Start Time : 7/28/2014 6:30 PM


Case Number :Z.C. Case No. 08-06
Case Name :CONSENT CALENDAR: Kelsey Gardens - Request for Minor Modification to PUD @ Square 421
Result :
Case Number :Z.C. Case No. 14-06
Case Name :FINAL ACTION: KGG 50 M, LLC - CG Overlay Review @ Square 699
Result :
Case Number :Z.C. Case No. 14-03
Case Name :FINAL ACTION: Office of Planning - Text Amendment re.: Emergency Shelter
Result :
Case Number :Z.C. Case No. 11-07
Case Name :FINAL ACTION: American University - Order on Remand
Result :
Case Number :Z.C. Case No. 13-14
Case Name :PROPOSED ACTION: Vision McMillan Partner, LLC - 1st-Stage PUD, Related Map Amendment & Consolidated PUD @ Square 3128
Result :
Case Number :Z.C. Case No. 14-02
Case Name :PROPOSED ACTION: A&R Development, et al. - "Barry Farm" 1st-Stage PUD & Related Map Amendment @ Squares 5862, 5865, and 5866
Result :
Case Number :Z.C. Case No. 08-07A
Case Name :HEARING ACTION: Four Points, LLC & Curtis Properties, Inc. - Modification to PUD @ Square 5785
Result :
Case Number :Z.C. Case No. 14-09
Case Name :HEARING ACTION: QC 369, LLC - Consolidated PUD & Related Map Amendment @ Square 369
Result :
Case Number :Z.C. Case No. 14-12
Case Name :HEARING ACTION: EAJ 1309 5th Street, LLC - 1st-Stage & Consolidated PUD & Related Map Amendment @ Square 3591
Result :
Case Number :Z.C. Case No. 06-10B
Case Name :MISCELLANEOUS: The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation - Status & Phasing Report
Result :
Case Number :Z.C. Case No. 14-13
Case Name :HEARING ACTION: Office of Planning - Text Amendment re: Rooftop Penthouse Regulations for All Non-Low Density Residential Development
Result :

1 comment:

Daniel in brookland said...

The post opinion column should be honest and have a rendering of the monstrous blocks of buildings and not totally eliminate a realistic view of the plan. Opinion , editorial or news item, he excludes all kinds of negatives, but the question of public land for public needs, just goes unanswered, as does gross malfeasance in office, and theft of services..unequal distribution of resources and what any gracious healthy city needs in open and green space. They can't find park space in overbuilt NOMA even with $50 million to spend, so what kind of corruption of sound planning practice covers McMillan with dense concrete buildings , violating all environmental common sense. realestate/mcmillan-plan- combines-preservation-urban- design-and-inventive- architecture/2014/07/31/ 32bc876e-0cfb-11e4-b8e5- d0de80767fc2_story.html

Please see my recent post on Washington Post Real Estate section opinion column by Roger K. Lewis

"This fascinating site (have you been on a tour?) does not sit there uselessly or keep a barbed wire fence up by spontaneous fabrication. Successive DC administrations have spent $250,000 a year to maintain this barrier. You probably have not enjoyed a tour, including the mystical underground masonry galleries
because your Deputy Mayor for "Planning" and Economic Development has blocked public access to public land, fearing the protective response of hundreds of visitors. You can choose to reward malfeasance in office, abuse of power and theft of enjoyment by your own elected and appointed "officials", I choos e to punish corruption.
They don't own it and their "stewardship" is criminal, $1000 a day for lawn mowing and graffiti removal when upper NW has 5 times the green park space.The city has flushed over $50 million down the toilet on their fence and neglect of our property, already, so don't cry we need revenue.
That park, and sustainable agriculture, a Wolf Trap style outdoor concert hall, a skating rink, a Glen Echo art/performance residency, and anything else people want to do with THEIR PARK is possible. It is being done all over the world, Seattle, New York, Paris, Istanbul, Indianapolis and can be "community owned" as it already is.

Interesting that the Cyber yuppies that are so brilliant with computers, have to beg Nanny state for their food and little plazas and "dog Parks". See to get park space in DC it is better to be a dog. The city government doesn't care about people, or anything east of 16th Street, been this way forever!
Isn't it racial, and economic class discrimination that has made the west section beautiful and the east a hot dense failed infrastructure of raw sewage flooding, and treated like a commodity to this day, to be traded to corporations. Get real, this is a World Capitol and our parks, and community activities should represent that, just like Senator McMillan planned with Olmsted and the Cities Beautiful Movement over 100 years ago. If you want to support the heat island, carbon emitting environmental waste of this fascinating public land for a hideous "National Harbor" God willing you wake up soon and ask how to do much better for your family and children.