Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bloomingdale resident Mark Mueller: "Developers continuing to bastardize Bloomingdale while DCRA stands by"

See this Facebook post:

Developers continuing to bastardize Bloomingdale while DCRA stands by. Another gigantic popup in the middle of historic cityscape going up--but then collapsed this weekend due to careless developer AX. Also included here is a picture of the house AX popped up on unit block of W (size of a shopping mall in middle of historic planned homes) and also their collapsed house on the unit block of V. AX plans several more popups in Bloomingdale. I include a picture of protesters outside the W St Open House. Historic Designation for Bloomingdale will help. Also your calls to DCRA and Council demanding better, stricter enforcement of laws. Perhaps a 3 strikes you're out rule for developers that go against stop work orders 3 times? 
Yesterday's Channel 7 News coverage of the collapse here:


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