Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Kojo Nnamdi Show: "Shaping the City: Designing the New DC" includes pop-ups

A neighbor advises about this Kojo Nnamdi program tomorrow that includes pop-ups.

Thursday, Jun 18 2015 • 12:22 p.m. (ET)

Shaping the City: Designing the New D.C.

When it comes to new structures in our region, and what they should look like, everyone has an opinion. The D.C. Zoning commission has set new limits on how tall a “pop-up” row house can be. In Northwest D.C. and Montgomery County, neighbors are fuming as they watch home after home replaced with luxury “McMansions.” We consider whether the region can update its row-house aesthetic, without sacrificing character.


  • Roger Lewis Architect; Columnist, "Shaping the City," Washington Post; and Professor Emeritus of Architecture, University of Maryland College Park


  1. KOJO has certainly muted, and blocked our calls on Save McMillan Park consistently, like a good corporatist "journalist". Is it free press or repress?
    Maybe because EYA is his corporate sponsor on WAMU. Maybe because WAMU management has advised KOJO, hands off EYA"s McMillan Nightmare development.
    But we are the public in public radio! And we will keep our check books closed, and never support WAMU. Save McMillan for National Wolf Trap Stage, Glen Echo arts and ed. campus, "vertical indoor agriculture, in 20 acres underground at McMillan park. Stop the VMP Monstrosity!