Thursday, July 24, 2014

news about 1833 1st St NW (zoned C-2-A) two doors down from Costa Brava --> 4-unit apartment building

What's going on along Bloomingdale's commercial corridor, across the street from Red Hen, DC Mini Market, Yoga District, Aroi Thai and the Bloomingdale Wine and Spirits?

Check out the plans for 1833 1st Street NW, which is currently painted dark green.

From DCRA:

use change from cbrf with 5 residents to a 4-unit apartment building. a zoning inspection is required to verify 2 automobile parkimng spaces on the lot. a wall check is required to verify compliance with approved zoning setbacks. approved per z.a. for open court.

From PIVS:

Demolition under separate permit #D1300759. Selective Demolition per drawings. Exterior and interior renovation to existing 2 story +cellar row house plus 2 story addition at top and addition at rear of existing. Work includes new windows, doors, interior layout, stairs, mechanical, electrical 

So now many total floors will this end up having ...? 


1831 1st Street NW -- the dark green house with the big bushy tree in the front yeard -- with two cream-colored rowhouses on either side.

1831 1st Street NW with the not-yet-opened yellow Costa Brava building two doors to the north.

Here is the sign posted in the front yard.

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