Wednesday, June 24, 2015

time for another Wednesday on the Porch today !

See this 06-19-2015 message:

It's time for another Wednesday on the Porch! A Midwest tradition we love, we invite all of our neighbors in DC to come out, enjoy some food from a local restaurant, and get to know your neighbors in a way that unique and simple.  
Come to 201 T Street NW this Wednesday June 24 from 7-9 and relax!

Here is some information shared by a neighbor regarding the origin of the porch:

Here's an excerpt on an article on the origins of the porch published by the American Studies program at the University of Virginia. The porch, and porch sitting originates in Southern US and the creation of the porch was heavily influenced by African builders. 

... some of the first porches in America were built by the immigrants from Africa.  Possible derived from the houses of West Africa, the shotgun house, built by the African slave, appeared as one of the first American houses to universally exhibit a front porch.  Perhaps it was this African influence that served as an impetus for all porches in the new world. Professor James Deetz advances this point in his work In Small Things Forgotten.  Yet, the porch most likely also grew out of European traditions adapted for a new culture and a new climate in the new world.  The influence of climate on the origins of porches may be demonstrated in the fact that porches in America grew first and most quickly in the South.  Yet in general, the climate of America was warmer and more tropical than in Europe, lending a new necessity to architectural form throughout the entire country.

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