Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Elevation DC: "Where to buy now - DC real estate experts dish on neighborhoods that should be on your radar" -- Bloomingdale mentioned

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I have included the blurb that mentions Bloomingdale.

Where to buy now: DC real estate experts dish on neighborhoods that should be on your radar

If you're in the market for a house or condo in D.C., you might feel a twinge of despair looking at prices in the city's most popular neighborhoods. Luckily, there are still bargains out there in D.C.'s lesser-known neighborhoods--some of which are poised to make a big splash soon.

We spoke to five residential real estate experts--and one retail expert--to find where you should spend your money.


Dan Ford, UrbanPace (sales and marketing for new condos)
"Takoma (Map) is a...neighborhood we haven't done work in recently, but it's in the District, on Metro, there's a neighborhood there. I think you'll start to see more neighborhoods like that, where you'll see an acceleration of activity....

"A lot of people who live close-in are getting away from saying they need to be on Metro. We see neighborhoods like Bloomingdale (Map--but seriously?), have a ton of people moving there--there's a lot of price appreciation...You're close to a lot of neighborhoods, especially with the prevalence of bike commuters and more people taking Metrobus."

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