Sunday, June 21, 2015

2026 North Capitol St NW zoning variance case goes before Zoning this week! -- Tuesday, 06-23-2015

The Bloomingdale Civic Association and ANC 5E both voted to oppose the pursued zoning variance for 2026 North Capitol Street NW.

The DC Office of Planning issued its report, indicating that it cannot recommend approval of the requested zoning relief.

The case goes before Zoning this Tuesday, 06-23-2015.

Let's see what happens.

Here is the link to the BZA case below.

June 23, 2015
9:30 AMPublic Hearing



North Capitol #2 Land Trust
2026 North Capitol St NW
Action Taken :
Application of North Capitol #2 Land Trust, pursuant to 11 DCMR § 3103.2, for a variance from the non-conforming structure requirements under § 2001.3, to allow the enlargement of an existing second-story deck and construct a third-story deck in the R-4 District at premises 2026 North Capitol Street N.W. (Square 3117, Lot 834).

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