Sunday, July 20, 2014

fire late this afternoon, Sunday, 07-20-2013, along North Capitol Street NW

See these Sunday, 07-20-2014, tweets and pics:

Firemen going on to roof to control fire - smoke diminishing. cc:
4:56 PM - 20 Jul 2014 ·

Fire damaged two units, possibly a third - 1836, 1838 & 1840 North Capitol NW
4:59 PM - 20 Jul 2014 

Fire on 1900 block of North Capitol, NW.
5:05 PM - 20 Jul 2014

fire on N. Cap view from alley
5:20 PM - 20 Jul 2014

House fire in -steps from hydrant destroyed last wknd. Good others r close by but plz replace it!
6:01 PM - 20 Jul 2014

Plus, see these two pics forwarded to me:


Jenifer said...

saw the trucks there at 5:45 pm and a lot more at 7:15pm when we returned home on Sunday night

North Capitol Home Owner said...

Damage didn't extend up to 1840 so far as I know. There wasn't much fire damage to 1838 either but it did require pulling up some of their roof and spraying a fire hose along a rear support beam. I think they'll likely need an entirely new roof. Definitely tons of smoke that rather through all of adjacent attics though which is what people saw billowing out of the cupolas.